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2/2/10 12:31 pm

It's been snowing recently. It appears that people here might not be used to it. It hasn't even been snowing that much - yesterday they cleared the roads and now it was piled up ankle-height (although considering the kind of shoes I wear my ankle-height might be higher than most people's). Even so, it seems to have brought some troubles in road upkeep. It's noon now. Noon. And they still haven't cleared it up.

Gotta love these southern cities.

Other than that, I've discovered that a place close-by makes pretty good croissants. I guess in a way it's a good thing, considering now every day I get this urge to go take a little walk and come back with several... it's just that. Well. That's still not very healthy. xD

FF11 news: Holy shit, Windurst controls Ronfaure this week. O.o; Also, I now have my BLU up to 26 and have quite a few spells from the 30s learned already. Progress! Next goal: lv 30 so I can use Wild Carrot. Although maybe lv 31 would be more appropriate, I'm severely lacking in points and spell slots... will have to see if I'll bother re-making my regular spell set just for the sake of getting to use Wild Carrot one level earlier.
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12/22/07 01:35 pm

Looking outside is depressing. There's hardly any snow. It was raining yesterday. .__. Now, I live in Finland, and this is not common here. Okay, maybe somewhere down south it isn't that rare. But I don't remember a single winter where I live when we wouldn't have had piles of snow everywhere long before Christmas. Looking outside and seeing everything bare... *sigh*

Watched the last Treasures of Aht Urhgan (from Final Fantasy XI) cutscenes yesterday. Quite impressive. One more story quite well executed. And I still say Luzaf/Aphmau (trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum, here) Those two are quite sweet together. =D

Really gotta remember to make space for a Windows install in January so I can play FFXI again. I'd rather not do it this way, but...I guess I can deal with a dual-boot to Windows whenever I want to play. Don't really have any other options. :/

Seems that I'll be getting my PS3 and wireless router in January. That's one less thing to worry about! Although now I have to look into wireless routers. It needs to work with Ubuntu, PS3, Wii and DS, and if even a single one of those is incompatible, it might not be worth it.

Now, I'm off to play FFXII. Really need to finish that game.
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