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8/7/10 04:27 pm

Nice weather outside. Rain and thunder. First I was wondering if I'd been playing for longer than I thought, since it was all dark outside. xD It would be so much nicer though, if the temperature agreed. It's still dreadfully hot. My computer says 27 degrees. In August, yes. I hear they were supposed to have 30+ degrees in eastern Finland. The temperature lately has really been something unbelievable...

As a result of updating myself on the flist a couple days ago, I ended up getting Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It was an impulse buy for sure, but one that was extremely lucky. It's like the game was made for me. It has tons of stuff to 'collect' and micromanage and complete, and on top of that it has many long (long!) cutscenes. Where have you been all my life, Star Ocean. o___o
I've just escaped Earth, and I do believe I managed to miss something in there. It can't have been that short a sequence, right. One moment I was running down a long corridor and next moment there was a long cutscene with me frantically escaping the place. Ah well. I've missed so much stuff before that it doesn't exactly matter...I'm more treating this run of the game as a practice thing. Try see how many quests I can find and how much of the bestiary I can fulfill in one go before getting extremely bored and just charging on ahead. The bestiary at least shouldn't be a problem, from how the boss entries are in it I'm thinking it follows you on subsequent playthroughs. There'd be no other way to complete the boss entries, right?
For that matter, this seems to be a really long game. While glancing through a trophy guide somebody mentioned that they finished at lv 120. So far it seems to be taking me a bit less than an hour per level, when averaged out with all the cutscenes. My people are around level 25-30. I might be playing this game for a long, long time yet.

...I'm really loving the character interactions in the game. As much as I love the thought of Faize mooning after Edge, I could definitely see the Faize/Lym thing right from the start and I'm even amused by it. I'm even occasionally amused by the Edge/Reimi thing, and I don't generally root for the main obvious pair in a game. That should be proof enough that this game's characters are really interesting.

8/15/08 12:56 am

Seems that I've...forgotten to update for a couple days. I've felt sort of out of it recently, and the fact that I have so much stuff to read doesn't really help. I start reading and don't remember to stop.. xD;

Haven't even remembered to play more Crisis Core. I'm stuck on that 'sneak around the compound' thing, and by gods do I hope there's no more of those. I hate sequences like that. It doesn't really inspire me to pick up the game again.
And I really should play more of it if I'm intending on finishing it in English. I promised to send it to Kitty, since I'll be getting it in Japanese along with Dissidia. She said I could order those to her address and she'd send them forward, since there's that idiotic thing where online shops refuse to send Japanese PSP/PS3 games to Europe... *sighs and shakes head* I'm sure I could find some smaller place that'd send them here, but I'm not sure I want to trust some shady little online store I've never heard of before.

There was some awesome rain yesterday. Woke up to the sound. =D When I first glanced out of the window, I thought there was fog, but it turned out to be just very heavy rain. It's been long since I've seen rain like that.

Now, I think I'll go add books/manga to my LibraryThing. I've neglected to do that for a while, and the pile of books to be added is growing to alarming heights.. *sweatdrop*
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7/25/08 11:38 pm

It's wonderful out there. It's dark, dark like only the end of summer and autumn can be around here. And it's raining, hard. There was thunder earlier. It never ceases to amaze me how much energy evenings like this give to me, even if I do something else. It's enough if I just pay attention to it every now and then, and I'll feel much better.

Another mostly boring day. Sister still hasn't paid back what she owes me (which is pretty much). The problem is, she was supposed to pay me back on Monday, and I don't get money otherwise until the 1st...can't say I'd be very happy with her right now. I had to borrow from mom to get food today and for the weekend. Not fun.

Did some editing at waff, been some time since I worked on it. I keep having these ideas that I never carry out, mostly because I can't be bothered to do all the preparatory work that'd go to them. Lately, several of the members have even suggested putting together a blog of some kind for waff. It's not like I haven't thought of that myself before, I can't really just set it up at LJ or IJ or whatever (can I? I'm mostly concerned over the site's image, what little there is of it..setting up a blog that's so obviously hosted at a journaling service looks so unprofessional...). Not sure what to do about that. And then there's the little problem of what to actually write there. A blog with no content is of no use whatsoever.
If I could make myself update major sections at waff more often, I could write about progress, but...heh, as if I could make major updates even semi-regularly =D;
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