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1/10/10 05:10 am

I think I found the reason I stopped playing FFT the last time. Happened to randomly pick up the game yesterday and decided to take a look. I was a lot farther than I remembered...but there was also a damn hard story battle right next to me. The...the...? Golgollalda? *tries to figure out from the Japanese name* Something like that. Some execution place. Tried it twice before giving up again. Oops. xD;

Perhaps I'll train a bit and try again. My guide recommends level 17-21 for that battle, and my people are 16-17. Not that I think getting a couple levels and doing everything the same way as before would help much, what matters more is if Disable (/other enfeeble stopping actions) sticks to Gaffgarion the first time I try and how long it lasts. I wonder how hard it'd be to break his weapon like the guide suggests.

I swear one day I'll finish that game. One day...

I've also been editing waff lots. Wrote about half of all character profiles for Four Warriors of Light. :P Those, plus some random other ones from other titles. And added some area introductions. Now I keep wanting to edit it more but can't decide on anything to edit. The remaining FWL profiles would require me to actually finish the game first, and I'm up against this really hard boss that I just can't seem to beat. xD;;

7/8/09 01:25 pm

Google Chrome OS? Wowza. Should've been expecting that I guess, with all the rumors floating about. But I didn't, not after Android. And here we are, with a Google OS on the horizon. Awesome: :O
It looks like the best option by far for laptops and netbooks. I mean, when would you normally use those things..on the go. And there's really no need for a heavy-duty OS with all the relics of a by-gone era bundled in with it (desktop calendars, document and picture editing, music and video playing software, etc) when all you really need is the web. Chrome OS deals away with the middle-man (the OS interface with all its extra software) and goes straight to the point (the web). Go, go, Google. That's a bold new path they're forging there. =D Combine Chrome OS with Google Wave, and there's some really exciting things coming from Google.

..if you're not familiar with Google Wave (it's not yet released), it's basically this web platform that combines email, different chat softwares, social networking sites, wikis, collaborative documents, video, music, etc. Everything that you can imagine getting some use out of working on it together or enjoying the experience together and then some, it's all in Wave. You can't really describe it well, you have to see it for yourself to see how innovative it actually is. It's truly the next generation of web interaction, and a shining example of what can be done when you break out of the old ways of doing things.

I've been looking around for a good world map of Final Fantasy I, but haven't had any luck with it. So I finally got fed up with it and decided to draw my own. Got the continent boundaries and places of different terrains and the places of dungeons and cities from a conveniently big scanned map that I found, and am well on my way to prettifying it. Got the basic map down, just need to add some details. And wait for Kitty to come up with all map icons since she promised to try. Sorry for putting the hardest part off on you, Kitty. xD;
It looks promising so far. Depending on the result, I might have to repeat the process for most other early FF games at least. It's something I've been planning on doing for a while. Mashups of the in-game graphics (NES, SNES times) in huge size are nice and all, but they're not really much to look at. Especially if you scanned it from a decades-old paper-map you got with the game and the map was all worn out by the time you scanned it, leaving white lines all over it in the places you'd folded it in...
The things I do for waff, really. *shakes head*

6/8/09 05:22 pm

Where does all the time disappear?

Final Fantasy blabber )

Been some time since I properly listened to Nightwish, hasn't it... I don't much like the new singer, but the Once album is pretty damn good. =D
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5/27/09 05:50 pm

Another day, another missed opportunity to call a place. The problem is that you can call only between 10-11 AM, and no way am I calling anywhere without breakfast. And knowing my sleeping habits, waking up early enough is proving to be a bit of a problem...

I seem to have become addicted to updating waff. Even though I should be reading to entrance exams or something..instead, I just write various more-or-less interesting pages. Hey, at least I'm finally getting things done for it! Like the moogle page, I'm pretty proud of the Vana'diel and Crystal Chronicles sections at least. Of course, I haven't even attempted writing sections for the early games yet..I just can't remember enough of most of them to write anything. Like FF5, I just sped through at the same time as I was playing other games. Or FF6, which I've played in short spurts when I remember I have it. The result is that I can remember hardly anything of either game.

Didn't mention it, but I reached MNK lv 20 a couple days ago in FF11. Retired it shortly after for now. I wasn't really intending on leveling it that much, but it turned out to be so much fun...
Maybe I should do a screenshot post again. It'd really be preferable to write this stuff the same time with the screenies, as it is I end up writing most stuff twice, pretty much. Hmmh.

Notifed my ISP of moving. As I suspected, they'll take ages to switch it. Told me they won't reconnect until the 16th, which pretty much sucks. Probably getting mom's mokkula for those couple weeks, but that won't work in Linux as far as I know... *sigh* Just when I was excited to be able to access all my stuff again.
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3/20/09 11:36 pm

Oh, I think I meant to update earlier today. Although I honestly have no clue what I was going to write...

I've been working on waff the past couple days, adding Vana'diel Tribune issues. It's not like it was very urgent, but it bothered me to have some of them up and some not, completely arbitrarily. So I finished the job to get it out of my mind for once. I even went and prettified the issues I'd added earlier. Now I'm just wondering what to next work on. All of the areas that are just "copy this info and add it and make it pretty" I can think of are just adding item and monster data and such, and I don't really feel like adding pure data right now. Then again, I don't feel like having to research and write stuff myself either, so kind of caught here. =D;

How is it already the 20th anyway? I meant to play FF11 this month, catch up with Kitty a bit. Mostly just farming and crafting, but that needs to be done too. I think my problem is that I keep wanting to research what to do next, but never get around to starting that research. It'd take only an hour tops to get myself in form for the next ten levels (some of the equips I really NEED right now are only questable) and I'd likely be caught up enough in the game by the end of that that I'd just switch right to Windows and start playing, but there's always so much to do before doing that research, and before I notice it I'm again way too tired to even consider it.
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1/26/09 01:23 am

The last couple days have gone by in a flash. Lots of good music and lots to do now that I can actually do it.

Mostly, I've just edited waff. Got bored of my old complicated system of listing equips, and fixed it. I have no idea why I hadn't yet, I'd already moved all attacks and other items away from the old system, only the equips were left. Maybe I'd just forgotten to complete the move... anyway, that took me two days. Yay. And yesterday, I started adding the missing FF4 equips. Added all of them. With the completion of the FF4 item section, all the FF4 stuff I'm missing are good pages for the characters, pages for the individual places, some encyclopedia pages, and game mechanics and timelines pages. Figures. Just the ones that require the most work are left, the ones that merely require mechanical copying down of stats are done...
So not having anything else to do, I started working. Managed to write a page for Baron, that took me several hours. And it's not even finished yet, need to add details on the locations within Baron and then a list of all the monsters in the area. And when I just think of how I need to repeat this process for every other nation in FF4, and then every location in every other's kind of overwhelming. Little by little it gets done, but it's sure taking long.

But at least I like that page. It needs to be polished a bit yet (and the aforementioned info added), but it's looking good so far. I'm surprised how much is actually known about Baron, I didn't expect that.

Still working on Shade Impulse Chapter 1 in Dissidia. Discovered that there's additional cutscenes if you go defeat bosses (all villains) with their corresponding heroes. I guess I really do have to go through it on every character. =D; Not that I haven't beaten it on four characters already.
Looked up some info on the game just out of curiosity, and it appears that the highest level opponents in actual story mode are in the sixties. Should be done with it soon (well, 'soon'. Depending on how much of a completionist I decide to be before completing story mode the first time), and then get to unlocking Shantotto and Gabranth.
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1/12/09 11:00 pm

The plan to go somewhere today was kind of...forgotten. In the mail arrived my package from kitty, and with it my games. Dissidia! :O

So of course, after getting the game, all I've done is play, play, and play some more. 9+ hours on the clock right now. I didn't even mean to play it yet, or at least much. I just wanted to see the opening vid, maybe try out a battle or two. But then the game sucked me in and I couldn't let it go. ;___; And to be honest, the only reason I stopped now is due to a blister on my thumb (no worries, the other is merely sore). Now that hasn't happened in a while. A clear sign that I haven't been playing enough lately. *amused*

Dissidia (no spoilers) )

I meant to do it by the end of December, but didn't get around to finishing a good enough portion of the guide until now...finally added a section for articles and stuff at waff. The only thing up for now is a half-complete guide to playing FFs in Japanese. I have one other thing half-written and a couple others planned, I just never remember to work on them.
And I should really update other stuff too. I can remember at least several subjects I was in the middle of editing but have never gotten around to finishing. And some choice few sections have nothing up... And come to think of it, I haven't even made pages for the upcoming FF11 expansion packages. @__@

9/10/08 11:50 pm

Looked through the first incarnation of waff (the offline one) with the intention of adding some stuff to its current form that I still haven't gotten around to adding. Ended up mostly just checking it out and marveling how far it's come from those days. =D Well, I did end up adding the beginnings of a few character profiles, but that's it. I would've added more, I think, but suddenly got uncertain if I'd changed the spellings of the names to reflect the new translation or not - the characters were all from Tactics. And as we all know, the first Tactics translation was pure crap...
Should get around to continuing that game sometimes, I've left it alone for way too long.

Finally picked up Crisis Core too, I think I'm in 10th chapter? Or did I get to 11th yet? Sometime after Nibelheim anyway. I suddenly have hopes of finishing it soon, although the number of uncleared missions worries me a bit.
What the heck is up with the 'defeat 1,000 Shinra troops' mission? That's just...overkill. Pure overkill. I don't want to even try that anytime soon, having just cleared the 50, 100 and 200 troops versions.
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7/30/08 08:59 pm

Suddenly, I seem to have some trouble concentrating. There seems much to do today.

Watched episodes 1-3 of N. (as I forgot to watch the second yesterday) It's kind of interesting, as I thought it would be. Too bad the episodes are so short, I want to know more. =D; I seem to be in a mood for a little horror now.

Been steadily adding that FF4 data to waff...will be done with magic & attacks by tonight, will have to continue cleaning out the armor and weapon sections after that. I have no idea how I ever thought the current system would work for them. So in addition to adding the FF4 data, I'll just correct everything already there as I go. It...might take long.

Oh, and I joined the Finnish Pirate Party. Took me long enough, the form for joining has been up for a couple weeks at their site. They seem to be quite prominently displayed at different events around Finland now, too bad I can't go to any of them.
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7/28/08 09:20 pm

I'm so beat. Since yesterday, I've been working on adding FF4 DS info to waff. I've gone through the rest of the bestiary now, listed all items in the game, and added the info on the regular usable items. Still the key items, weapons, armor, and all attacks/abilities to go. Fun. =D;

Next, I'm going to take a break. Seriously. With nails like mine (ie long. Very long), you shouldn't type for very long, I have to keep my hands in a strange position to prevent typoslikewhoa, since the nails would press too many buttons otherwise. >.> Now my hands hurt, a bit. A clear sign that I need to get away from the keyboard for a while.
Gonna go play My Life as a King, methinks.. still want to get the info on the rest of the equips...
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7/27/08 09:33 pm

"Of course I shall not pretend to consider it any matter for wonder, that the extraordinary case of M. Valdemar has excited discussion. It would have been a miracle had it not - especially under the circumstances. Through the desire of all parties concerned, to keep the affair from the public, at least for the present, or until we had further opportunities for investigation - through our endeavors to effect this - a garbled or exaggerated account made its way into society, and became the source of many unpleasant misrepresentations; and, very naturally, of a great deal of disbelief."

I really, really like Poe's short stories, but the sentences can be something horrid at times... =D; That passage is from the beginning of 'The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar'
I managed to dig out a collection of his works I own a copy of, so I've been re-reading it. Passes time rather nicely.

I undertook the task of adding/editing FF4 DS info to waff today... Have edited the world page and started on the bestiary. 100 monsters down, out of 200. Half left, and adding the first half has taken me the entire day. @___@ I think I'm going to change my playlist and go continue adding them. Will never finish if I keep dawdling like this.
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7/25/08 11:38 pm

It's wonderful out there. It's dark, dark like only the end of summer and autumn can be around here. And it's raining, hard. There was thunder earlier. It never ceases to amaze me how much energy evenings like this give to me, even if I do something else. It's enough if I just pay attention to it every now and then, and I'll feel much better.

Another mostly boring day. Sister still hasn't paid back what she owes me (which is pretty much). The problem is, she was supposed to pay me back on Monday, and I don't get money otherwise until the 1st...can't say I'd be very happy with her right now. I had to borrow from mom to get food today and for the weekend. Not fun.

Did some editing at waff, been some time since I worked on it. I keep having these ideas that I never carry out, mostly because I can't be bothered to do all the preparatory work that'd go to them. Lately, several of the members have even suggested putting together a blog of some kind for waff. It's not like I haven't thought of that myself before, I can't really just set it up at LJ or IJ or whatever (can I? I'm mostly concerned over the site's image, what little there is of it..setting up a blog that's so obviously hosted at a journaling service looks so unprofessional...). Not sure what to do about that. And then there's the little problem of what to actually write there. A blog with no content is of no use whatsoever.
If I could make myself update major sections at waff more often, I could write about progress, but...heh, as if I could make major updates even semi-regularly =D;

6/26/08 11:29 am

I forgot to squee about it earlier, but..want to make a wild guess who is Zidane's (FF9) seiyuu in Dissidia? ...Paku Romi. Wow. :O Now both of Kitty's favorite seiyuu from Fullmetal Alchemist will have made an appearance in Final Fantasies. Kugimiya Rie as Palom and Porom, and Paku Romi as Zidane..not bad choices at all! =D
The Dissidia official site was finally opened, which reminded me. Go check it out. The background music pleases me, as do the multitudes of screenshots. Even if many have appeared in magazines before. know, because Paku Romi is in the game, I'll have to get Dissidia in Japanese now. xD; Although once again I run into the problem that Sony doesn't like PSP and PS3 games being shipped to Europe. I guess I can find a way past that, but... .___.

...I should make a page at waff listing the seiyuu/voice actors in the games. Hmm.


While there's no trailer at the official site..there is one at the SE Members Japan site (login required to see it). A new one, too. OMG, it looks so awesome. *___* There's this scene where Firion and Squall are surrounded by Emperor Palamecia, Garland, Kuja and Ultimecia (Ultimecia Err. Her voice is amazing too), and it's made of all sorts of win. =D The last scene is Cosmos appearing from the skies, and Chaos from the ground.
And is it just me or is the seiyuu for Firion the same as...Seiran's, from Saiunkoku Monogatari..?
Oh, and then there's this scene with Kuja fighting Tidus, and another with Sephiroth fighting Squall, and all this cross-over action is doing bad things to my mind. xD

Plus, the trailer..confirms Dissidia for 2008. Can't be too long until it comes out, right? After all, only six months of this year left. =D;
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6/20/08 08:53 pm

Edge chapter )

Tiiiired...Lately, I've been going to sleep around 3 PM. A bit past my bedtime now. Don't want to go to sleep yet though, there's so much I've been meaning to do and it annoys me that I never get around to doing them. Currently trying to decide whether to finish reading/writing summaries of the second volume of Beyond the Boundless Sky, or read one more chapter of Memories Like the Sunshine (a FFCC short story, from the Ultimania. By Benny Matsuyama..did I mention this before when rambling about the FFCC Ultimania?) before this week's Vampire Knight episode finishes downloading.
Heh, so proud of myself now. I wrote (most of) the game mechanics page for My Life as a King for waff today. Felt so good to quash those annoyingly persistent rumors that Pathfinder somehow mysteriously would make Si Khem stop shifting, even if it's only at waff. =D;
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5/30/08 12:25 am

Hmm. Missed updating yesterday by 25 minutes. I just got home and ate something, so this wasn't really by choice. @__@
Sister moved out. No more cats or dogs. REJOICE! =DD

My brother's graduating on Saturday (that's..tomorrow. Wow. I should probably go to sleep, need to wake up early to make it to his school in time). He's the youngest one of us. feels like just yesterday that I graduated. Where does the time go?

Been busy today. In addition to carrying around furniture, I wrote a page on the MLaaK jobs and made a list of abilities and spells in the game. It's not yet complete because I haven't unlocked axes yet (the last weapon shop sells axes, right? Missing that), and I haven't added the info on the abilities and spells themselves, but hey, even at least most of the list is there now. I've been falling behind my already very vague goals about how much info to add semi-regularly, so just tried to do something for waff.

All I had time to play today was one dungeon of Ring of Fates multi-player. Did the first half of Mt Vaal (Varl or Baal or Bal or however they spelled it for the English translation. Still haven't gotten around to checking), the boss was surprisingly easy. Even with only one frail Selkie in the battle. I did have to use up all my SP, and all the Ethers I had, too...but I did take it down in the end. The heavy usage of SP moves was just to be expected, with a boss battle.
Ring of Fates..that reminds me, there's now a novelization of it in Japanese. 僕らの世界 (Bokura no Sekai, or 'Our World') parts 1-2, by Kudo Osamu. I can't remember the exact release date for the first book, but it's pretty soon. Was thinking of ordering them, I really love the Ring of Fates story. =D
This, of course, reminds me of my book order. Turns out it's delayed indefinitely because they unexpectedly can't get a hold of all the books right now. *sigh* Well, good that it was nothing more serious than that, I was already getting worried.

My hair needs to be dyed again. Maybe I really will pick that 'Platinum' (lilac-ish) shade this time.
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