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6/20/08 08:53 pm

Edge chapter )

Tiiiired...Lately, I've been going to sleep around 3 PM. A bit past my bedtime now. Don't want to go to sleep yet though, there's so much I've been meaning to do and it annoys me that I never get around to doing them. Currently trying to decide whether to finish reading/writing summaries of the second volume of Beyond the Boundless Sky, or read one more chapter of Memories Like the Sunshine (a FFCC short story, from the Ultimania. By Benny Matsuyama..did I mention this before when rambling about the FFCC Ultimania?) before this week's Vampire Knight episode finishes downloading.
Heh, so proud of myself now. I wrote (most of) the game mechanics page for My Life as a King for waff today. Felt so good to quash those annoyingly persistent rumors that Pathfinder somehow mysteriously would make Si Khem stop shifting, even if it's only at waff. =D;
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