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4/16/09 03:06 pm

FF13 demo, FFa13 trailer, and the FFv13 trailer from last year? Geesh, yesterday was busy for some people.
..for me too. Woke up a bit late, I'd promised to Kitty I'd be up by noon since her RSE week started then. Ended up oversleeping by a bit due to this strangest dream, and then we started playing. And playing. And playing. Aside from a few pauses, the longest an hour long, we kept playing until around 1 AM. At no point did I /shutdown, just idled. Man, really gotta try to play less. @__@ Although I had an excuse yesterday, the RSE-hunting took unexpectedly long (we got one piece of Kitty's RSE in the time it took us to get two and a half for me), and leveling our subjobs (BLM) was getting kinda urgent so we did that too... Well, at least we made some progress. One more level on RDM (I think? Must've leveled at least once since we spent so long down in Shakhrami this time, even though the mobs were getting a bit weak for us) and four levels on BLM, that's really some progress there for someone who only does duos instead of partying. (and by the way? Manaburns are godly on the exp, even with just two people)
In a couple more days we gotta go to Shakhrami again to get my last piece of RSE...then we'll be finally done with that place, and good riddance. sidetracked. FF13 demo? Looked pretty good. I haven't had the time to read reactions much, although I can totally see the kind of people who complained about FF12 battle system complaining about FF13 too. And completely ignoring that it's the same fucking system presented a tiny bit differently, once again.
Agito keeps looking interesting. I still think I'll get the Japanese version, unless it's launched at about the same time everywhere. Considering that it's SE..probably no such luck.

FF11 screenies, late December: Christmas event and Jeuno ) many screenies was that? I guess they're enough for now. I still didn't get away from December's screenies though. The very last week of it left.

1/23/08 09:50 pm

The new FFXIII and FFVXIII tidbits are interesting. Especially the guy with eyes the same color as the Versus main chara's. Who is he..? And I could speculate endlessly on the ファルシ and ルシ tidbits, but let's leave that out of this entry.

Found the first two parts of the 果てなき空の向こうに [Hatenaki Sora no Mukou ni] manga. You know, the Crystal Chronicles one, published by SE. =D Used manga are mercifully cheap, so I ordered them. Awaiting confirmation of stock now, hopefully no one got it into their head to buy them while I was trying to decide...
Come to think of it, I could continue playing FFCC. We've nearly beaten it with my sister in multi-player mode, and I'm on...second or third year, in my single-player save. Despite the reputation that game has, I would definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it out. Some of the most fun times I've had playing a Final Fantasy game.

Trying to decide what to add next to waff. Did all sorts of random little things last night, although mostly just cleaning up existing pages and adding pictures to them. The waff resource (in its original form) wasn't meant to include pictures, so there's pretty few of them around even now...I just haven't gotten around to adding them. Come to think of it, I haven't even brought all the info online from the first incarnation of it. Oops.

12/15/07 02:37 pm

Thought I'd found a good fanfic earlier, but it's not a good sign when you start skipping sections wondering when something will actually happen. Finally gave up on the seventh chapter, having spent 10+ hours on reading it. Yes, it was a long one. The worst thing is that nothing happened in those seven chapters I read. You keep waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come to a point, but...nothing. And now I'm so sick of the whole HP fandom again that I don't want to try searching for another one worth reading for more than a couple words. *sigh*
Ended up watching Dead Fantasy I again, even. That and Haloid are still pretty much the only fanvids I've found worth watching. Feel free to try and prove me wrong, though.

The Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers from CLOUD are available now, if you didn't know yet. The FFXIII one finally shows us Cocoon...and I gotta admit, the rest of the scenes aren't too bad either. Great to finally see it in motion, not just in pictures. know, even if it isn't the latest trailer that has been available in the closed mega theaters.
FFvXIII? Awesome. Pure awesome. And I know it's been mentioned before, but...blood! There's blood in a Final Fantasy! o.o; Even having heard it before, it's still a shock to see.

I still have no idea which I'm more eager to see - FFXIII or Versus XIII.
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