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8/19/08 09:52 am

Yesterday..wasn't a very good day.

But I made pancakes! That made it somewhat better. =D I don't know how, but all of a sudden they belong to autumn in my mind, instead of the usual summer. That's weird, my associations don't usually shift at all. But it's undeniable, they're very firmly autumn now. Hmm...

Almost half finished with 僕らの世界下 now. In Gnash's chapter, there was this long part of how he's lived before he met Yuri and Cherinka. All through it, I kept that from the development notes, too? *sweatdrop* I can't quite decide if the writing style isn't interesting (there's definitely that to some degree) or whether I'm just so obsessed with canonity that I can't stop thinking about it.

N. is getting rather interesting. You remember, the mini-series based on a short story by Stephen King? Not that it wasn't interesting to begin with, but now it's more so. Following the psychologist's descent to obsession after his patient..there's just something almost hypnotic about it.
Of course, the most 'interesting' thing might be how I've managed to remember to follow the series regularly (or semi-regularly, to be more precise)
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5/11/08 03:49 pm

Romantic friendship. Romantic love in friendship. I was recently pointed out this part of human life, that's been shunned and thought pretty much impossible since Victorian times. In modern times, romantic love seems to always equal erotic love.

Did you know that historically that's not the case? That for what seems like most of the history of humankind, romantic love and erotic love were separate?

While I'd seen it happen in all those historic novels I've read, I never paid attention. Too far out, I think, from the modern-day experience. Can you remember all those instances in those classic novels, of friends kissing, showing their emotions, professing their undying love? Yes, this is romantic love, not just platonic. And no, it very obviously didn't include erotic love.

After reading up on this, I'm now deeply bothered by the insistence of most of the fandom to change deep friendship (romantic love?) into a sexual relationship (erotic love). Hey, it's not like I've been any better about it, seeing things from this twisted perspective.

Thank Freud and Victorian morals (that naturally spread all over the world along with anything else European), one aspect of our society that most people don't even think has ever been different, can't see that it could actually have gone horribly wrong.
I'm disappointed in humanity again.
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