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8/7/10 04:27 pm

Nice weather outside. Rain and thunder. First I was wondering if I'd been playing for longer than I thought, since it was all dark outside. xD It would be so much nicer though, if the temperature agreed. It's still dreadfully hot. My computer says 27 degrees. In August, yes. I hear they were supposed to have 30+ degrees in eastern Finland. The temperature lately has really been something unbelievable...

As a result of updating myself on the flist a couple days ago, I ended up getting Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It was an impulse buy for sure, but one that was extremely lucky. It's like the game was made for me. It has tons of stuff to 'collect' and micromanage and complete, and on top of that it has many long (long!) cutscenes. Where have you been all my life, Star Ocean. o___o
I've just escaped Earth, and I do believe I managed to miss something in there. It can't have been that short a sequence, right. One moment I was running down a long corridor and next moment there was a long cutscene with me frantically escaping the place. Ah well. I've missed so much stuff before that it doesn't exactly matter...I'm more treating this run of the game as a practice thing. Try see how many quests I can find and how much of the bestiary I can fulfill in one go before getting extremely bored and just charging on ahead. The bestiary at least shouldn't be a problem, from how the boss entries are in it I'm thinking it follows you on subsequent playthroughs. There'd be no other way to complete the boss entries, right?
For that matter, this seems to be a really long game. While glancing through a trophy guide somebody mentioned that they finished at lv 120. So far it seems to be taking me a bit less than an hour per level, when averaged out with all the cutscenes. My people are around level 25-30. I might be playing this game for a long, long time yet.

...I'm really loving the character interactions in the game. As much as I love the thought of Faize mooning after Edge, I could definitely see the Faize/Lym thing right from the start and I'm even amused by it. I'm even occasionally amused by the Edge/Reimi thing, and I don't generally root for the main obvious pair in a game. That should be proof enough that this game's characters are really interesting.

6/26/09 12:39 am

My sleep cycle is waaaay out of 'normal' again. Woke up closer to 8...that is, PM. If I continue like this, thankfully I'll get it to within 'normal' range by next week, when I kind of need to be up during the day. But figures this would happen right after I get rid of not being able to sleep. Of course it would.
Well, not that it matters any, other than on those rare days when I have stuff to do.

Went shopping today, before going to sleep. Why's it have to be so damn hot here? D: And I read somewhere that it's going to continue until next week, too. Not pleasant. I have no clue what made me think moving this much south was a good idea, it's been hot for ages and it's certainly not helping with the sleep issues.
Anyway. Was quite surprised to notice that a regular book store here sells manga in Japanese. O.o; A few anyway. They only had Loveless volumes 6 and 7. But still! That' surprising. There's enough of a market here to have even that much? Well damn. Bought vol 6, since that was towards the end of my trip and I'd already spent most my money. It's really better to have everything in the original language, isn't it. So much more depth in the non-translated version, and you can be sure no translator bound by company rules has gone mucking around with the meanings. That happens more in anime (interesting point, by the way. Are manga fans just more vocal about their likes, or are anime seen in western countries as too much associated with children to avoid overt censorship?) but doesn't mean manga is entirely clear of it.
Also bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It was only a couple euro anyway, and I kind of forgot all about it until now. =D;

Played Final Fantasy XI aaaaall of last night. Didn't mean to. But I did some crafting and then got the idea that I want to level Ellanore to 20 and get her subjob unlocked. So I grabbed Kitty and off we went to Valkurm. Used up one Emperor and one Anniversary charge (in fact, I still have the latter in effect, since Kitty's internet went poof and it was late enough that it wasn't worth it to wait for it to maybe come back) and gained two and a half levels (to within a couple hundred exp of level 19) and one of the three subjob items. It actually dropped from the first mob of appropriate type that we killed. xD Gotta love the Treasure Hunter effect.
Not quite high enough level yet to take on Damselflies for the second drop (or maybe we are and are just being overly cautious?), but will be soon. And Kitty will PL me for the last item. So I think next time we can play I'll get that objective done. =D

6/22/08 04:14 pm

264/300 (normal) missions completed on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I'm doing progress! =D I'm pretty sure I haven't managed to miss doing any missions, as I've been completing everything possible for me before going forward. Is it even possible to miss any missions other than through dropping one-time mission items? I'm pretty sure I haven't done that, either. Although even with these, I have no idea where the majority of the remaining ones are hiding. I only have one story-mission left (I think. Ambervale could have several missions. I haven't visited it yet) Obviously you have to be able to continue the game after completing story missions (at least, the next story mission if there's several, as there's one slot for them left) as there are the additional ones that become available after completing all 300, so maybe they'll be unlocked after the next story mission.

More rambling about FFTA )

Playing FFTA this intensively has made me remember how addicting that game is. Maybe I'll have to get FFTA2 right at the start of the month after all. I'd been thinking of getting it a bit later, but..yeah.

It's hot again. Hot, hot, hot. I hate summer. D:
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