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6/26/09 12:39 am

My sleep cycle is waaaay out of 'normal' again. Woke up closer to 8...that is, PM. If I continue like this, thankfully I'll get it to within 'normal' range by next week, when I kind of need to be up during the day. But figures this would happen right after I get rid of not being able to sleep. Of course it would.
Well, not that it matters any, other than on those rare days when I have stuff to do.

Went shopping today, before going to sleep. Why's it have to be so damn hot here? D: And I read somewhere that it's going to continue until next week, too. Not pleasant. I have no clue what made me think moving this much south was a good idea, it's been hot for ages and it's certainly not helping with the sleep issues.
Anyway. Was quite surprised to notice that a regular book store here sells manga in Japanese. O.o; A few anyway. They only had Loveless volumes 6 and 7. But still! That' surprising. There's enough of a market here to have even that much? Well damn. Bought vol 6, since that was towards the end of my trip and I'd already spent most my money. It's really better to have everything in the original language, isn't it. So much more depth in the non-translated version, and you can be sure no translator bound by company rules has gone mucking around with the meanings. That happens more in anime (interesting point, by the way. Are manga fans just more vocal about their likes, or are anime seen in western countries as too much associated with children to avoid overt censorship?) but doesn't mean manga is entirely clear of it.
Also bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It was only a couple euro anyway, and I kind of forgot all about it until now. =D;

Played Final Fantasy XI aaaaall of last night. Didn't mean to. But I did some crafting and then got the idea that I want to level Ellanore to 20 and get her subjob unlocked. So I grabbed Kitty and off we went to Valkurm. Used up one Emperor and one Anniversary charge (in fact, I still have the latter in effect, since Kitty's internet went poof and it was late enough that it wasn't worth it to wait for it to maybe come back) and gained two and a half levels (to within a couple hundred exp of level 19) and one of the three subjob items. It actually dropped from the first mob of appropriate type that we killed. xD Gotta love the Treasure Hunter effect.
Not quite high enough level yet to take on Damselflies for the second drop (or maybe we are and are just being overly cautious?), but will be soon. And Kitty will PL me for the last item. So I think next time we can play I'll get that objective done. =D

10/2/08 09:31 am

I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it!
I set the alarm for 8.30 this morning, seeing as how I have to leave by 10.10 and I wanted to have time to reactivate my content ID at FF11 and start the game's update...but what happens?
The alarm goes off. I scramble to turn it off, and randomly check the time while at it. It's 9.12. WTF?! I'd get it if it was some reasonable time, I'd just think I'd hit the snooze before and just couldn't remember it. But a random time like 9.12? How's that even possible? D:
And now I'm in a hurry. I shouldn't really be writing this entry, I don't have enough time as it is. Graah. >.

9/24/08 09:52 am

It's slightly exasperating that even though I have less friends and communities listed at LJ than at IJ, the LJ friends page gets new entries in one night equal to how much the IJ friends page gets in half a week. *sighs in frustration* I can see how people would not want to leave LJ, but how are things ever going to change if there is no action? I'm still horrified over how much those tiny annoying and bothersome changes at LJ have accumulated to the point that they're a real pain. I guess it's not so obvious if you've been following it all the time from within, but.. .___.

Once again I'm up this early. It seems that sometime during the past week, my inner clock twitched a bit again and now I'm waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning and being dead tired by 10 PM. If you only consider what is the accepted norm, this might be a good thing. As for me, it feels very weird and I'm bored for most of the day, since most of my internet activity is at foreign (read: US/Japan) sites, and those are not active during Finland's day.
Maybe that's why I'm so tired come evening. After all day scooped up in here with hardly anything to entertain me...quite understandable, in that regard.

My sister payed back a more considerable sum of what she owes me than she has for quite some time, and I've been feeling like going to buy some necessities (new computer chair....) I've been putting off buying, but I can't get to the appropriate stores or lug back the stuff since I don't have a car (and quite likely couldn't drive one anymore if I had). So easily are my plans thwarted. >.> Trying to entice either mom or my sister to come with me, but no such luck yet.

9/22/08 07:55 am

Oops, seems that I've skipped a couple days. Wasn't meaning to. =D; Like yesterday, I just randomly fell asleep, left my computer open, Amarok on pause, and Firefox open with all its tabs, in the middle of reading a message board. I'd just meant to finish reading one chapter of Sherlock Holmes, but then I put the book away and (it seems) fell asleep immediately. *sweatdrop*

Lately, I've been missing my old LJ friends. I lost contact with people I've known for years (2002-2003 was when I met most of my flist there) when I left the site. I've been following the public posts of some of them with RSS feeds and commenting occasionally, but I'm not all that good with commenting (you must have noticed), and some of them don't allow anonymous commenting besides. And along with anonymous commenting OpenID commenting gets disabled.
So yeah, not really sure what to do about that. I really don't want to go back to using that site. But on the other hand, there's all the people...
Heh, I don't even know why this is suddenly a problem. I left originally meaning to doublepost to LJ, then I stopped doing that, and finally deleted my account there. All without any thoughts like this.

Just out of curiosity, how many of the current flisties have accounts at LJ?

8/9/08 09:27 pm

Ugh. I hate people.
Went (or attempted to go) to sleep around 6 AM. A perfectly normal time for me. What I didn't expect or enjoy were the numerous people insisting on bothering me within six hours of that. First, a neighbor goes and loses her keys and rings every doorbell in the fricking house at least a dozen times before anyone bothers to get up at half past seven on Saturday morning to call the janitor for her (why yes, it was my brother, who, just by the way, is sick, who finally called for her. Opened the door on her second round of oh-don't-mind-me-just-ringing-every-fucking-doorbell-in-the-place. I wouldn't be so pissed off if that particular person wasn't known for doing the exact same thing every time she wants to call a taxi to go out drinking... >.<) It didn't end there, of course. A couple hours after, my grandmother decides to call, and won't believe that I'm sleeping and really, really tired and hardly understood a word she said. She goes and blabbers on for half an hour before finally letting me try again. And yet, no sleep for me for longer than an hour or two that time, either. Next comes mom, insisting I get up and eat ice-cream cake I have no desire to eat, and besides makes way more noise than necessary when she decided to clean up the place. I'd already gone back to (attempting to) sleep by then...
I've never taken well to interruptions of my sleep. Ended up not waking up on my own until half past eight. At which point, it being Saturday, I couldn't go buy food anymore since everything is closed. Oh, don't mind me, just a little pissed off right now. D:
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5/3/08 01:30 pm

Heh. Was awake almost 24 hours yesterday. As a result, I woke up quite properly a bit before noon today. =D;

I've noticed that deviantArt is actually dangerously addictive. I keep going back there to look around. Not very good, I have quite enough to do otherwise, too. Like still sporadically working on that picture I started a couple days ago...I think I worked on it a bit too long the first time, since I seem to have lost interest in finishing it. It'll come back eventually, but it's annoying as I was planning on getting that up rather soon. For now, it's about 80% finished.

It's still quite warm in here. Another annoying thing about it being warm is that I drink rather slowly. I can take two or three hours to down one single can of Battery. That's more than enough time for it to get warm enough to be undrinkable. Warm Battery...does not taste very good.

I ordered The World Ends With You. =D Kitty's been talking of it a lot recently, and in the end I couldn't resist anymore. Should be interesting. (hopefully Sigma Harmonics will turn out as well as TWEWY. People are praising TWEWY something amazing, and I'm personally more attached to the storyline and characters of Sigma. ..And talking of Sigma, its official Japanese site opened properly yesterday. Still looking really good!)

5/1/08 06:25 am

Happy Beltane? =D

Was surprised to notice that the book meme (I did it a couple days ago too) ended up being featured in the LibraryThing blog. That's the good thing about these small-ish sites, they keep up with how and where they're mentioned. =D
(as you may know, I'm at LT. Amazing site, I can never remember what books/manga I already have so the mobile interface especially is very useful when out buying stuff. Plus there's something about browsing your library electronically and obsessing over all the details...)

I ended up drawing yesterday. As a result, was awake for way too long and now my sleeping is all over the place again. Woke up around 5 AM... Ah well. Anyway, drew and inked the picture yesterday, working on coloring it now. It's looking rather passable, especially compared to my recent sketches. It makes a whole world of difference to take the drawing seriously instead of with the attitude 'I'll just draw something'.

Lately, I've really tried to keep my Battery consumption down. I suspect that's at least part of the reason why my sleeping has been sporadic at best this past week. I've managed to keep it down to roughly one every other day now, as compared to drinking one every day as I did previously. And every single day I have this terrible desire to have's not very pleasant, and I can't really concentrate like this.

4/30/08 02:07 am

I've never liked games like Grand Theft Auto. I've never wanted anything to do with it and its ilk. Yet, today it's managed to annoy me no end. GTA4, specifically. It was released today, and every single gaming site is so full of that shit you wouldn't believe. >.< It isn't even limited to gaming sites. Regular news sites keep spurning out story after story about it. (oh, the tragedy! They can't bring in enough copies of the game to fill even the pre-orders!) Blogs I follow regularly mention it. Every disruptive ad that manages to find its way to me seems to be advertising GTA4. Even my sister, that traitor, managed to first wake me up, then proclaim in a loud voice that she bought one lol, it was the second-to-last copy there, lololol. Is there no end?! >.<

So very tired... even though I slept most of the day. Or maybe because of it. Maybe I'll just go back to sleep. Today's scheduled to be another 'hottest day of the year yet', which is weird. It may be the end of April, but it's still April. I remember years when we've had snow in mid-May. In that light, getting 20 degrees in April is a Although recently, it's been happening pretty much every year.

I wonder if I should celebrate Beltane for once. I mean, it's not like I've forgotten the feastdays for more than three years or so. =D;

4/20/08 05:06 am

Weeell now. Haven't ended up playing an FF yet, but did some other stuff. Not that I've had too much time for other stuff, as the lack of caffeine in my blood made me unbelievably tired and I fell asleep..again. Nice.

Did some background stuff to prepare writing more pages for waff, and added a couple simple ones. And changed some words into the English version ones. I never learn to make those changes right when I hear of them, do I. It's a bit tedious going through every recent FF game to see if I've changed some specific word(s) into their English equivalents.
And it occurred to me that My Life as a King should be coming out in May. But I have so much other stuff to buy in May (like train tickets to Tampere..) that I probably can't get it then. Boo. .___.

I should really back up my stuff again. I don't even remember anymore when it was, but my sister needed my external hard drive temporarily to back up her own stuff (had to take her computer somewhere to get it fixed or something) and I haven't yet gotten around to hooking it up again after that. My FF folders especially have seen some heavy changes recently...I'm pretty sure the versions on the external even have the old folder structure, let alone the tons of new stuff I've saved in them recently. (the old folder structure got too unwieldy due to too much content so I rearranged pretty much everything to make finding stuff easier again. That was a looong time ago)

4/12/08 09:41 pm

So late already.. But due to having only a couple hours of sleep before, I slept for around..15 or 16 hours. x___x Today I've just been doing my standard stuff. Reading news, learning to write kanji, and then continued reading 遥かなる翼. I'm on page 100. =D;; Going a bit slow, but it can't be helped I guess. There are times when I try to read faster, but after a bit of that my mind just refuses to accept it anymore, that I could actually read Japanese and be fast about it, and all the kanji and kana become incomprehensible scribbles for a while. *sweatdrop* It'll come with more practice, but for now it's a bit annoying. This same thing happened when I was starting to read books in English, and then the letters at least were familiar...
(plus I have this slight difficulty finding the right line to continue reading from, since the lines are vertical and go right to left. Funny, I never considered that a problem when reading manga..)

Oh, to those people that didn't know it yet, FF4 DS was slated for US release this summer. Can't remember the exact date, but it's there. :P The press release didn't mention any extras for it.. usually they're mentioned in the initial press release if there is any. So maybe there won't be, for this game.
Pochikas are called Whytkin in English. xD; And Decant Abilities became Augment Abilities. Whytkin is nice enough, but Augment Abilities? Bah.

It wasn't in the press release, but I also heard that the Summons will be Eidolons this time around...I wonder if that was just a rumor?
In contrast with English and its many names for them, in Japanese they're always just 召喚獣 (shoukanjuu) or 幻獣 (genjuu). 召喚獣 is the Summon (/'summoned beast') part. 幻獣 is more 'illusionary beast', and that's the word used in FF4 (even though Summoner is still 召喚士 (shoukanshi)). It was also used in Revenant Wings for Yarhi, and it's Dagger's Trance command in FF9 (which is Eidolon in English, in case you didn't know. Personally, I think they chose the word Eidolon because both her Trance and normal command translate into the same word (=summon), so they needed a different word for the actual beings and the act of summoning). Probably others too, but I haven't really paid that much attention/have never seen them referred to in Japanese.
This is just one more example of how different translations over time have needlessly complicated the Final Fantasy multiverse in English. As time passes by, different translators translate the same word in different ways, and thus the general English-speaking audience takes them to be different concepts/spells/monsters/etc. In Japanese, this problem doesn't arise, and the continuity is preserved.
At least they haven't messed up the Summon/Eidolon/Aeon names too badly, after the first couple translated games. The spells are another matter indeed. Those are a complete mess. *sighs and shakes head* Even now, when things were finally looking up for a while and they translated the spells directly, they've started introducing new fancy words as spell names. FF12, I'm looking at you. 'Vox' indeed...that manages to both ignore the original word, and the -na line of spells that cure status effects. Or Syphon! It's really Aspir, and has been all the time in Japanese. That particular one used to be translated as Osmose all the time, and that I didn't really have any trouble with..why change it, after consistently having it the same for so long? Now it's been known with all three words in English. D:

3/10/08 10:09 pm

Weird day. I fell asleep sometime after noon. Even though I'd woken up just five hours earlier. And then didn't wake up until an hour ago. My Battery got frozen, I'd meant to cool it a bit only but it was in the freezer when I fell asleep, so.. =D; Also left an anime on pause, half-way through an episode. I don't get this.
(now I'm really, really thirsty and my Battery's a chunk of flavored ice)

Oh, was re-watching Clannad. The art is simply too beautiful in it...of course, the story itself isn't bad either, the characters are wonderful, and the music amazing. Can't help it. =D

Come to think of it, I have two books lined up to read. And I was in the middle of re-reading American Gods. Hmm... you know, one bad thing about ebooks is that you can't really take them to the kitchen and read while eating. Not unless you buy an expensive gadget for it, anyway.
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3/9/08 01:11 am

So bored. Don't feel like doing anything. And I keep falling asleep and waking up in weird times. I'm not sure when I went to sleep this time, but woke up right after midnight.

Watched Clannad, this time. It was...weird. Sweet, and kind of good, but weird. I think I will be following it to the end.
The story? Well, the story... it's... umm... Ugh, just go watch it. It's a high school drama on the surface, with some bits of fantasy mixed in (think Haruhi? Just with less..err..enthusiasm).
One thing that can be said for it is that the jokes can be extremely good. I don't remember when I've last laughed that much. =D New favorite line in anime: "it just falls of sometimes". xD Gotta love the main character.

If I wasn't so bored, I might continue familiarizing myself with Blender. Ah's not like I'm in any hurry.
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2/20/08 12:30 pm

Ordered silver hairdye. =D It should be a light enough silver on my hair to be almost white, when it actually comes time to use it. This should get interesting. Let's hope it actually is that color, I wouldn't mind gray but light, light silver would be more preferable. =D
I struggled for a while over deciding on the silver one and platinum, a lilac-ish silver (come to think of it, kind of like in the icon...). However, there were a few too many reports of getting just lilac with that color so I chose the silver one...not sure yet if I chose right, the platinum really looked pretty good. :/
Although if it comes down to it, I'll have time to order another bottle of it and pick platinum this time. It wasn't even too expensive.
Now I just need to finish bleaching my hair. I'm thinking they need to be bleached twice yet to be passable, before March 31st. Getting a bit of a busy schedule there, as I'd prefer my hair not to fall off...

Saw a strange dream last night. One of those where 'I' don't really exist, I'm just a consciousness playing a game. Although it wasn't a game this time, I was just reading some forum. And when people responded to a thread I'd commented in I got IMs of it. =D That'd be so useful in real life, too!
Although I do admit dreaming of reading a forum is a more than a bit weird even for me. I wonder what brought that about. It was a BDSM forum, of all things. xD

I really need to cut down on the Batteries, though. I drank two last night and even though I'd slept only 5-ish hours the day before, I woke up after six hours today. I'm not even tired, just feel a bit stuffy.
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2/8/08 09:10 pm

I'm feeling more normal now. It's too weird, waking up in the morning. Woke up at 3 PM today, so I guess I've reached my goal now. =D How can people wake up early in the morning? It's so stressing.

I think I've reached the final dungeon in Ring of Fates, now. The only problem is that I have no clue how to get further than the first three rooms. There's a door that I haven't yet gone through, but it's locked and I can't figure out how to unlock it. Wasted half an hour jumping around and killing all the monsters over and over again (they re-spawn when you re-enter a room) but couldn't figure out where the switch is. Or another door that isn't locked, but the map shows those and I didn't notice any other doors than the ones I've already used. So yeah. A bit stuck at the moment.
At least that jumping around netted me pretty much gil, and since I had to leave the dungeon to save I'll probably go craft better armor and weapons again.
And I'll just have to hope that I'll get Clear magicite soon. In honor of the first game, you can't really hurt ghosts unless you hit them with the right spell first. Ring of Fates doesn't have Holy (at least as far as I know? It might be accessible like Fira and such are, but..haven't even thought to try) so you have to hit them with Clear. The last dungeon has ghosts in it. =D;

You know, the story in Ring of Fates is incredible. I may not understand all of the lengthy explanations on the nature of magic and other technical stuff like that, but I do understand enough to note how epic the story itself is, especially for a short DS game. In what's viewed as mainly a multi-player experience, no less.

They've apparently translated 月の民 as 'moontouched' in the English version. A nice little detail, as the Japanese name for them has confused me no end. I didn't catch all of the explanation on them, and was only left with a vague impression that they have something to do with the moon and that they can't use crystals. =D;

I wonder if I'll get to keep my inventory in New Game+..?
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1/26/08 04:33 am

How the heck did I end up waking up at 4 AM? @__@

Mom visited yesterday and kept me up. She wanted to print something, and as my printer is the only one working (out of mine, my sister's and my mother's printer) she came over. Turns out that the program handling .pdf files doesn't know how to send forward print jobs or something... Well, not a big loss.
While she and my brother were trying to solve that, I solved sudoku. On my PS3. It's amusing, that's pretty much the only game I've played on it for now, since my Folklore order got delayed. It's in the same package as FFXI: Wings of the Goddess, and they didn't have that in stock. Ah's sent now. Took them long enough.

Talking about's totally weird. You see, you're supposed to beat a set time in the normal mode. I have no trouble with beating the time given in Normal difficulty and up, but if I try the Mild difficulty..I just can't do it. xD

Food now. So hungry.

[edit several hours later]

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