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9/24/08 09:52 am

It's slightly exasperating that even though I have less friends and communities listed at LJ than at IJ, the LJ friends page gets new entries in one night equal to how much the IJ friends page gets in half a week. *sighs in frustration* I can see how people would not want to leave LJ, but how are things ever going to change if there is no action? I'm still horrified over how much those tiny annoying and bothersome changes at LJ have accumulated to the point that they're a real pain. I guess it's not so obvious if you've been following it all the time from within, but.. .___.

Once again I'm up this early. It seems that sometime during the past week, my inner clock twitched a bit again and now I'm waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning and being dead tired by 10 PM. If you only consider what is the accepted norm, this might be a good thing. As for me, it feels very weird and I'm bored for most of the day, since most of my internet activity is at foreign (read: US/Japan) sites, and those are not active during Finland's day.
Maybe that's why I'm so tired come evening. After all day scooped up in here with hardly anything to entertain me...quite understandable, in that regard.

My sister payed back a more considerable sum of what she owes me than she has for quite some time, and I've been feeling like going to buy some necessities (new computer chair....) I've been putting off buying, but I can't get to the appropriate stores or lug back the stuff since I don't have a car (and quite likely couldn't drive one anymore if I had). So easily are my plans thwarted. >.> Trying to entice either mom or my sister to come with me, but no such luck yet.

9/19/08 03:07 pm

I just finished reading 1984. I have to admit, the experience was...weird. I didn't expect to see quite that many parallels to the current-day real world, I guess. It's quite unsettling.

Picked up my new glasses today. Very pleased with how this turned out, they fit my current style infinitely better than my old ones, which I'm still half convinced I picked in some momentary bout of madness. *sweatdrop* (oh yes, and it's quite nice to actually see things again too..)
Combine that with some new clothes, and I'm a happy little camper indeed. Suddenly looking at my wardrobe doesn't result in quite so severe an anxiety. This is marked improvement from before. xD;

I'm really liking Devil May Cry 4 so far. The controls (and the moves themselves) are rather familiar from previous installments already, so I'm playing mostly on memory. It's going much better than my first attempts at DMC3, which I remember were total disasters. I still can't clear that game on any higher difficulty than the easiest... The special edition (with Vergil playable...I still want that, even though I have the normal one) has a much easier difficulty too, and made even easier by the addition of Gold Orbs (revival). I can't shake the feeling that using something like Gold Orbs in DMC3 is total cheating. I've managed to avoid getting that feeling in DMC4 though, since they are available right from the start, providing you have enough Red Orbs to buy one.
Looking forward to getting access to Dante's side of the story. While Nero is a nice enough new acquaintance, Dante's still Dante.

8/2/08 10:53 pm

Hmm~ Good day. =D Just practiced playing the guitar, mostly (needs moar finger strength and coordination. Practice, practice, practice...). And I've started up practicing kanji daily again (I'd forgotten it for a while..I think after the release of My Life as King? =D;), so that's good too. And I ordered a bunch of stuff I've been wanting for a while, mostly assorted manga and books.
And Crisis Core. In English, because I suddenly got bored of debating it in my head, and I'm impulsive like that (I think I'll be able to finish FF2 by Tuesday when it arrives, so that'll fit in perfectly). The voice actors will not match what's in my head, but there's always online video for the Japanese voice fact, I've had all Crisis Core cutscenes in Japanese downloaded for quite some time. Haven't watched them though, as I don't want to spoil myself for the game.
And I haven't had a Battery for two days now, so all's well. =D; (besides the headache, that is)

Now, sleep. D34d, I am. Mostly due to the headache.

7/16/08 09:38 am

Finally you're down you stupid little fucker. >D After a total of 10 days of trying, I took down Cactuar from the Desert City of Clavis. My adventurer morale is almost gone and my citizen morale unacceptable by my standards, but I finally did it! I can build the third weapon shop and my adventurers can buy axes! =D
...well, when I've funded axes up to level 50-ish, and they'll finally start buying them. You see, I'm making a list of all the items available in this game (..I know there's probably easier ways to get that info than finding it out yourself, but I don't care >.>), which means I can only fund a single kind of research by one level per day. Otherwise, I won't see what weapons/armor that type of research has on that level. So to get the axes they have for sale up to usable levels, it'll take 10 more days...providing they won't need research materials before level 50. *sigh* Well, getting there. (the two weapon shops and two armor shops I have already boast up to level 70-85 equips, even though even my highest level adventurer can only use up to level 65-ish equips..I'm obsessed with research. The ability research lines are all level 100 unless they need lv 70/80 research materials)

I thought I wouldn't comment on the FF13 thing, but...
What bothers me isn't that it'll be multi-platform. What bothers me immensely is that it looks like they'll delay US&Europe release until they're ready to release the Xbox360 version. And they won't even start porting the game until the PS3 version is ready and launched in Japan. What the fuck is up with that?! How much did MS pay SE that they'd make such a decision? I know already that SE's a money-grubbing bitch (thus multi-plat isn't really a surprise) but this is beyond their usual behavior. >.<

CDJapan hasn't yet sent me my copy (they do send out a notification email when they send stuff, right?). Boo. D: And my books of the month still haven't arrived (they were sent on the 4th). Double-boo. D:

I think I've found a new favorite word. Infotainment. I'm sure I've heard it before, but happened to pay attention this time. It sounds fun. Just my type of entertainment. xD

6/5/08 02:49 pm

Yes, yes, yes!! Play-Asia finally got their hands on a copy of FFCC World Ultimania for me, so they sent my order! =DD ....this would be the order from a month ago. It took them unexpectedly long this time, my own fault for ordering old stuff like that... *sweatdrop*
And CDJapan sent my copy of The Reaper Behind Me, BLOOD's latest. It came out in May, but I couldn't afford it then. I also put Noble (first Versailles album, coming out in July) on pre-order, but they obviously didn't send that yet. :P

I've forgotten to mention it, but Jasdebi (D.Gray-Man) really is hot. The anime version was even more so than the manga version, the episodes with the Jasdebi battle were really great..

I now have 212 missions cleared in FF Tactics Advance. Wasn't there 300 numbered missions..? If so, I'm pretty close to total completion, in addition to just story completion. In the story, I last cleared the mission To Ambervale.
...I like it how they later in FF12 made Ambervale a resort for the Rozarria imperial family. =D
Anyway, trying very hard to complete FFTA now, to prepare for the FFTA2 release. Although I have this strange urge to get Crisis Core instead of that this started with noticing the European official site is now live, and that the game is coming out here shortly. I wouldn't miss out on all the launches for it, that way. I haven't been this late in buying a new FF since I got back into the series again with FF4 Advance. .___.

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Hee~ They're releasing a My Life as a King Official Complete Guide tomorrow! A must get! =D

5/30/08 12:25 am

Hmm. Missed updating yesterday by 25 minutes. I just got home and ate something, so this wasn't really by choice. @__@
Sister moved out. No more cats or dogs. REJOICE! =DD

My brother's graduating on Saturday (that's..tomorrow. Wow. I should probably go to sleep, need to wake up early to make it to his school in time). He's the youngest one of us. feels like just yesterday that I graduated. Where does the time go?

Been busy today. In addition to carrying around furniture, I wrote a page on the MLaaK jobs and made a list of abilities and spells in the game. It's not yet complete because I haven't unlocked axes yet (the last weapon shop sells axes, right? Missing that), and I haven't added the info on the abilities and spells themselves, but hey, even at least most of the list is there now. I've been falling behind my already very vague goals about how much info to add semi-regularly, so just tried to do something for waff.

All I had time to play today was one dungeon of Ring of Fates multi-player. Did the first half of Mt Vaal (Varl or Baal or Bal or however they spelled it for the English translation. Still haven't gotten around to checking), the boss was surprisingly easy. Even with only one frail Selkie in the battle. I did have to use up all my SP, and all the Ethers I had, too...but I did take it down in the end. The heavy usage of SP moves was just to be expected, with a boss battle.
Ring of Fates..that reminds me, there's now a novelization of it in Japanese. 僕らの世界 (Bokura no Sekai, or 'Our World') parts 1-2, by Kudo Osamu. I can't remember the exact release date for the first book, but it's pretty soon. Was thinking of ordering them, I really love the Ring of Fates story. =D
This, of course, reminds me of my book order. Turns out it's delayed indefinitely because they unexpectedly can't get a hold of all the books right now. *sigh* Well, good that it was nothing more serious than that, I was already getting worried.

My hair needs to be dyed again. Maybe I really will pick that 'Platinum' (lilac-ish) shade this time.

5/23/08 09:14 pm

I've just come to the conclusion that my adventurers are stupid.

The Dark Lord and other stuff )

What the heck is wrong with this month's book order? It's been in the 'preparing order' status for almost a week now (it would normally mean they'll send it within a day), and now the reserved money for that order from my account has re-appeared. Wtf? D:

...third post for the day. Quite rare.
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5/7/08 08:14 pm

Haven't done much anything today.. studied Japanese and updated a single page at waff. Yay. xD; Trying to get around to doing pages for all FF3 characters since I finished with the FF2 ones, but haven't managed that yet.

Read some interesting things in the FF8 Ultimania. Mostly about the history of the world, it has sections for each country, but also noted that Lunar Cry actually refers know, crying. Since it's known as 月の涙 (Tears of the Moon) in Japanese. Huh. I'd always thought it was cry as in 'cry out'.. =D; Now the scene where the moon appears as a huge eye makes much more sense.
On a similar note since I remembered it now, Iifa Tree from FF9 is romanized/translated as Tree of Eva in the FF9 Ultimania. I wonder if that isn't a reference to Eve (as in Adam and Eve), since I can't think of any other Eva in mythologies, especially in connection with trees. (if you didn't get it, 'iifa' is just a straight romanization from the Japanese word for it, イーファ. It's pronounced pretty much the same as 'Eva')
Just by the way, getting more Japanese guides to entertain myself with. The shop I ordered them from didn't have them in stock, but I should be getting them towards the end of the month. I wonder what fun little tidbits I'll manage to uncover from those... a FF4 world guide, the Crystal Chronicles World Ultimania, and Tactics Official Complete Guide. =D

5/6/08 10:31 am

I sure spent an exciting night in my dreams last night. I followed the story of a certain L.A.O. (strangely enough, it was pronounced O.L.A. But I 'saw' it written, too, and it was written L.A.O... The 'A' stood for Alis and 'O' for Olsen, although I can't for the life of me remember what her first name was), who was some sort of a secret agent/warrior in training... There was a proper story progression and all, starting from a relatively normal day at the academy, to a sudden field trip that turned into a full-blown chase through the city (some enemy showed up) and an eventual discovery of its reason (an accident during a lab work that had resulted in a new life form - a kind of a being with supernatural powers - developing inside the blood of this L.A.O. person. It got named 'Alis', according to her middle name. The enemies had gotten wind of it first though, and came after her) and an ending with a 'to be continued..' feeling. And yes, all in third person, I was just an observer following this story. Kinda felt like I do when reading books.
I love my dreams, have I mentioned that? xD

Wrote profiles (or at least their beginnings) for all the remaining FF2 characters yesterday.. Although I had to add several to the character list and I'm not too certain if they used the same names in the English version. 'Filip' doesn't sound exactly right..? (Ricard Highwind's friend, father of Kain) Will have to check when I get around to playing FF2 again, for now it'll just have to stay like that.
They sent my copy of The World Ends With You (and FF2 PSP) yesterday. Yay! Shouldn't take long to receive them, they're coming from Canada. Quite unsurprisingly, it was cheaper than buying them from Finland, or even other countries in Europe. Even with the shipping costs.

Now I'm off to watch Vampire Knight epi 5. That day of the week again. =D

4/16/08 09:43 pm

Hmm, seems that my first "oh wow, IJ's back!! =D" post didn't make it through... ah well, not important. I'm just wondering if this one will, or if it'll get posted multiple times if I keep refreshing the 'entry posted' page, like I've had to do for all the rest to make them work.

What's happened these two days? Well...not much. PSN store got updated, that was mildly interesting. And I got my CDs yesterday. (bah to Amazon Japan and their 4,000 yen shipping&handling costs. They got my stuff here in three days, and CDJapan with it's 1,200 yen shipping&handling got me my stuff in four days, two of which were weekend...a bit of a difference there, yes? >.>)

Back to regular schedule. Damn, it was weird not having IJ there all the time to freely obsess over when bored...

4/10/08 02:10 pm

An interesting thing happened just now. Remember the order I placed at Well, no wonder the shipping&handling was so expensive.
I was just on my way to buy some food when I got a call from some courier service, saying I had a package from Japan. =D; A special delivery of mail? In Finland? From Japan? In three days? Wow. I shall wonder about that cost no more. (usually I pick a rather cheap option of promised delivery in a week or two and sometimes no tracking even. My games usually cost me around two or three euros in shipping&handling)
Although I'd still prefer if there was a cheaper option available. I couldn't see any other option in the order form, and even the FAQ stated just that one price for international orders. Will just have to make sure to order more stuff in one order in the future. 4,000 yen, really now... x__X

So, what did I order? Two books in the Final Fantasy XI novel series of course. I looked at the French version offerings at, and noticed that they'd apparently changed the fifth part's release date to...last December. And that it wasn't available at all other than from non-Amazon sellers, and they only shipped within France. So I got bored of this eternal question of what language I should buy the series in and just switched to Japanese.
Although to be honest, I did skip the fifth and sixth parts of the series in the vain hope that I can get them in French sometime soon. You see, there are several different storylines within the series. Parts 4-6 are of one group (and are in fact a trilogy within the series, Sword of Protection Books I-III), and parts 1-3 and 7 are of another. Even though time passes between books 3 and 7 (and one of the group's members appears in 4-6) I figured it should still be understandable enough even if I skip books 5 and 6 for now.
...the only problem is that part 8 starts another trilogy of the second group, the one that appeared in parts 4-6. Oops. Forgot to take that into consideration when ordering these books. =D;;

Talking of the series, its latest part, Happy Gift (..yes, it's really called that. Well, ハッピー­ギフト, but that's the same thing), was released on the 29th of March. It's the 25th part in the series...

Anyway, I'm not too certain how I'll do with reading these books. I've never tried reading something as long as a whole book in Japanese before. It somehow doesn't bode well that I had to resort to a dictionary just to understand the title of the 7th book, 遥かなる翼... I mean, I was familiar with both words, I just didn't know what 'haruka' was in kanji, and didn't remember what 'tsubasa' was (trust me, I can remember it now). Even in the title of the 8th book, 騎士の誇りI, I had to consult a dictionary before understanding the last word (hokori/pride). This does not bode well at all...
I guess I should think of it as a good thing. More practice is always good, right? =D;

2/25/08 03:29 am

I've found New Things To Hate. Prokaryote and its little companion, the green thingie. You know, the other one of the -ryotes. I didn't expect to get into this much trouble when I arrived at the moon.
I can deal with the local bomb variation just fine, Abyss Worms take long to kill but appear not to deal out much damage at all, Lunar Viruses are perfectly manageable with a little strategy, flans are a joke...but Prokaryotes? I just managed to get a game over 'cause they jumped out of a treasure chest and I couldn't run from them. The damn things beat me to death. One hit by a Prokaryote is around 700-900 (depending on the person, of course), and half of my party only has a bit less than 2,000 HP. Those would naturally be the ones who they hit for 900. And their attacks carry either poison or paralysis. Poison is manageable, but the paralysis kicks in way too often for comfort. With the treasure chest fight, Rosa and Rydia were out before the first round was over, Edge got stuck the second round, and then they just continued to pound Cecil to death. D: I should've remembered that the difficulty jumps a bit when you get to the moon. My levels are 59-64 or so, currently.
Odin was ridiculously easy, though. I even had to restart because I didn't have time to steal the Darkness DA before he died, the first time I tried that fight. Just Doublecast a couple Holy. *rolls eyes*

Once again I have to praise the graphics. I haven't mentioned them lately, have I? =D I was astounded by the Sylph Cave, Land of Summons was awe-inspiring, and the Mysidia prayer cutscene where the Lunar Whale appears from the waves...simply astounding. Lunar Whale's design is awesome, too. So many little touches that make it distinctive (just like everywhere else, but..), like the robotic Big Chocobo! It made no sense to have a live one, anyway. And the sleeping tube thingies. I wanted the charas to comment on them, but no. I wonder what they thought about going to these glassy upright pods to sleep... xD

Funny thing happened earlier. Went to check my order of FF4 DS Official Complete Guide (no, they still haven't sent it), and got distracted by a sale notice. Looked around a bit. Saw a world guide for FF4! =D (not on sale, you see, by that point was looking at other stuff) Thought to buy it, but then I noticed that I have a couple discount coupons for orders of more than 50 USD. Looked around a bit more, added another book to the order...and then decided that they cost too much combined, removed them both from the order, and bought the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania Chapter 1 instead. xD; I have no self-control, nor long-term attention. Must buy that FF4 world guide later, then.
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2/21/08 03:36 pm

If you remember a while ago, I had trouble with ordering a game from Was browsing a message board today...turns out another has had the same problem. A Visa from the same bank as mine wouldn't work with the site anymore. She couldn't reach the customer service either. Although she did have the patience to fiddle around with the card details and found out you actually have to write your address deliberately wrong now to have recognize it... Nice. Well, doesn't do me much good. They've terminated my account by now, and quite probably banned my email address (and credit card? Probably? What exactly do they ban in cases like this?) from signing up again, due to 'wrong' credit card details.
What makes it all the more oppressive is how big a video game store is, at least in Europe. You want cheap games, delivered fast and order from Most European video game home sites link to when they offer options to buy the game from, alongside an Amazon link.

At another message board, there was a conversation about hair. Got a really strong flash of how relieving it felt to cut my hair short. I felt freed. I'd almost forgotten I felt that, and I think it's something that shouldn't be forgotten.

Google seems to be financing Wine development to make Photoshop work on Linux. o.o That's awesome! I would love nothing more than to have Photoshop back again! (well..Final Fantasy XI shares the first place, and there are no other items on that particular wish list, but..)

I feel like playing again. It's been too long. =D

1/2/08 05:38 pm

It provides me untold amounts of amusement that I taught Cid うそなき, aka Cry/False Tears. And concerning my worries in the last post, I got over it. Turns out Gilbert did give them after Magnet Cave. =D Also...れんぞくま/Doublecast? Is pure win. I don't think I could've beaten Barbariccia without it, everything sure hit hard in this version...I did not enjoy it when her AoE counter-attack got off two times in a row right at the start of the battle. Only Cecil and Rosa survived that. x__x
The graphics in Tower of Zot were amazing! Totally blew me away. Didn't expect that much detail.. I'm now supposed to head to Agart and the Underworld. I think I'm gonna explore a bit before that. I already found Puddingway in Agart before Magnet Cave, he sure does pick up the oddest jobs.. And Doublebookingway's story? Made me laugh so. Much. And the scene after you promise to do what he asks is just hilarious. Poor Cecil. xD

I hadn't used Libra before Magnet Cave so I didn't notice it...but it turns out that after you use Libra or Study on something, you can see that monsters HP and strength/weakness automatically when you next see it. Has made me want to go back to earlier areas to get their stats visible, as well as try to complete the bestiary a bit. I've managed to miss a couple rare monsters, one apparently right outside of Baron (..what? There's a rare monster there? Maybe in the Mist Cave instead) and one in Mt Hobs. And I think there might've been one I missed in the caves between Kaipo and Damcyan..

I'll be getting my munnies any day now. It means a PS3. And a new battery for my poor PSP, it's a Japanese launch version. Oh, and there's a couple Ultimanias I want, and a ton of manga, and I can even buy a couple more games that I've had to pass on until now. Oh yes, this month will be heaven.. >D
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