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6/23/09 04:02 am

Final Fantasy XI screenshot post time. Discovered that I'm closing in on 2000 screenshots taken in total. Figured it was about time I tried catching up to that. xD
These are from May and thereabouts.

Qufim, Kazham, and a trip to the past )

That makes 49 screenshots in this post. A bit more than usually, but I wanted to get our first visit to the past posted, and this made for some considerable progress in catching up. =D;
Next up...another visit to the past, yet another attempt at the dragon battle in nation mission 2-3, and seeing more of Ranperre's Tomb than I ever wanted to see.

6/1/09 02:12 pm

Too hot to do anything else. So you get a screenshot post again, this time suspiciously close to the last one...maybe I'll catch up one day yet.

Tons of screenies, several days IRL )

Hey, only about 400 screenshots to go through and decide which ones to post! =D I usually post about one screenshot in four, so that'd make around 100 screenies to post before I'm fully caught up...

5/28/09 12:31 am

I got bored of updating waff (guh, FF11 basic playing guide, why did I ever decide to write such a thing?!), so you get a FF11 screenshot post.

Something forgotten, something new )

43 screenshots this time, from March to..actually, I don't know when. Not too long in RL-time though, as we played rather much around that time. But still, that much closer to catching up with these! Next up, we have a very annoying goblin, some black magey destruction, and finally unlocking Paladin.

5/14/09 09:06 pm

Screenie post tiemz. FF11: New Year's and up to March )

34 screenshots, and I'm up to March. Getting some hopes of catching up finally...

4/26/09 05:56 pm

Still in the process of trying to catch up with the Final Fantasy XI screenies. So yeah, a screenshot post time.

FF11 Screenies, last week of December: A couple quests and a mission. Chocobos! )

33 screenies, and I've finally reached this year! x___X Wrote some Jenare!posts earlier too, they're at Thoughts From the Otherworld like usually. Although I couldn't remember what we settled on as happening on Valentione's Day, so I couldn't post as many as I wrote...the Valentione's Day post got on the way, and I want to post them in order.

4/16/09 03:06 pm

FF13 demo, FFa13 trailer, and the FFv13 trailer from last year? Geesh, yesterday was busy for some people.
..for me too. Woke up a bit late, I'd promised to Kitty I'd be up by noon since her RSE week started then. Ended up oversleeping by a bit due to this strangest dream, and then we started playing. And playing. And playing. Aside from a few pauses, the longest an hour long, we kept playing until around 1 AM. At no point did I /shutdown, just idled. Man, really gotta try to play less. @__@ Although I had an excuse yesterday, the RSE-hunting took unexpectedly long (we got one piece of Kitty's RSE in the time it took us to get two and a half for me), and leveling our subjobs (BLM) was getting kinda urgent so we did that too... Well, at least we made some progress. One more level on RDM (I think? Must've leveled at least once since we spent so long down in Shakhrami this time, even though the mobs were getting a bit weak for us) and four levels on BLM, that's really some progress there for someone who only does duos instead of partying. (and by the way? Manaburns are godly on the exp, even with just two people)
In a couple more days we gotta go to Shakhrami again to get my last piece of RSE...then we'll be finally done with that place, and good riddance. sidetracked. FF13 demo? Looked pretty good. I haven't had the time to read reactions much, although I can totally see the kind of people who complained about FF12 battle system complaining about FF13 too. And completely ignoring that it's the same fucking system presented a tiny bit differently, once again.
Agito keeps looking interesting. I still think I'll get the Japanese version, unless it's launched at about the same time everywhere. Considering that it's SE..probably no such luck.

FF11 screenies, late December: Christmas event and Jeuno ) many screenies was that? I guess they're enough for now. I still didn't get away from December's screenies though. The very last week of it left.

3/22/09 05:09 pm

I saw a horrible dream last night. It started with a cat head, torn from the poor thing's body, and then it continued with another (living one) with one leg torn completely off and another leg with 'just' the paw torn off, and then there was this third cat (this one living too) that looked like something had tried to eat through her chest. .____. And nobody was doing anything! They just glanced and shrugged and said "how horrible" and went on their way.
Now, I may complain about cats when they're around me, but that's due to allergy and the constant shedding. I do actually love cats themselves. The dream was..not pleasant.

Moving on to more pleasant things. I don't want to dwell on that dream.

Started playing Final Fantasy XI again last night. Got lots of things done, and...I had the best luck ever in my drop rates. Is it because I finally went out to get stuff by myself? Always when I have Kitty around, the drop rates just plain suck and since the drops go to a treasure pool from which they drop randomly to party members...I have shitty luck with that too. Things always go to Kitty, and I end up with hardly a single crystal to show for a night of playing.
This time though? It was amazing. I went out to get four beetle shells and two black tiger fangs. I killed five tigers and six beetles to get those. Normally, it would have been dozens of each. (trust me, I've fought those particular beetles and tigers before) o.o
Quite emboldened by my success, I went out to hunt for a Carbuncle's Ruby. It's needed to unlock the Summoner job. When Kitty hunted for hers, it took her an entire day or thereabouts. I've read reports of people hunting for one for days before giving up. Me? I went there, fought maybe an hour...and there was the damn ruby. Yesterday was awesome indeed. >D

And now, since I noted that I haven't done a screenshot post lately.. well, not like I've been playing either. Anyway. The last screenshot I posted was number 755, and I have a bit past 1210 now... xD Don't worry, I'll just pick carefully which ones to post this time. Not going into as much detail as usually this time. Partially also because I can't remember exactly what happened in them, what I'd already achieved.

Jugner and Meriphataud and Passhow and others )

Those screenies get me up to...late December, I think to around the time I moved. Yay. I'll post more later, I'm itching to get back to work. Got three levels to gain on RDM to catch up to Kitty. :P
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