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2/2/10 12:31 pm

It's been snowing recently. It appears that people here might not be used to it. It hasn't even been snowing that much - yesterday they cleared the roads and now it was piled up ankle-height (although considering the kind of shoes I wear my ankle-height might be higher than most people's). Even so, it seems to have brought some troubles in road upkeep. It's noon now. Noon. And they still haven't cleared it up.

Gotta love these southern cities.

Other than that, I've discovered that a place close-by makes pretty good croissants. I guess in a way it's a good thing, considering now every day I get this urge to go take a little walk and come back with several... it's just that. Well. That's still not very healthy. xD

FF11 news: Holy shit, Windurst controls Ronfaure this week. O.o; Also, I now have my BLU up to 26 and have quite a few spells from the 30s learned already. Progress! Next goal: lv 30 so I can use Wild Carrot. Although maybe lv 31 would be more appropriate, I'm severely lacking in points and spell slots... will have to see if I'll bother re-making my regular spell set just for the sake of getting to use Wild Carrot one level earlier.
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5/27/09 05:50 pm

Another day, another missed opportunity to call a place. The problem is that you can call only between 10-11 AM, and no way am I calling anywhere without breakfast. And knowing my sleeping habits, waking up early enough is proving to be a bit of a problem...

I seem to have become addicted to updating waff. Even though I should be reading to entrance exams or something..instead, I just write various more-or-less interesting pages. Hey, at least I'm finally getting things done for it! Like the moogle page, I'm pretty proud of the Vana'diel and Crystal Chronicles sections at least. Of course, I haven't even attempted writing sections for the early games yet..I just can't remember enough of most of them to write anything. Like FF5, I just sped through at the same time as I was playing other games. Or FF6, which I've played in short spurts when I remember I have it. The result is that I can remember hardly anything of either game.

Didn't mention it, but I reached MNK lv 20 a couple days ago in FF11. Retired it shortly after for now. I wasn't really intending on leveling it that much, but it turned out to be so much fun...
Maybe I should do a screenshot post again. It'd really be preferable to write this stuff the same time with the screenies, as it is I end up writing most stuff twice, pretty much. Hmmh.

Notifed my ISP of moving. As I suspected, they'll take ages to switch it. Told me they won't reconnect until the 16th, which pretty much sucks. Probably getting mom's mokkula for those couple weeks, but that won't work in Linux as far as I know... *sigh* Just when I was excited to be able to access all my stuff again.
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4/10/09 01:43 pm

Egg-hunt Eggstravaganza 2009 started today in FF11, and that means gathering initial eggs, these eggs marked with letters. You need all sorts of combinations to get event items, for a total of fifteen different ones. ....yeah. The combinations all require 3-8 eggs each. That's a whole load of eggs I need. It complicates matters that you can only get one egg per Vana'diel day if you don't want to pay for them (I need to save gil for other matters so currently I can't pay for them), so this is gonna take long. Good thing this event isn't ending anytime soon.

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Easter in RL, huh... I hate these multi-day things most of all. Always have to try to remember which days you can go buy food on, and remember to buy enough for the days you can't. Ugh, keep your cruddy feast days out of my life. D:
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1/23/09 04:23 pm

Life is awesome. I have the computer table, and I have a real internet connection! =DD I'm on Linux! I can even use wi-fi again! *______*
This day will be spent in marveling at how easy it is to do things, and how pretty everything is, and how much more pleasant to do anything with music on...

Also, got Final Fantasy Unlimited. Might have to rewatch the series now. =D

12/27/08 07:53 pm

Guess I should post something again.

Feeling somewhat better. Not much, but somewhat. Got to play looong last night with kitty, that was good. <3 We ended up going to Jeuno and then walking back to San d'Oria, I' screenies later. And post the previous screenies too. Actually, I think I'll have to divide this into two or three posts, there's so much new stuff. I haven't even posted Davoi screenies yet. =D;
Need to seriously start farming again, though. I'm totally out of gil, on both my characters. This is not good. Ella still needs a Starlight Celebration tree (that's 10,000 gil right there) and Jenare needs all the missing spells (only for sale in Jeuno) that I couldn't afford just yet and I'm gonna need new equips soon again.. @__@

One of my externals has stopped working. .___. It's the one with all my music on it (..minus FF soundtracks). I guess it's good that if one of them had to get difficult, it would be that. The other external has my Final Fantasy files, and some of those are not backed up yet. The back-ups are on the Linux side and I have no reason to switch to Linux right now. Suvi's internet connection refuses to work on it.
I guess I finally need to install the printer on Windows side. Boo. I'm afraid it'll mess up with its connectivity to Linux. I don't want to do that, but I guess it's unavoidable. Unless I want to make things difficult and save every file I need to print from the internet to an external, switch to Linux, and print all the stuff there. =D;

Twisted my knee earlier. Fell. Woollen socks are dangerous on a floor with no carpets. @__@ And my other knee has this huge bruise on it and it's swelling and stuffs. I guess I'm alright, as long as I don't touch the knee with the bruise, or bend the knee that got twisted. *sweatdrop*
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8/19/08 09:52 am

Yesterday..wasn't a very good day.

But I made pancakes! That made it somewhat better. =D I don't know how, but all of a sudden they belong to autumn in my mind, instead of the usual summer. That's weird, my associations don't usually shift at all. But it's undeniable, they're very firmly autumn now. Hmm...

Almost half finished with 僕らの世界下 now. In Gnash's chapter, there was this long part of how he's lived before he met Yuri and Cherinka. All through it, I kept that from the development notes, too? *sweatdrop* I can't quite decide if the writing style isn't interesting (there's definitely that to some degree) or whether I'm just so obsessed with canonity that I can't stop thinking about it.

N. is getting rather interesting. You remember, the mini-series based on a short story by Stephen King? Not that it wasn't interesting to begin with, but now it's more so. Following the psychologist's descent to obsession after his patient..there's just something almost hypnotic about it.
Of course, the most 'interesting' thing might be how I've managed to remember to follow the series regularly (or semi-regularly, to be more precise)
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8/9/08 09:27 pm

Ugh. I hate people.
Went (or attempted to go) to sleep around 6 AM. A perfectly normal time for me. What I didn't expect or enjoy were the numerous people insisting on bothering me within six hours of that. First, a neighbor goes and loses her keys and rings every doorbell in the fricking house at least a dozen times before anyone bothers to get up at half past seven on Saturday morning to call the janitor for her (why yes, it was my brother, who, just by the way, is sick, who finally called for her. Opened the door on her second round of oh-don't-mind-me-just-ringing-every-fucking-doorbell-in-the-place. I wouldn't be so pissed off if that particular person wasn't known for doing the exact same thing every time she wants to call a taxi to go out drinking... >.<) It didn't end there, of course. A couple hours after, my grandmother decides to call, and won't believe that I'm sleeping and really, really tired and hardly understood a word she said. She goes and blabbers on for half an hour before finally letting me try again. And yet, no sleep for me for longer than an hour or two that time, either. Next comes mom, insisting I get up and eat ice-cream cake I have no desire to eat, and besides makes way more noise than necessary when she decided to clean up the place. I'd already gone back to (attempting to) sleep by then...
I've never taken well to interruptions of my sleep. Ended up not waking up on my own until half past eight. At which point, it being Saturday, I couldn't go buy food anymore since everything is closed. Oh, don't mind me, just a little pissed off right now. D:
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6/23/08 08:50 pm

Hah, I'm so good. FFTA finished~! =D 275/300 numbered missions, too, and got Ritz into my Clan. Being the obsessive completionist that I am, I'm working my way up to 300 and the extra ones while I still don't have FFTA2. it just me or were the final battle/ending themes much better than the other music in the game? Could be just because I've heard all the rest of them so many times, though.

The Porom chapter title picture (this be FF4TA: Return of the Moon of course) looks pretty good.. Porom is totally competing with Rydia in this game. Just look at her! =D;

I rummaged around in boxes of my stuff again and found a blackboard...I got mom to buy it for me a year ago when I moved here, it was still wrapped up and everything. Thought I'd take it to use when I moved out of here, back then, a better idea now. Made it an FF memo for myself and propped it up against some boxes next to the TV. Very useful, that, now I can see what needs doing at a glance. xD

I wonder when the Tales of Symphonia sequel will come out..? My Wii needs more games. (they'd better release it in Europe too!)
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5/19/08 12:34 am

Oops, forgot to update at yesterday's side again. One more day missed...

Didn't really do much anything today either. Wrote short bios for the new people (and several others, like Luca) in FF4TA for waff (and added pics and their abilities), but there's not really much known about most of them than the one or two sentence descriptions at the official site. Nevertheless, added the stuff I could. Will just have to complete them when more info is available.
Noticed that the FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania gives Yang's wife's name as Ursula (no, I haven't read that thing completely yet. I tend to write character profiles for waff as I go, so working on it). Wth, all the references I've found have her name as Sheila in FF4TA. D: They can't have completely forgotten her name as her daughter's name is Ursula in FF4TA,

(This next point is gross. Seriously, stop reading) there's cat and/or dog shit all over the place. Latest development is the shower, and I very much need it clean as I'm actually venturing out tomorrow. And guess what! My sister (who owns all the damn things living in here, and as such is responsible for cleaning after them) won't do a fucking thing about any of it. As usual. I can't even remember the last time she cleaned out the litter box, let alone anything else. I can't wait to get out of this place. Quite beside the fact that I'm allergic and shouldn't come into contact with that stuff (not to mention not living here voluntarily, the animals not being allowed in my room, and me trying to keep this room well aired out so I won't choke. Quite a pain in winter, it was), I'm seriously considering turning her into the appropriate people (animal abuse, hello? Not to mention people abuse D:). I've no doubt that the moment she gets left living on her own she'll drown in shit in no time. Judging her unfit to keep animals is the least society can do for her.
Quite purposely leaving this public in the vain hope that some of her animal-loving friends get a hold of this. She only makes a token effort when her friends (or buyers for her damn puppies) come around, otherwise she won't move a muscle. Hey, appearances are everything, right? Right. Can't wait not having to associate with that person.
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3/29/08 06:40 pm

I like my new look. :P

The day has passed by with surprising speed again. I just did some final decisions for clothing and iconized a photo and it's suddenly evening again. Bah.
Well, the last parts of it are dedicated to other stuffs, like writing those damn FF4TA summaries (meant to do them yesterday) and finishing FF4 DS (I just remembered I never did continue it after losing several hours of playtime in the final dungeon) and maybe even continuing reading Le Serment des Étoiles. I even finished today's kanji training last night already, so I'd better get something done today...
Well, just as soon as I've eaten something.

3/28/08 09:50 pm

So bored. And where did the day go? Granted, I woke up after 3 PM, but still... it's almost 8 PM already and I've done nothing but try and get my hair ready for the gig. *sweatdrop*
Well. Bleached them one more time, and I'm now thinking how long I should keep this hair dye on. It's only been 40 minutes. The instructions say 20-30 mins for standard time, but the store owner recommended one to two hours if you want a vibrant and lasting color...hey, what'd you expect, with shock colors. (my sister said she kept hers on for six hours or so when she dyed her hair pink.. I think that might be a bit of an overkill xD;)

Versailles official site was updated. I was quite surprised to notice that Teru has mostly silver hair in the new pictures. Looks awesome. =D (just take a look at the site. You'll know immediately who I mean)

[several hours later]

Okay, forgot I had this open.. well, my hair turned out okay. As I kind of suspected would happen, the color wouldn't stick to the parts I'd dyed purple back in autumn. Repeated bleachings did nothing to the remaining color, not even slight fading. That's an easy problem to solve, though, my hair's too long anyway. A couple cm off and they're finally just as I wished them to be. =D
...although next time, I'll keep the dye on for more than just two hours. It looks nice enough, but the color isn't as vibrant as it could be.

Damn, the day has disappeared somewhere. I meant to do so many things today, too! Well, I guess there's still a bit of it left. But...yeah. So much to do, so little time.

...and just by the way, I'm still sick. Thankfully the fever isn't too high anymore, but still. That's eight days, now. :/

3/27/08 03:56 am

I'm suddenly up at a time like this again. How did this happen?

One thing I managed to ascertain was that DS美文字トレーニング takes a lot of time and effort. I spent hours on that thing. I barely managed to complete the exercises of one section before the day changed...and then I had more exercises to complete. And I still don't know what that other section holds. I did a few of today's before getting too tired to continue, so maybe I'll actually finish in time to take a look at it today.
I've even learnt to settle for the second-best grade instead of the best in all. Drawing the kanji so many times that you'll get it almost perfect is too time-consuming. (the thickness of the line doesn't depend on how hard you press. It depends on how slow or fast you draw it. Getting full points on a kanji means you need thicker lines, so you have to write slower)

...I still have a fever. A rather slight one,'s getting closer to seven days now, that I've been sick. It's getting really, really, really old.

Found a translation of a FF4 設定資料集, a world and background guide basically. It has some rather...surprising information. (long live Gilbert VII? All hail the great Sage Minwu? Visit Troia, with its irresistable tourist attraction?) Go read it, and you'll know what I mean. xD; (makes me want to get that FF4 world guide I meant to get a little while ago)
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3/23/08 01:24 pm

Still sick. I'm starting to get tired of this. Running a fever for a third day can't be good. .__.

Been playing more Folklore to pass the time. I've now beaten chapter 2 on both Ellen and Keats, and just started Keats chapter 3.

Spoilery )
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3/22/08 09:34 am

Still sick. Stuffed myself full of painkillers so it's tolerable right now, though.

Played Folklore! It's weird though...I thought I played it pretty much the whole day yesterday. But the in-game clock has four or five hours on the counter, and 1+ of those was there to begin with. What the heck? What did I do all day? No, I didn't die or anything, so no game overs to shorten the time on the clock.

The story's turning out rather interesting. If you're not familiar with the's about this girl, Ellen, who gets a letter from her mother who she thought dead. It calls her to this small village called Doolin, where strange things are known to happen. At the same time, a reporter called Keats gets a phone call - there's something about to happen in Doolin. Well...the two make their way to the village. And arrive just in time to witness a woman falling off a cliff. (you can see the opening movie here. It covers the story up 'till that point. That's the Japanese version, but nothing was changed except the name of the village, and the subtitles were changed into English.. Folklore's one of those games where the voice acting was done just in English, like Devil May Cry =D)
The next night, Ellen wakes up to find the local pub inhabited by Folk. You know, non-humans. =D She meets a scarecrow who takes her to the local henge, from where she travels to the Netherworld, in search of her mother. Keats? Follows her. All sorts of things happen. The village has a dark past it seems, and something's wrong with the Netherworld, too...

The story's divided into chapters, and you can go over each chapter from the perspective of both Ellen and Keats. It means a bit of repetition in areas if you play through each chapter with both charas before moving on to the next one. However, you can also just go through one and neglect the other half of the story. The events of both halves of each chapter are not the same, although they're related. Also the Folk that inhabit the Netherworld realms are different for the two, so there's a lot of variety to fighting.

Currently, I've played through Prologue and chapter 1 on both Ellen and Keats, and started on Ellen's chapter 2. Things are slowly getting clearer and I'm honestly quite curious about the village's past. =D The fighting's pretty interesting, too. You gather Folks and fight with them. To make your caught Folk stronger in fights you need to fill specific requirements. Also, not all Folk are easy to damage. Some take careful strategy to even get close, although unfortunately most of the time the strategy is limited to either elemental weaknesses or only a certain Folk being able to damage a Folk of some kind. (in short, it's a perfect game to play when sick and not up to thinking much)
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3/21/08 12:33 pm

I got sick again. .__. This is a large part of why I hate to live with other people. Have one of them catch something, and I'm sure to catch it right after. Often times more seriously than they do, too. School used to be a nightmare. Be away a couple days to get the worst over, suffer with the lingering sickness a month or so, get sick again when the new wave comes. That's how it went, at its worst.
Considering this is the third time I've gotten sick while living here, and that while I lived by myself that's how often I got sick in all of three years...yeah, I have cause to complain, here.

I ache all over. Sitting is not very pleasant. I'm just gonna get off the computer for a change, maybe play something. Something that doesn't require very much thinking, as I'm not very capable of it at the moment.
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