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4/24/09 07:12 pm

Mass media never ceases to disgust me. I'd forgotten how bad exactly it can be, but mom once again left the TV open, and the news came on, and one bit of news that made me irritated (and worried, really worried) was commented on...
You see, there's this media company, YLE, for which a fee called 'tv-maksu' (a fee for watching TV) is paid to. (never mind the fact that YLE is just one company and there are other channels too. It all goes to YLE) You can watch TV, you pay it. But YLE isn't content with that. They think that since nowadays you require a digi-box to watch TV even if you own an old one (and not everyone by far has bothered to get a dixi-box), the number of people paying the fee wasn't enough anymore. So they whined enough and came up with a solution. Make every household pay 175€. If they have a home, they must pay. Even if you're poor as fuck or blind and deaf, you'll pay. What a brilliant solution! Naturally, younger people, especially students (which aren't really known for having any money to spare for anything), get pissy. How does news react? "This media fee has made lots of young people angry, since they are used to getting everything for free." ....what's the problem here. Legitimate concerns over being able to buy food after this fucking thing, and it's broadcasted as being a fucking tantrum over having to pay for not having a TV.
No, not paying it is not an option either. They're government-backed. Not actually government-controlled, but heavily backed. Not having the government pay to prop them up is just a technicality, if YLE complains that not enough people pay since they can't even watch TV, our dear shitheads gotta make it better of course.

And on top of it all, you get branded as whining over not getting everything for free when you say that it's not a good solution, in mass media, where old people who can't use the internet go for for their information. Gee, thanks a lot for the support to the less well off people in the country.

...the only hope is the decision getting overturned. News and YLE themselves are behaving like it's a given it'll go through, though. I'm not sure how realistic that is. I mean, the TV 'tax' has traditionally been something you can't get financial support for separately, you're supposed to pay it out of your food/clothes/non-housing bills money. How much hope there's actually of getting financial support for paying this mandatory fee-that-they-refuse-to-call-unscaling-tax? And you don't even get out of it by not having a fucking TV, you have to pay it even if you're deaf and blind. I can't stress that point enough. Not to mention that it's the same amount for everyone, no matter how poor or rich. You pay it even if you can't get food afterwards, or you ruin your credit and they take all your stuff away in exchange.

I'm disgusted over how much commenting on politics there's been recently. What the fuck has happened to this world?

4/23/09 02:30 pm

So..let's get this straight. The Pirate Bay trial. All defendants got time in prison and fines, despite flimsy prosecution. The decision was even worded so that Google is apparently a pirating company in Sweden now. Fast forward to today, a couple hours ago. News flash. People had looked at the background of the judge in the case. He's a big media crony.
.......what a surprise. After the police corruption case (big media gave a job worth one million to the police leading the investigation concerning TPB), it should be no surprise that the judge was compromised too.
It's like they're begging for Piratpartiet to become the biggest political force in Sweden. The judgement itself already raised quite enough hell, but the latest news pretty much guaranteed that EU will have some politicians from Piratpartiet in quite important places shortly. Even our local Piraattipuolue got a pretty damn good boost in supporters. And there's the Copyright Day shortly (too bad that I'm stuck here in the backwoods, there's a gathering in Tampere as well as Helsinki and I'd really love to be there) and that's bound to get Piraattipuolue even more supporters.

Tl;dr - stop corruption. Defend your right to privacy. Support your local pirate party.

7/30/08 08:59 pm

Suddenly, I seem to have some trouble concentrating. There seems much to do today.

Watched episodes 1-3 of N. (as I forgot to watch the second yesterday) It's kind of interesting, as I thought it would be. Too bad the episodes are so short, I want to know more. =D; I seem to be in a mood for a little horror now.

Been steadily adding that FF4 data to waff...will be done with magic & attacks by tonight, will have to continue cleaning out the armor and weapon sections after that. I have no idea how I ever thought the current system would work for them. So in addition to adding the FF4 data, I'll just correct everything already there as I go. It...might take long.

Oh, and I joined the Finnish Pirate Party. Took me long enough, the form for joining has been up for a couple weeks at their site. They seem to be quite prominently displayed at different events around Finland now, too bad I can't go to any of them.
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2/25/08 04:03 pm

Why, hullo there. This is a public service announcement. Of a kind.

The Finnish Pirate Party has opened their official site, like I mentioned they would a couple days back. There's also a discussion forum. Check them out. =D (if you can't speak Finnish and still want to look around, there's an English area in the discussion forum. The English part of the actual site itself is not yet up, though)

......I feel weird, getting this involved in politics. I even registered there. Heck, I even commented there. And I'm fully intending on attending the actual founding thingie (yes, my English seems to be lacking again)

2/23/08 06:01 pm

Oh, yes! They're finally getting a Pirate Party formed in Finland! =D Message boards will open on Monday, and through discussions there more details on it will be decided. You can follow news for now through Piraattiliitto, if you haven't been doing that already.
The person who finally took up the formation plan and made it real is from Joensuu. :O

Finally continued FF4 yesterday. Wandered about Mt Hobbs trying to find that missing bestiary entry... I don't think I succeeded. I mean, I haven't gone to a Big Chocobo to check, but I'm pretty sure I'd seen all of those mobs when I last was there.. I'm not even sure what area to look in, I wasted tons of time in all of them and found nothing. And didn't even get a 呪いの指輪 (Cursed Ring?) for my troubles to fill up my rare item count. D:
Anyway, I'm in Eblan Cave now. My Cecil's level 50, which is total overkill. Edge joined at level 35... I have no idea how this has happened, those low-level monsters I've had to fight to fill up the bestiary shouldn't give that much exp.
Shouldn't there be a type of Vampire Lady in Eblan Cave? Or am I remembering things wrong? I've only seen two types of bats, and both of those only once. They seem to be pretty rare.

Gonna go continue playing now. I can finally even access Edge's Pochika minigame! =D I just need to get to a Big Chocobo. (and Rydia's comments about Edge have been hilarious thus far. The poor girl was even looking forward to meeting another prince, thinking him to be like Gilbart...xD Much approved!)
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2/19/08 01:58 pm

It's a damn shame how bad decisions by a few people make Finland look right now.

I'm, of course, referring to the 'child porn' censorship scandal. If you're not familiar with the issue, a while ago a national censorship list was started, with the intention of blocking foreign child porn sites. And those sites only. Intelligent people of course protested this..thing, as it has way too much potential to go very wrong.
And that it did. It went very, very wrong. About a week ago, they added an anti-censorship site to that list. That event led to another, which led to another, and now it's been revealed that about 1% of the blocked sites actually fulfill the description of 'foreign child porn site'. And that, in fact, pretty damn many of the filtered sites fulfill the description 'gay porn'. Nobody knew before this, as...surprise, surprise, the list was secret. They could add whatever site they wanted to that filter. A national filter, that no doubt many didn't even know exists and thus couldn't take measures to go around it (which I'm suspecting would be illegal? Not sure, but isn't that the way these things go?)

Anyway. My point was to say that not all of us were behind this decision in the first place. Censorship is the worse option here. I really, really hope they'll get rid of that stupid (and unconstitutional) list.
Some of the legislation passed in recent years has born more than a passing resemblance to US-like censorship and restricting of rights. I really hope we'd get rid of that, too, but I highly doubt it would happen, at least any time soon. I just wonder how much of Finland there's left before people see what they're doing.
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