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7/27/08 09:33 pm

"Of course I shall not pretend to consider it any matter for wonder, that the extraordinary case of M. Valdemar has excited discussion. It would have been a miracle had it not - especially under the circumstances. Through the desire of all parties concerned, to keep the affair from the public, at least for the present, or until we had further opportunities for investigation - through our endeavors to effect this - a garbled or exaggerated account made its way into society, and became the source of many unpleasant misrepresentations; and, very naturally, of a great deal of disbelief."

I really, really like Poe's short stories, but the sentences can be something horrid at times... =D; That passage is from the beginning of 'The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar'
I managed to dig out a collection of his works I own a copy of, so I've been re-reading it. Passes time rather nicely.

I undertook the task of adding/editing FF4 DS info to waff today... Have edited the world page and started on the bestiary. 100 monsters down, out of 200. Half left, and adding the first half has taken me the entire day. @___@ I think I'm going to change my playlist and go continue adding them. Will never finish if I keep dawdling like this.
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