Incoherent Thoughts


2/29/08 12:38 am

Undertook a monumental task today. Re-organizing my Final Fantasy folders. Whole sections were becoming too unwieldy due to too much content. =D; It's done now, and hopefully I'll remember in the future how the folder structure works so I won't have to look for anything for too long...
And while I was at it, I noticed how woefully few pictures I had of some things. So I went and grabbed a few..dozen..or so... Still on the lookout for more, high-quality watermarkless screenshots (especially of the CG movies) were regretfully few at the sites I had bookmarked. Should look up more sites, I can remember more than a few I have visited that had pics that fulfill the description but I apparently didn't bookmark them when I had the chance. Stupid me.

....those two things took me the whole day. So no, I haven't played FF4. Argh.
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