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7/8/09 01:25 pm

Google Chrome OS? Wowza. Should've been expecting that I guess, with all the rumors floating about. But I didn't, not after Android. And here we are, with a Google OS on the horizon. Awesome: :O
It looks like the best option by far for laptops and netbooks. I mean, when would you normally use those things..on the go. And there's really no need for a heavy-duty OS with all the relics of a by-gone era bundled in with it (desktop calendars, document and picture editing, music and video playing software, etc) when all you really need is the web. Chrome OS deals away with the middle-man (the OS interface with all its extra software) and goes straight to the point (the web). Go, go, Google. That's a bold new path they're forging there. =D Combine Chrome OS with Google Wave, and there's some really exciting things coming from Google.

..if you're not familiar with Google Wave (it's not yet released), it's basically this web platform that combines email, different chat softwares, social networking sites, wikis, collaborative documents, video, music, etc. Everything that you can imagine getting some use out of working on it together or enjoying the experience together and then some, it's all in Wave. You can't really describe it well, you have to see it for yourself to see how innovative it actually is. It's truly the next generation of web interaction, and a shining example of what can be done when you break out of the old ways of doing things.

I've been looking around for a good world map of Final Fantasy I, but haven't had any luck with it. So I finally got fed up with it and decided to draw my own. Got the continent boundaries and places of different terrains and the places of dungeons and cities from a conveniently big scanned map that I found, and am well on my way to prettifying it. Got the basic map down, just need to add some details. And wait for Kitty to come up with all map icons since she promised to try. Sorry for putting the hardest part off on you, Kitty. xD;
It looks promising so far. Depending on the result, I might have to repeat the process for most other early FF games at least. It's something I've been planning on doing for a while. Mashups of the in-game graphics (NES, SNES times) in huge size are nice and all, but they're not really much to look at. Especially if you scanned it from a decades-old paper-map you got with the game and the map was all worn out by the time you scanned it, leaving white lines all over it in the places you'd folded it in...
The things I do for waff, really. *shakes head*

7/10/08 01:21 am

For some reason, I'm really tired...shouldn't be, not at this time yet.

Rambling about My Life as a King )

Heh, seems like they're recommending a lifetime disbarment for Jack Thompson. It's about time, yes? xD
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7/9/08 12:53 am

Latest news from US: they're now planning ('considering') to make passengers on airplanes carry these wristbands that can send a bolt of electricity through you and make you unable to move. You know, just in case you get unruly.
Every time I hear something like this my decision to never go to that messed up country gets that much stronger, and I'm glad about it. How the mighty fall.

In MLaaK, I've had time to explore a grand total floor. At the Infinity Spire, I mean. And I've taken down two of the legendary foes at that floor, but nothing else. So much to do, so much to do... I did manage to get that third bulletin board, but it's not helping too much, it seems. One's for low-low level behests (information about dungeons, looking for misplaced items, Infinity Spire for now..), one for early to mid 30's (or the only level 20-something dungeon that's left, the Barbair Abyss), and one for higher-level stuff (right now, looking for level 45 ingredients. One more of those left, then I'll move my best team to Isle of Giants. It's a bit (/way too) low-level for them, but they need experience somewhere before taking on a level 40-something dungeon. I think I'm going for the weapon shop then...that should be manageable)
The castle expansion, by the was completely useless. Well, except maybe if you want to have one extra dungeon and a life-bar boss. For a level 39 dungeon! What cheating. I had to pause all operations for two days for what amounted to being..nothing. Well okay, you can rename your adventurers with it. Big deal, not interested. Okay, you can check all family relations from it quite conveniently. Big deal, family relations don't really matter other than if they're at max and you can get medals from that family, but you can't see that particular bit of info from the castle. Okay, so there's a jukebox too. Not useful either (other than for letting me know the titles of those songs) since you can only listen to it at the jukebox menu. *sigh* Wouldn't recommend getting it unless you really want to change the names of your adventurers or are a total completionist like me.

Now that I started playing MLaaK again, this insane urge to write fanfic for it came back. I already caved in before and wrote one short piece, seems that there'll have to be more.

The judge missions in FFTA bother me. Why the heck did I start FFTA2 when I still haven't totally finished FFTA? *sighs and shakes head* Maybe I'll persuade myself to night to finish a couple more of them...

As I mentioned in my last post, L'Épée du Gardien II (part 5 of the FF11 novelization series) was kinda boring. Finished reading it today, and Doug&co really did do almost nothing else but reach Kazham. Well, they went out to the jungle and got attacked. That's it. End of book, to be continued. D: I can't really approve of this dividing one book into three parts. They were released like this originally too, but that doesn't stop the three parts of it being a complete book, and this second part being the boring middle. The same thing happened with the first trilogy in the series...

6/7/08 03:04 pm

I need to go in a minute, but...

Here. Read them.
They're comic strips about the earthquake in China, based on news stories.

...the mood icon doesn't picture the right kind of 'touched'. .__.

5/28/08 03:03 am

I've been following the Phoenix landing, naturally, the astronomy geek that I am. Recently, HiRISE took this picture of it, after it landed on Mars. How cool is that? =D The distance between the different parts isn't even all that big.
Looking forward to all the info it can gather. This should prove interesting. I remember how a several years ago (four?) in graphic design we were given an assignment to do a couple pages of a newspaper, and since I didn't come up with anything else and didn't want a generic newspaper, I made it a kind of a science one. With a Mars mission special that took up half the pages I made. Was fun looking up Mars news during class. xD

Spoilers and speculating on the MLaaK story )

3/5/08 06:39 pm

Saiunkoku Monogatari... I've now finished watching the first season. Damn, did I miss Ryuuki there towards the end. He hardly showed up at all. .___. This series is tearing up my heart, why can't they just be together?
Of course, it keeps me watching. Hmmh.

I scanned that Kain picture from FF4 Official Complete Guide, just in case anyone's interested.

It be here )

I didn't mention it the day before yesterday, but I was working on waff character pages, thinking how a finished page should look like and what it should include. Came up with something, and applied it to Cecil's page. Well, at least half applied it. The rest of it needs to be filled out. If anyone thinks it should include something that seems it won't be included (although I have no idea what that could be, as the basic info, his parts in the game and his stats are/will be all there) feel free to let me know.'s kind of discouraging, thinking how many characters there are in FFs..and then realizing how much work I have ahead of me. Cecil is only one character out of many, and writing these huge pages for all of the characters that require it will take a loooong time... Waff is an eternity project, that much I've known since I started it, but still. Kind of discouraging. =D; (maybe I should trim down on the details of what happens during the game. It all seemed relevant at the time, but..)

Due to watching too much Saiunkoku Monogatari, I now have 757 780 unread feeds in my RSS reader. Nice. *sweatdrop* This always happens when I find something new and interesting, it consumes my time and I don't remember such things as keeping up with the news. I did read some of the more important tags, like 'friends' and 'final fantasy' and 'japan'. =D But that's it. Going through even a small portion of a tag with so much content as 'science' or 'tech' (let alone 'news' itself) would require unacceptably long. I wonder what I'm missing...
See, that's the problem with being a news addict. If I don't have the time to catch up with the newest new all the time, it starts bothering me that there could be something important there.

2/19/08 01:58 pm

It's a damn shame how bad decisions by a few people make Finland look right now.

I'm, of course, referring to the 'child porn' censorship scandal. If you're not familiar with the issue, a while ago a national censorship list was started, with the intention of blocking foreign child porn sites. And those sites only. Intelligent people of course protested this..thing, as it has way too much potential to go very wrong.
And that it did. It went very, very wrong. About a week ago, they added an anti-censorship site to that list. That event led to another, which led to another, and now it's been revealed that about 1% of the blocked sites actually fulfill the description of 'foreign child porn site'. And that, in fact, pretty damn many of the filtered sites fulfill the description 'gay porn'. Nobody knew before this, as...surprise, surprise, the list was secret. They could add whatever site they wanted to that filter. A national filter, that no doubt many didn't even know exists and thus couldn't take measures to go around it (which I'm suspecting would be illegal? Not sure, but isn't that the way these things go?)

Anyway. My point was to say that not all of us were behind this decision in the first place. Censorship is the worse option here. I really, really hope they'll get rid of that stupid (and unconstitutional) list.
Some of the legislation passed in recent years has born more than a passing resemblance to US-like censorship and restricting of rights. I really hope we'd get rid of that, too, but I highly doubt it would happen, at least any time soon. I just wonder how much of Finland there's left before people see what they're doing.
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2/4/08 07:27 pm

I love how some tech-y blogs describe the possible Microsoft/Yahoo! merger as a 'good thing', and decry Google's concerns over it as 'scaremongering'. I wonder if they've been bought. How is Microsoft buying Yahoo good for anyone but Yahoo shareholders? What that Google representative said in their blog was the first thing I thought of after hearing of Microsoft's proposal. Microsoft would get worryingly close to completely dominating the IM and email markets. In short, it's an almost complete monopoly on how people communicate (aside from browser-side communication like blogs). Not a very pleasant thought to dwell on. People have seen how a Microsoft monopoly goes on the OS side. How could they presume that a Microsoft monopoly on email and IM would be even remotely a good thing?
I really hope it won't happen.

(okay, I'm biased. Microsoft, the root of all evil? But do try to make me see the good side of such a deal. If there is one)

Got my はてなき空の向こうに manga today! =D The new plot twists ('new', as in different from Crystal Chronicles. This is a game adaptation, if you didn't know) seem rather interesting, although the realization is sometimes clumsy. (seriously. To get the main chara Fox where he needed to be, he fell into a river. On two separate occasions. To get him to two separate places where he needed to be. That's a bit..ehhh.) I've only read the first volume for now, I've still got the second waiting.
...the second volume has Lu Zhe on the cover. She's based on one of the cutest female Selkie models from the game. xD

Listened to some early Gackt songs and they were as amazing as I remembered them being. Got addicted to 'Asrun Dream' and 'Fragrance' and 'rain' again. And 'mind forest'! Although it came out later, Crescent did have some very good songs, too.
Heh, I can still remember the lyrics to some of these songs. The days when I listened to them over and over again, when I only knew a couple words of Japanese so naturally, couldn't understand the lyrics...
In honor of the occasion, I dug out some old icons and uploaded them to my IJ account. I found them while looking through those back-up CDs. (this icon is from his Malice Mizer days. From the Illuminati PV. =D I remember using this one before, maybe in 2004 or so..)
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1/10/08 08:06 pm

Oops, it seems that I've skipped...a couple days.. =D;; First I was too busy trying to figure out 霧晴れぬ廃都、遠吠えは己まず (that would be the FFXII short story) and then re-reading a favorite manga series of mine and... *sweatdrop*
Anyway, nothing's really happened. Just the usual. I slept too long today (didn't wake up until 7 PM! Now that hasn't happened in a while) and now I have a ton of RSS feed updates to catch up with. Over 400 to be exact. Will probably end up skipping at least around a hundred of them, don't want to waste that much time reading news.
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