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11/19/09 02:37 am

Time just flies. It flies even more when you're not writing. I reached a bit tougher part in my outline, and haven't touched my Nano for this year since. That was some 10 days ago. *sweadrop*

I've been quite thoroughly distracted, first with playing a bit more Echoes of Time, and then trying to finish NG+ on Ring of Fates. I think I still like Ring of Fates the most out of the Crystal Chronicles games, mostly because of the story. It lacks wi-fi multiplayer, but I can deal with that.
I'm getting to the very end of my NG+ now. Next up is character re-union thing right before the final boss. Started some four days ago from the aftermath of Abyssus Forest, so I consider this a really fast playthrough. I've even managed to squeeze in some farming, so it hasn't been all story mode dungeons exclusively.
My people just reached level 80, which makes me wonder how difficult NG++ would be. After all, the level cap is 99, and I started NG+ with my people level 42-43. Some of my stats already occasionally reach the cap of 999 too, so I don't know...would probably just need some amazing dodging skills to survive all the battles. o.o; What makes it a bit difficult is that I like playing Gnash, and his defense really sucks. I guess it won't matter if I get some super-armor that raises all his stats to 999, as at that point the 5-way shot ability should be really godly...

I've also come to the result that no matter the title, you need ungodly amounts of Mu Fur in a Crystal Chronicles game. To my horror I discovered that there's two pieces of armor that both require 15 Mu Fur, and I'd just emptied the shop of them and made silk/leather/fine silk/fine leather with them. Would need more farming, definitely...

11/4/09 04:45 pm

Hello there November. Nanowrimo is..doing surprisingly well, compared to some past years. I have some 7,9k words, which is barely a 100 words less than I wanted to have by today (doing 2k/day as usual, although I've never really kept up with that pace for long). I suppose that's a good improvement from yesterday, when I started writing way late - as in, had about an hour left of the day - and ended up scrunching in a bit over 1k words. Ah well. I've made up for it today.

While looking at my notes I discovered that my remaining scenes will net me some 22k words more, presuming my scene average stays the same. I suppose this was to be expected, and it's not like I even meant to carry through the whole Nano with just those scenes. Still, I'm suddenly wondering if I shouldn't be looking through my random notes/questions file for Mythopoeia, coming up with exact scenes needed based on them. Writing by the plan seems to be going surprisingly well this year, so I might want more scenes planned out.

11/7/08 11:50 pm

Current word count: 14,232. =D I'd be all set for tomorrow too, but going for 16k+ then. I really can't remember the last time writing's been this easy. I bitch and moan about it while in the process, but after getting all of a day's words, I notice it didn't really even take long.
I have 24 scenes written now, scattered all throughout 16 years. I suppose this is what makes writing so easy this time, when I get bored of one subject or run out of inspiration for it, I just skip to another one in a different time (and return to the first one later). Or skip to a different thread around the same time period, at some points I have three of them running at the same time. Yes, even despite the relatively small number of scenes...those threads have a habit of brushing against the other threads, so I can handle several in one scene, and maybe throw in a reference to a third. :P

It seems that they've started publishing Fruits Basket in Finnish. Since I was out buying manga anyway, and have meant to check out the series for four years or so, I bought the first part. It was surprisingly entertaining. Will be following the rest of the series too, I think.
But damn those manga publishers. Every time one series I follow ends, another takes its place. I'll never get my manga spending down like this. I'm up to three monthly manga series and three bi-monthly, plus now Fruits Basket. I'm not sure when the next part will come out, the first volume didn't mention it. Perhaps at the publisher's site, but I'm too lazy to check it...

10/15/08 10:51 pm

Weird day. Weeeeeeird day. There I was, peacefully making dinner, when suddenly out of nowhere, comes a woman's voice. 「そして、世界が終わりました。」 I tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't leave me alone. I got bitten by a particularly rabid breed of plotbunny, it seems. o.o;
Spent all through my dinner caught up in 'seeing' the scenario for the opening, I didn't even notice I'd eaten anything until there was nothing left. I'd meant to read while eating, but the book remained unopened. Having finished dinner, all I could do and come to the computer to write it down...
And it's all coming out in Japanese. Heeeelp. ;___;

For now, there has been absolutely no trouble in writing down any of it, or coming up with the plot/setting. Things just flow out like they'd always been there in the back of my mind. I have three pretty well fleshed out characters that popped out of nowhere. I have an AU world complete with history in my mind, and I know how the plot goes all the way to the end. I have no idea where this came from and how I managed it in two hours. Granted, nothing but the prologue and some of the first chapter have been written down, but still. I haven't had this happen in around five years, and it's freaking me out.

I...I wasn't supposed to be writing anything but Endahren's story. I certainly won't pick this story for Nanowrimo, no way I could write in Japanese that fast. There's of course the possibility the story will suddenly decide to translate itself into English, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen.
What'll I do if it keeps insisting on being written all through November? o.o;

8/31/08 03:20 pm

Was greatly amused while learning kanji today. Came across a phrase, 牛歩戦術 [gyuuho senjutsu]. If you read the kanji literally, that means 'cow step war jutsu'. xD It bothered me so much that I had to look it up. Turns out it means 'snail's pace tactics'. Note to self: 'snail's pace' is actually 'cow's pace' in Japanese.
Well, it was in a list of words related to politics, so in that case the phrase would refer to 'walking slowly when voting in Diet to delay proceedings'. Note to self: Japanese politicians apparently walk like cows when feeling particularly mule-y. xD

NaNoWriMo is approaching again. It's about the time I've traditionally started thinking of plots and settings and character backgrounds, but...I'm not sure. The last years have been quite disastrous for me, on the NaNo front. And while this past year has been better for writing than the two before that, I still haven't written much at all. Maybe I'm just not meant for writing anymore. .__.
Still going to try, I think. NaNo is one event in the year I wouldn't miss completely, not for anything. Even when my inspiration and motivation both disappear somewhere along the first week (or, like last year, on the second day), the participation is an experience I don't want to lose.
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