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7/28/08 09:20 pm

I'm so beat. Since yesterday, I've been working on adding FF4 DS info to waff. I've gone through the rest of the bestiary now, listed all items in the game, and added the info on the regular usable items. Still the key items, weapons, armor, and all attacks/abilities to go. Fun. =D;

Next, I'm going to take a break. Seriously. With nails like mine (ie long. Very long), you shouldn't type for very long, I have to keep my hands in a strange position to prevent typoslikewhoa, since the nails would press too many buttons otherwise. >.> Now my hands hurt, a bit. A clear sign that I need to get away from the keyboard for a while.
Gonna go play My Life as a King, methinks.. still want to get the info on the rest of the equips...
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1/15/08 03:07 pm

*purrs* I'm so good.

So. This morning when I woke up, I could no longer connect to the internet. Turns out that even though the wireless router was not connected to my computer directly (the line would be computer->modem->router), it was still bringing in some troubles. Why it didn't last night when the router was first connected, I'll probably never know.
The router also stopped working after that Wii update. I tried for two hours but in the end was too tired to figure anything out. But hey, a good thing. I looked things up when I still had the internet connection working, so I could still remember what most stuff means when I now had to configure the damn router. Manually. The automatic settings were the problem here...

So I mucked about with weird thingies like DHCP servers and static IP addresses and wondered what the heck is a 'DNS error' and while at it, gave that damn router some much needed protection so not just anyone could waltz right in and leech (not really all that bad a thing) or muck about with the settings themselves (that COULD get bad, if I'd managed to forget all about the 'reset' button, which I'm liable to do at some point). But the end result is that I did manage to configure it so that I now have a proper internet connection on both my computer and my consoles. Feeling very accomplished indeed.

Let's hope things don't explode sometime soon. xD

Anyway, PS3 updating now. It's only downloading the update, at big is that thing? It's been at it for over 10 minutes already.

Ah well, this gives me time to look at the printer. I took it out of its package but didn't dare connect it to anything yet since I didn't have a working internet connection and I'm pretty sure I'll need to download something to make it work. Or not. But you know, just in case.

.....I broke a nail, with all this ripping open huge boxes of stuff that don't want to open. One of my longest ones of course, it never does happen to the short ones. Typing is a pain, once again. I keep missing half the keys that finger is supposed to press. It's simply too short now to hit the (correct) key if I try to type like I used to. I know it'll get better soon as I get used to it, but for now it's being quite a bother.
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