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8/19/08 09:52 am

Yesterday..wasn't a very good day.

But I made pancakes! That made it somewhat better. =D I don't know how, but all of a sudden they belong to autumn in my mind, instead of the usual summer. That's weird, my associations don't usually shift at all. But it's undeniable, they're very firmly autumn now. Hmm...

Almost half finished with 僕らの世界下 now. In Gnash's chapter, there was this long part of how he's lived before he met Yuri and Cherinka. All through it, I kept that from the development notes, too? *sweatdrop* I can't quite decide if the writing style isn't interesting (there's definitely that to some degree) or whether I'm just so obsessed with canonity that I can't stop thinking about it.

N. is getting rather interesting. You remember, the mini-series based on a short story by Stephen King? Not that it wasn't interesting to begin with, but now it's more so. Following the psychologist's descent to obsession after his patient..there's just something almost hypnotic about it.
Of course, the most 'interesting' thing might be how I've managed to remember to follow the series regularly (or semi-regularly, to be more precise)
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7/30/08 08:59 pm

Suddenly, I seem to have some trouble concentrating. There seems much to do today.

Watched episodes 1-3 of N. (as I forgot to watch the second yesterday) It's kind of interesting, as I thought it would be. Too bad the episodes are so short, I want to know more. =D; I seem to be in a mood for a little horror now.

Been steadily adding that FF4 data to waff...will be done with magic & attacks by tonight, will have to continue cleaning out the armor and weapon sections after that. I have no idea how I ever thought the current system would work for them. So in addition to adding the FF4 data, I'll just correct everything already there as I go. It...might take long.

Oh, and I joined the Finnish Pirate Party. Took me long enough, the form for joining has been up for a couple weeks at their site. They seem to be quite prominently displayed at different events around Finland now, too bad I can't go to any of them.
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7/26/08 12:21 pm

So, have you heard about N? =D

It's a short story by Stephen King. Made into a 25-episode series, each video around two minutes long. The official release date for the first is 28th, but if you give them your name and email, you can watch the first episode already... after that, though, they'll be released on every weekday. Just go visit the site.
...if you didn't get it already, I'm planning on following this, as it sounds really, really interesting. =D
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