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6/8/09 05:22 pm

Where does all the time disappear?

Final Fantasy blabber )

Been some time since I properly listened to Nightwish, hasn't it... I don't much like the new singer, but the Once album is pretty damn good. =D
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5/26/09 06:10 pm

Wow, can Susan Boyle sing. I know I know, I always get around to this stuff late. But..damn, can she sing. I regret passing over mentions of her name before. It's kind of an automatic reaction. Something new comes along, gets mentioned at most every blog I mention, and I just let it be. xD

I received my Final Fantasy IV novels last week, been reading the first book when I remember. It's really interesting. It doesn't actually make the main point be the story of the game. It follows various people in the sidelines. When Cecil went to Mysidia, there was Kain!angst over Rosa. When Cecil and Kain left to Mist, there was Rosa!angst, and following the events in Baron. After reaching Kaipo, there was Gilbart and Anna's story, and a bit before that there was a bit about Tellah's feelings and thoughts as he struggled alone towards Damcyan. Basically, it expands on the people and bits of stories that the game didn't concentrate on.
Naturally, they've only been published in Japanese. But if you can read it.. author is Tezuka Ichirou, there's two of the novels, and they were published by Square Enix. There's an introduction by Tokita Takashi at the end of the second book, too, talking about FF4 and the sequel.
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3/16/09 06:44 pm

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Heh, they shipped my copy of Crisis Core Ultimania today. While I'm itching to play it again and go for completion this time, I'm somehow doubting it'll happen anytime soon. Too distracted with other games. *points up*

Synapsi sure has some effective PR people. It's this EBM/industrial/gothic/etc event, some guy contacted me through and told me they're having a Synapsi soon again. With a personalized message and all, and it was apparent from his profile that he'd been advertising it to other people too. Nice. In this case, they hit the nail on the head with the marketing. If all the marketing was like that, ads wouldn't have such a bad aura around them. Personalized, exact, and in person, and by that last bit I mean an actual person at the other end that answered my response to the message within an hour. A huge plus to them.
I've actually been thinking of going to April's Synapsi for about a month now, a bit longer. Will have to see, although it'd sure be interesting. And convenient, if everything'd stop going wrong I'd be in Helsinki on the 8th anyway, and it's on the 9th. Although everything does appear to insist on going wrong, so I don't know...
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1/23/09 04:23 pm

Life is awesome. I have the computer table, and I have a real internet connection! =DD I'm on Linux! I can even use wi-fi again! *______*
This day will be spent in marveling at how easy it is to do things, and how pretty everything is, and how much more pleasant to do anything with music on...

Also, got Final Fantasy Unlimited. Might have to rewatch the series now. =D

7/17/08 04:23 pm

It seems that complaining about this month's book order and the Versailles album yesterday was a bit too early. Just hours after writing that entry, I had my hands on FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2 (that'd be Scenario. Summaries and tidbits of all the numbered FF stories) and an email telling me they'd sent the album. =D;
..I forgot that they'd only sent the Ultimania earlier, my order for FFTA2 Official Complete Guide didn't get sent with it. They apparently didn't have it in stock like they promised. *sigh* Ah well, they should be sending it early next week, if all goes well.

The Ultimania is fun, as always. And just as with the last one, I think the section for either FF9 or FF11 is the biggest. Did FF9 really have that much content? I'm not surprised with the FF11 stuff, though, the story's had time to grow and grow and grow, with all the even includes some stuff from the beginning of the latest expansion. I can tell you, I was quite surprised to see screenies of FF11!Cait Sith when quickly looking through the book to see what's there... =D; I've only had time to read the introductory parts of the book, though, comparing the bad guys, magic systems, and concepts behind each game.

I'm addicted to this song. (Yume Oboro) It's the opening theme for Touka Gettan. That one, by the way, turned out to be surprisingly good. Very confusing to start with, but good.

3/10/08 12:43 am

So. Anime of the day is Cluster Edge, this time.
It's about a world ravaged with wars, who came to rely on artificial soldiers to fight those wars. And now that it's over, the artificial soldiers don't have a reason to exist, and the humans want them disposed of. It's about individuals who fight for the rights of the artificial soldiers, and some of those soldiers themselves, those who have gained feelings, personalities. It's rather interesting.
And it would be a whole lot better if not for the constant re-cap episodes. I was surprised when the first one showed up at episode 7. I was not so amused when another came up at episode 10. I was pretty much pissed off when yet another started half-way through episode 14. Skip those, and what you're left with is a good shounen anime that really should be more widely known than it is.
Well, it's not like I know how widely known it was back in 2005-2006, when it was released. =D;

Oh, and I think the first opening and ending are really good (although the opening took hearing it a couple times to like it). Rare.
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2/24/08 05:45 pm

Played through Sylph Cave and Cave of the Summons last night in FF4. When I saved outside of the Sealed Cave, my Cecil was level 59. I'm doomed. There's no way to keep him at a reasonable level at this point. *sigh*
Sealed Cave worries me. They have Chimera Brains there, and those managed to pretty much one-shot 4/5 of my party the last time I encountered one. Then again, that was 9 levels ago for Cecil, so...maybe there's nothing to worry about.
Tower of Babel monsters seem to be everywhere. I seem to have filled up most of the missing entries from there, wandering around Sylph Cave and Cave of the Summons, and just the regular underworld area. I don't have them all by any means, but at least there's no huge gaps in the list like there used to be. And then there's the fact that the Cave of Summons island seems to have a frequent encounter rate for Mystery Eggs, and they rather often hatch into dragons. Dragons that drop tails, which give you Onion equipment when brought to the tail-collecting guy in Adamant Grotto. =D I've been trying to fight many of them, but no luck so far, not even by stealing. Ah well...there's still time. For those tails, as well as for the damn Rainbow Pudding I need to bring to Doublebookingway...

Also discovered why I didn't see any new monsters at Mt Hobbs. I was at the wrong mountain. The missing one was at Mt Ordeals. Ooops. =D; Well, I'll look into it when I get out of the underworld again.

The Before Crisis soundtrack sounds awesome! I didn't even imagine it could sound something like that. I want that game, dammit. Port it to another platform, SE. Japan-only cellphone games suck. D:
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1/21/08 08:42 pm

Sometimes I really have no idea where I get the files hidden away in musty forgotten folders in the depths of my computer. Was poking around and found an unorganized folder - what a surprise! I'd forgotten I had it. Usually I keep everything organized just so, no chaos allowed in my folders. While trying to move the files in it to their proper folders came across a dozen or so zipped manga (chapters? volumes? I have no idea) that I've probably never read - since, you know, they're zipped and all. Also came across some weird music files. Who the heck is this 'Jay Chou' guy? =D; I found a song by him (and the music video of that song!) hidden away there, too. Nothing to it, the song is really rather good, but who is this guy? How did I get that song and video? I have no clue.
Apparently the song was used in some movie soundtrack. Since parts of that video seem to be from a movie of some kind.

In FF4, I got 9,000 points in Rosa's minigame! :O I'm amazed, the most I'd previously gotten was 5,000, and before that some 3,700 or so. I either got really lucky or I have a really good sense of time when I concentrate. One of the three tries when I got that 9,000 points was the exact time required. Talking of the required time, is it just me or do the points earned go down insanely fast when you go off it for more than a tenth of a second either way? @__@ (no, I'm not using any aids in this one. I just count the seconds in my mind. That's why..I'm quite surprised)
The only other minigame I've gotten even close to that much points is Cecil's. 8,300+ points. Although I'm working on Rydia's minigame, some 6,000 points now. You have to calculate insanely fast and be very lucky to get any more than that...

[edit later]

Okaaay... There's yet another new Final Fantasy game coming. Although thankfully Crystal Guardians is for mobile only. I swear, if they don't stop announcing new FF games... x___x
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