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5/27/09 05:50 pm

Another day, another missed opportunity to call a place. The problem is that you can call only between 10-11 AM, and no way am I calling anywhere without breakfast. And knowing my sleeping habits, waking up early enough is proving to be a bit of a problem...

I seem to have become addicted to updating waff. Even though I should be reading to entrance exams or something..instead, I just write various more-or-less interesting pages. Hey, at least I'm finally getting things done for it! Like the moogle page, I'm pretty proud of the Vana'diel and Crystal Chronicles sections at least. Of course, I haven't even attempted writing sections for the early games yet..I just can't remember enough of most of them to write anything. Like FF5, I just sped through at the same time as I was playing other games. Or FF6, which I've played in short spurts when I remember I have it. The result is that I can remember hardly anything of either game.

Didn't mention it, but I reached MNK lv 20 a couple days ago in FF11. Retired it shortly after for now. I wasn't really intending on leveling it that much, but it turned out to be so much fun...
Maybe I should do a screenshot post again. It'd really be preferable to write this stuff the same time with the screenies, as it is I end up writing most stuff twice, pretty much. Hmmh.

Notifed my ISP of moving. As I suspected, they'll take ages to switch it. Told me they won't reconnect until the 16th, which pretty much sucks. Probably getting mom's mokkula for those couple weeks, but that won't work in Linux as far as I know... *sigh* Just when I was excited to be able to access all my stuff again.
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