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10/2/08 07:54 pm

I'm way too used to Ubuntu. A bit ago, I wanted to get rid of the WinAmp window, pressed the little 'X'..and wondered why the music stopped playing. Great job, genius. >.> (for reference, Amarok runs just fine in the toolbar) Plus! It appears I can't drag and drop windows in the...err, the place which shows the windows and what other programs you have running. What's up with that? How did I ever survive with windows scattered all over the place instead of in the exact order I want them to be in? *sweatdrop*


Final Fantasy 11. Updating the game took me closer to five hours..but I did finally get into the game. Discovered that I'd lost nothing! o.o They warned that you'll lose items set up for auction and the items in your delivery box, but to my amazement I found items in both.. good work, SE. x)
I also discovered that I had way more gil than I remembered ever having. 14,143 gil to be exact. Whoa. xD; But it doesn't do me any good really, an item I have to get to get more inventory space (and thus make earning gil easier) costs 15,000 gil. So yeah. Plus there's the Selbina-Mhaura ferry fee, I can't remember how much it is and I need to use it anyway to get to Windurst. To pick up mah kitty, you see.
Did some quests I hadn't finished and were easily doable, so you get the following....

Screenies! FF11! )

I planted some vegetables since I had one pouch of seeds left, so I should probably go check up on them. And the auctions I set up, I had too many items so I had to sell some off. I just need to get them sold before I do world transfer, so a bit worried about that...

9/29/08 10:42 pm

Oh, hell yes! Am I good or what? >D I managed to get Windows installed, and despite more than a few driver problems, got it all working in the end. >D
I have to admit, though, the road to workability was a long one. First, it turned out that the hard drive I'd bought to install Windows on? Was faulty. After 15-ish minutes it always crashed. Cue quick trip to the store I bought it from to get it exchanged. Install Windows for the fourth time, this time on the new-new HD. Fiddle about with random drivers, and after some minor difficulties get everything working but one USB port and....sound. Oh, yay. I was almost ready to give up on the sound card driver after three hours (I got the missing USB port around the one hour mark of my journey to Windows-fuckery) but the last thing I tried? Got it working. The problem I had seemed to be rather common, as I found many message boards with people complaining they can't get their sound to work with that (onboard & crappy) sound card, and all the advice people had bothered to give didn't do anything. I'm actually rather proud I got this one, especially as it's on Windows which is notoriously stubborn and difficult. :P

Now all that remains is to install the actual game. Note that this is day three of trying to get myself a working install of FF11. I'm getting rather desperate here. xD; Although seeing how I've been drenched in this cruddy blue (Windows XP default color...) for hours and hours (my distaste for this has risen to levels I didn't remember possible. No wonder I switched to Linux in the first place...everything's so difficult to do, and it keeps giving error messages, can't delete stuff I want to delete (whoever heard of a computer refusing to do what I tell it to do?!), etc. etc. etc. Oh, and the viruses. Half-way through the install of Servicepack 2 I started noticing some fishy things going on...good ol' Windows. Reminded me rather forcefully of the necessity of anti-virus software on this OS. .____.; And...umm. I think I'm rambling in a parenthesis. What was I writing before getting sidetracked?
...right. Seeing as how I've gotten more than my share of Windows today, I'm just going to switch over to Ubuntu just as soon as I've written and posted this entry, and relax my nerves a bit. After all I've gone through to get this thing working, I deserve several peaceful games of Gweled to get over this. x____x

7/16/08 09:38 am

Finally you're down you stupid little fucker. >D After a total of 10 days of trying, I took down Cactuar from the Desert City of Clavis. My adventurer morale is almost gone and my citizen morale unacceptable by my standards, but I finally did it! I can build the third weapon shop and my adventurers can buy axes! =D
...well, when I've funded axes up to level 50-ish, and they'll finally start buying them. You see, I'm making a list of all the items available in this game (..I know there's probably easier ways to get that info than finding it out yourself, but I don't care >.>), which means I can only fund a single kind of research by one level per day. Otherwise, I won't see what weapons/armor that type of research has on that level. So to get the axes they have for sale up to usable levels, it'll take 10 more days...providing they won't need research materials before level 50. *sigh* Well, getting there. (the two weapon shops and two armor shops I have already boast up to level 70-85 equips, even though even my highest level adventurer can only use up to level 65-ish equips..I'm obsessed with research. The ability research lines are all level 100 unless they need lv 70/80 research materials)

I thought I wouldn't comment on the FF13 thing, but...
What bothers me isn't that it'll be multi-platform. What bothers me immensely is that it looks like they'll delay US&Europe release until they're ready to release the Xbox360 version. And they won't even start porting the game until the PS3 version is ready and launched in Japan. What the fuck is up with that?! How much did MS pay SE that they'd make such a decision? I know already that SE's a money-grubbing bitch (thus multi-plat isn't really a surprise) but this is beyond their usual behavior. >.<

CDJapan hasn't yet sent me my copy (they do send out a notification email when they send stuff, right?). Boo. D: And my books of the month still haven't arrived (they were sent on the 4th). Double-boo. D:

I think I've found a new favorite word. Infotainment. I'm sure I've heard it before, but happened to pay attention this time. It sounds fun. Just my type of entertainment. xD

6/25/08 09:10 pm

287/300 in FFTA. Slow progress, but at least it's progress. Although my only problem is the damn missions not showing up, I can clear them just fine. (Well, not counting a couple annoying dispatch missions to that, managed to fail them. Wasn't such a big surprise, though, none of my people thought they'd do good at them..had to try anyway)

Might finally get that Windows installed tomorrow. My sister did bring that Windows install disk over (at least she thought so), was just the cover and didn't have the actual CD. *sigh* Well, as long as I have that and FF11 installed by 2nd or so. Can't remember right now when the maintenance (or whatever) ends so you can sign up, but it should be right there within a couple days of the 1st... Wii refuses to update, or connect to any of the online services. It keeps telling me that error, can't remember the number but Nintendo's site said it's due to a problem on their end and it should go away in a bit. The problem is, it doesn't... I guess I wouldn't be so worried yet but I remember seeing threads about a faulty Wii update around the last one, whenever that was. Could it be...? (the wireless works just fine on my PS3 and PSP so it can't be that. Unless the last update I installed screwed up compatibility with my router)
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