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6/26/09 12:39 am

My sleep cycle is waaaay out of 'normal' again. Woke up closer to 8...that is, PM. If I continue like this, thankfully I'll get it to within 'normal' range by next week, when I kind of need to be up during the day. But figures this would happen right after I get rid of not being able to sleep. Of course it would.
Well, not that it matters any, other than on those rare days when I have stuff to do.

Went shopping today, before going to sleep. Why's it have to be so damn hot here? D: And I read somewhere that it's going to continue until next week, too. Not pleasant. I have no clue what made me think moving this much south was a good idea, it's been hot for ages and it's certainly not helping with the sleep issues.
Anyway. Was quite surprised to notice that a regular book store here sells manga in Japanese. O.o; A few anyway. They only had Loveless volumes 6 and 7. But still! That' surprising. There's enough of a market here to have even that much? Well damn. Bought vol 6, since that was towards the end of my trip and I'd already spent most my money. It's really better to have everything in the original language, isn't it. So much more depth in the non-translated version, and you can be sure no translator bound by company rules has gone mucking around with the meanings. That happens more in anime (interesting point, by the way. Are manga fans just more vocal about their likes, or are anime seen in western countries as too much associated with children to avoid overt censorship?) but doesn't mean manga is entirely clear of it.
Also bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard. It was only a couple euro anyway, and I kind of forgot all about it until now. =D;

Played Final Fantasy XI aaaaall of last night. Didn't mean to. But I did some crafting and then got the idea that I want to level Ellanore to 20 and get her subjob unlocked. So I grabbed Kitty and off we went to Valkurm. Used up one Emperor and one Anniversary charge (in fact, I still have the latter in effect, since Kitty's internet went poof and it was late enough that it wasn't worth it to wait for it to maybe come back) and gained two and a half levels (to within a couple hundred exp of level 19) and one of the three subjob items. It actually dropped from the first mob of appropriate type that we killed. xD Gotta love the Treasure Hunter effect.
Not quite high enough level yet to take on Damselflies for the second drop (or maybe we are and are just being overly cautious?), but will be soon. And Kitty will PL me for the last item. So I think next time we can play I'll get that objective done. =D

3/31/09 05:01 pm

Well hello there SE, you fucking money-grubbing bitch you. Not is it enough to make me pay for a downloadable add-on for FF11 this month, you also want me to necessarily buy that security token. What's the ONE thing players are always clamoring for in FF11? That they're ready to do anything for? More storage/inventory space of course. And what do you get as a bonus for buying the security token? Any guesses? ...double inventory space, inventory space that grows by te same amount as the normal inventory when you expand your normal inventory by in-game means. Fuck you, SE. I know I was going to get my hands on that security token anyway, but just fuck you. That action makes it pretty much mandatory for everyone to get the 10€/$ security token, even if they don't want it.

Shortly about the FF11 April update )

Looks like I really won't be going to Helsinki in April. It was already pretty certain (since I'm stuck in Joensuu and the train tickets would be literally double the cost than from Tampere) but this hammered it in.

Read a manga yesterday, randomly stumbled across it when I was searching for something to read. I ended up reading it the whole night. It's a manga with no excessive humor in it (I don't think it had even one intentional joke?) and is of 5th graders of all things. Starts with the main charas as 5th graders anyway, the latest chapter I found was with them on 8th grade. It's...really awesome. The two main characters are transsexual, and it's just about them going about their lives, trying to figure out life. Taking a look at another manga after that was almost painful, seeing that whimsical nature in most even remotely popular manga and comparing it to that. It's..painful, too.
It's called Hourou Musuko if you want to take a look. What's most surprising is that I found it on Manga Fox, it's the fifth most popular manga there. And the comments on it, while there's some not so amazing ones too, are generally respectful and even mature. I was really, really surprised.

Hey, see how long my resolve to update every other day held. =D;

11/7/08 11:50 pm

Current word count: 14,232. =D I'd be all set for tomorrow too, but going for 16k+ then. I really can't remember the last time writing's been this easy. I bitch and moan about it while in the process, but after getting all of a day's words, I notice it didn't really even take long.
I have 24 scenes written now, scattered all throughout 16 years. I suppose this is what makes writing so easy this time, when I get bored of one subject or run out of inspiration for it, I just skip to another one in a different time (and return to the first one later). Or skip to a different thread around the same time period, at some points I have three of them running at the same time. Yes, even despite the relatively small number of scenes...those threads have a habit of brushing against the other threads, so I can handle several in one scene, and maybe throw in a reference to a third. :P

It seems that they've started publishing Fruits Basket in Finnish. Since I was out buying manga anyway, and have meant to check out the series for four years or so, I bought the first part. It was surprisingly entertaining. Will be following the rest of the series too, I think.
But damn those manga publishers. Every time one series I follow ends, another takes its place. I'll never get my manga spending down like this. I'm up to three monthly manga series and three bi-monthly, plus now Fruits Basket. I'm not sure when the next part will come out, the first volume didn't mention it. Perhaps at the publisher's site, but I'm too lazy to check it...

4/11/08 10:48 pm

Stumbled on an interesting article on Mashable. The Screw You Coefficient. It's a general article about startups that get acquired by big companies, so applies very well to LiveJournal. A very basic line of thought, but some people need stuff like this to realize what's going on... eg why LJ won't change even if you protest or stop using the site, and will continue implementing changes the old userbase won't like.

One of the manga I bought today was really entertaining. Grimms Manga by Kei Ishiyama, I believe it's out in English too. It had a bunch of Brothers Grimm stories changed around a bit. I love stuff like that. =D Well, these might not have been as good as Kaori Yuki's story-changes (or good in a different way, maybe), but they were still very entertaining. I especially loved this version of Rapunzel. >D In it, Rapunzel is actually a guy - a very, very, very pretty guy. The girl finds the tower and climbs up his hair. They spend some time together, and sometime later she gets pregnant. Her father comes shout at Rapunzel and the witch for being irresponsible...
Hansel and Gretel also. Hansel's a very pretty boy, and knows it very well. Is quite obsessed with his looks, in fact. And the witch is actually a rich woman with a liking for pretty young boys... xDD Poor little Gretel thinks she's going to eat Hansel! Endless amusement.. =D

(...I suddenly remembered that I have ebooks to read again. I counted five. Oops...has it really already been that long since I last read anything?)

I have a sudden desire to read fairytales.

2/7/08 01:23 pm

Ring of Fates is total love. Even though I have to keep farming items and crafting scrolls and gil to complete even some of the recipes and get new weapons and armor. I've completely given up trying to actually buy them new. Costs a whole lot more, and I'd have to sell valuable crafting items to get to that. Choices, choices...

I reached my second time around in レラ·シエル (I'm not about to try and figure that out. The English translation will come out soon enough. 'Rera shieru' would be a romanization without any fancy tricks to try and make you people pronounce it right) yesterday, and it's managed to completely confound me for now. The first time I've had to stop playing in the middle of a dungeon, I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong and thought a break would help. There's this place I can't get to, and it seems that the last important lever to pull is there. If I can't reach it, I can't get forward in the game.

It seems that things are winding down (or up, as it were) for a grand finale. Or this could just be a false end. All I know is that I've been stuck in a string of dungeons for the last several hours. Maybe closer to three or even four. Usually you just complete a single dungeon and go back to the world map where you pick your next destination.
First of them was Kilanda Isle. It was in the original game, too. It seems that in the time of Ring of Fates, it was used as a prison. =D; What makes it a bit funny is that a troop of moogles were on some kind of a vacation there. A guided tour, or something. They discussed if it would be allowed to sell things, even if they were on vacation... I did end up getting my stuff, though.
One of the moogles was scolded for using work-speak, the other moogles said stuff like 'aloha!' instead of the usual store greetings. The poor moogle had to give up, and then went completely crazy with the English. I can't even remember what it was, but something completely ridiculous in a true Japanese English way. And said 'thx' when I exited his store. xD (the other moogles wondered if he weren't a native.. xDD) Just by the way, Artemicion is the moogle troop's tour guide. :P

I seem to have gotten more manga today. They're still at the post office so I'm not too certain what they sent me, my ordered from that store included items they didn't have in stock at that moment. Will have to see... (damn my impatience. If I'd waited just ten minutes more for the mail to arrive before going to grocery shopping, I could've picked them up at the same time! But noo, of course such a thing couldn't occur to me..)
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2/4/08 07:27 pm

I love how some tech-y blogs describe the possible Microsoft/Yahoo! merger as a 'good thing', and decry Google's concerns over it as 'scaremongering'. I wonder if they've been bought. How is Microsoft buying Yahoo good for anyone but Yahoo shareholders? What that Google representative said in their blog was the first thing I thought of after hearing of Microsoft's proposal. Microsoft would get worryingly close to completely dominating the IM and email markets. In short, it's an almost complete monopoly on how people communicate (aside from browser-side communication like blogs). Not a very pleasant thought to dwell on. People have seen how a Microsoft monopoly goes on the OS side. How could they presume that a Microsoft monopoly on email and IM would be even remotely a good thing?
I really hope it won't happen.

(okay, I'm biased. Microsoft, the root of all evil? But do try to make me see the good side of such a deal. If there is one)

Got my はてなき空の向こうに manga today! =D The new plot twists ('new', as in different from Crystal Chronicles. This is a game adaptation, if you didn't know) seem rather interesting, although the realization is sometimes clumsy. (seriously. To get the main chara Fox where he needed to be, he fell into a river. On two separate occasions. To get him to two separate places where he needed to be. That's a bit..ehhh.) I've only read the first volume for now, I've still got the second waiting.
...the second volume has Lu Zhe on the cover. She's based on one of the cutest female Selkie models from the game. xD

Listened to some early Gackt songs and they were as amazing as I remembered them being. Got addicted to 'Asrun Dream' and 'Fragrance' and 'rain' again. And 'mind forest'! Although it came out later, Crescent did have some very good songs, too.
Heh, I can still remember the lyrics to some of these songs. The days when I listened to them over and over again, when I only knew a couple words of Japanese so naturally, couldn't understand the lyrics...
In honor of the occasion, I dug out some old icons and uploaded them to my IJ account. I found them while looking through those back-up CDs. (this icon is from his Malice Mizer days. From the Illuminati PV. =D I remember using this one before, maybe in 2004 or so..)
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1/23/08 09:50 pm

The new FFXIII and FFVXIII tidbits are interesting. Especially the guy with eyes the same color as the Versus main chara's. Who is he..? And I could speculate endlessly on the ファルシ and ルシ tidbits, but let's leave that out of this entry.

Found the first two parts of the 果てなき空の向こうに [Hatenaki Sora no Mukou ni] manga. You know, the Crystal Chronicles one, published by SE. =D Used manga are mercifully cheap, so I ordered them. Awaiting confirmation of stock now, hopefully no one got it into their head to buy them while I was trying to decide...
Come to think of it, I could continue playing FFCC. We've nearly beaten it with my sister in multi-player mode, and I'm on...second or third year, in my single-player save. Despite the reputation that game has, I would definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it out. Some of the most fun times I've had playing a Final Fantasy game.

Trying to decide what to add next to waff. Did all sorts of random little things last night, although mostly just cleaning up existing pages and adding pictures to them. The waff resource (in its original form) wasn't meant to include pictures, so there's pretty few of them around even now...I just haven't gotten around to adding them. Come to think of it, I haven't even brought all the info online from the first incarnation of it. Oops.

1/17/08 12:33 am

Got my manga yesterday, the ones I mentioned ordering.
W Juliet...I still count it as a favorite series of mine. I found it at just the right time for the theme of that manga series to touch me more than normally. If I had found that some other time, would I have liked it as much? ...anyway. I was quite disappointed to note that in the last volume, Makoto cut his hair. It didn't seem like him anymore (I wouldn't cut my hair that short, after all. And more than anything, I've always identified with him). That's...pretty much the only gripe I have about the ending. I guess it was good enough. I just need to get over his short hair. Umm.
Besides the three W Juliet volumes, I got one Pet Shop of Horrors one. Always as entertaining. =D I seriously have no idea why I haven't bought the whole series yet.

Castlevania is haaard. (the first one. Which was for NES, if you didn't know) I got distracted and bought it (Wii Shop Channel ftw). I've been wanting it since I noticed they have Castlevanias for sale there, but I never actually did it until now. Although I really shouldn't have bought it. Simply too many games to finish already, shouldn't add to that. know. Retro games. It's a weakness I have. They can be insanely hard, but I still want to play them so badly.. And the fact that I've been wanting to try out the Castlevania series for ages didn't help at all. =D;

1/12/08 09:30 pm

Can't seem to keep up with the days right now.

Finished reading what I could find of Rosario+Vampire this morning. I suppose it was entertaining enough, for its genre. And vampires never hurt anything. :P Just looked up the anime, too, it seems to be quite new. Could only find two episodes, one subbed. (well, I didn't actually look for the anime, I just stumbled on it. So for all I know, there could be more of it)
The opening theme didn't catch my attention, but the ending theme Dancing in the Velvet Moon did that quite effectively. It's by 水樹奈々 (Mizuki Nana for the more Japanese-challenged ones). Too bad that the single won't come out until February, it's quite good. Looked up the person herself and she seems to be a quite accomplished seiyuu, too. Well, what do you know... it's not like I keep up with this stuff, but it's an interesting detail. I didn't recognize her voice at all, but she's Moka in the anime. (Moka is the vampire referred to in the title)

Ordered some manga. Can't wait to get them, three of them are the last three parts of one of my favorite manga, I've been wanting them for ages now. =D
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