Incoherent Thoughts


1/23/09 04:23 pm

Life is awesome. I have the computer table, and I have a real internet connection! =DD I'm on Linux! I can even use wi-fi again! *______*
This day will be spent in marveling at how easy it is to do things, and how pretty everything is, and how much more pleasant to do anything with music on...

Also, got Final Fantasy Unlimited. Might have to rewatch the series now. =D

4/11/08 10:48 pm

Stumbled on an interesting article on Mashable. The Screw You Coefficient. It's a general article about startups that get acquired by big companies, so applies very well to LiveJournal. A very basic line of thought, but some people need stuff like this to realize what's going on... eg why LJ won't change even if you protest or stop using the site, and will continue implementing changes the old userbase won't like.

One of the manga I bought today was really entertaining. Grimms Manga by Kei Ishiyama, I believe it's out in English too. It had a bunch of Brothers Grimm stories changed around a bit. I love stuff like that. =D Well, these might not have been as good as Kaori Yuki's story-changes (or good in a different way, maybe), but they were still very entertaining. I especially loved this version of Rapunzel. >D In it, Rapunzel is actually a guy - a very, very, very pretty guy. The girl finds the tower and climbs up his hair. They spend some time together, and sometime later she gets pregnant. Her father comes shout at Rapunzel and the witch for being irresponsible...
Hansel and Gretel also. Hansel's a very pretty boy, and knows it very well. Is quite obsessed with his looks, in fact. And the witch is actually a rich woman with a liking for pretty young boys... xDD Poor little Gretel thinks she's going to eat Hansel! Endless amusement.. =D

(...I suddenly remembered that I have ebooks to read again. I counted five. Oops...has it really already been that long since I last read anything?)

I have a sudden desire to read fairytales.
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