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3/28/08 09:50 pm

So bored. And where did the day go? Granted, I woke up after 3 PM, but still... it's almost 8 PM already and I've done nothing but try and get my hair ready for the gig. *sweatdrop*
Well. Bleached them one more time, and I'm now thinking how long I should keep this hair dye on. It's only been 40 minutes. The instructions say 20-30 mins for standard time, but the store owner recommended one to two hours if you want a vibrant and lasting color...hey, what'd you expect, with shock colors. (my sister said she kept hers on for six hours or so when she dyed her hair pink.. I think that might be a bit of an overkill xD;)

Versailles official site was updated. I was quite surprised to notice that Teru has mostly silver hair in the new pictures. Looks awesome. =D (just take a look at the site. You'll know immediately who I mean)

[several hours later]

Okay, forgot I had this open.. well, my hair turned out okay. As I kind of suspected would happen, the color wouldn't stick to the parts I'd dyed purple back in autumn. Repeated bleachings did nothing to the remaining color, not even slight fading. That's an easy problem to solve, though, my hair's too long anyway. A couple cm off and they're finally just as I wished them to be. =D
...although next time, I'll keep the dye on for more than just two hours. It looks nice enough, but the color isn't as vibrant as it could be.

Damn, the day has disappeared somewhere. I meant to do so many things today, too! Well, I guess there's still a bit of it left. But...yeah. So much to do, so little time.

...and just by the way, I'm still sick. Thankfully the fever isn't too high anymore, but still. That's eight days, now. :/

3/7/08 04:03 am

Urgh. Need a Battery. Neeeeed one. ;___;
Had to wake up early yesterday to get my hair bleached finally. They're now a pretty shade of blond mostly..not exactly what I was aiming for, thankfully I won't have to deal with it for long. Was even thinking earlier that using that silver hairdye already might be a good idea... =D;
Anyway, was so tired after that that I went straight to sleep. And didn't wake up until after 10 PM. So yeah, no Battery. My poor head is going explodey from the lack of caffeine. Only three more hours, only three more hours....

Watching Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro to pass the time, since I couldn't do anything requiring much concentration anyway. I just picked the anime at random and started watching, it's not even very good. =D; (the theme song annoys me. I've never liked Nightmare that much. I mean, they have one or two good songs, but that's it. The rest are pretty much crap)

2/21/08 03:36 pm

If you remember a while ago, I had trouble with ordering a game from Was browsing a message board today...turns out another has had the same problem. A Visa from the same bank as mine wouldn't work with the site anymore. She couldn't reach the customer service either. Although she did have the patience to fiddle around with the card details and found out you actually have to write your address deliberately wrong now to have recognize it... Nice. Well, doesn't do me much good. They've terminated my account by now, and quite probably banned my email address (and credit card? Probably? What exactly do they ban in cases like this?) from signing up again, due to 'wrong' credit card details.
What makes it all the more oppressive is how big a video game store is, at least in Europe. You want cheap games, delivered fast and order from Most European video game home sites link to when they offer options to buy the game from, alongside an Amazon link.

At another message board, there was a conversation about hair. Got a really strong flash of how relieving it felt to cut my hair short. I felt freed. I'd almost forgotten I felt that, and I think it's something that shouldn't be forgotten.

Google seems to be financing Wine development to make Photoshop work on Linux. o.o That's awesome! I would love nothing more than to have Photoshop back again! (well..Final Fantasy XI shares the first place, and there are no other items on that particular wish list, but..)

I feel like playing again. It's been too long. =D

2/20/08 12:30 pm

Ordered silver hairdye. =D It should be a light enough silver on my hair to be almost white, when it actually comes time to use it. This should get interesting. Let's hope it actually is that color, I wouldn't mind gray but light, light silver would be more preferable. =D
I struggled for a while over deciding on the silver one and platinum, a lilac-ish silver (come to think of it, kind of like in the icon...). However, there were a few too many reports of getting just lilac with that color so I chose the silver one...not sure yet if I chose right, the platinum really looked pretty good. :/
Although if it comes down to it, I'll have time to order another bottle of it and pick platinum this time. It wasn't even too expensive.
Now I just need to finish bleaching my hair. I'm thinking they need to be bleached twice yet to be passable, before March 31st. Getting a bit of a busy schedule there, as I'd prefer my hair not to fall off...

Saw a strange dream last night. One of those where 'I' don't really exist, I'm just a consciousness playing a game. Although it wasn't a game this time, I was just reading some forum. And when people responded to a thread I'd commented in I got IMs of it. =D That'd be so useful in real life, too!
Although I do admit dreaming of reading a forum is a more than a bit weird even for me. I wonder what brought that about. It was a BDSM forum, of all things. xD

I really need to cut down on the Batteries, though. I drank two last night and even though I'd slept only 5-ish hours the day before, I woke up after six hours today. I'm not even tired, just feel a bit stuffy.
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