Incoherent Thoughts


8/2/08 10:53 pm

Hmm~ Good day. =D Just practiced playing the guitar, mostly (needs moar finger strength and coordination. Practice, practice, practice...). And I've started up practicing kanji daily again (I'd forgotten it for a while..I think after the release of My Life as King? =D;), so that's good too. And I ordered a bunch of stuff I've been wanting for a while, mostly assorted manga and books.
And Crisis Core. In English, because I suddenly got bored of debating it in my head, and I'm impulsive like that (I think I'll be able to finish FF2 by Tuesday when it arrives, so that'll fit in perfectly). The voice actors will not match what's in my head, but there's always online video for the Japanese voice fact, I've had all Crisis Core cutscenes in Japanese downloaded for quite some time. Haven't watched them though, as I don't want to spoil myself for the game.
And I haven't had a Battery for two days now, so all's well. =D; (besides the headache, that is)

Now, sleep. D34d, I am. Mostly due to the headache.
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