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5/17/08 08:45 pm

Only three more days until WiiWare gets to Europe. =D
Found a nice little flash file that lets you play around with one of the possible maps for your city in My Life as a King. Been quite happily trying to determine how many of different types of houses would be ideal for a city. Heh, can't wait to get my hands on the actual game. I should have known would happen, I've mostly lost interest in The World Ends With You right now, no matter how great Joshua is (the latest development is that I now have him wearing Lapin Angelique clothes. Basically gothic(/lolita) stuff). I can never concentrate for too long on something else than FFs. *rolls eyes* I wonder when I'll actually get around to finishing it...considering that among the un-finished (non-FF) games are Folklore (which I was pretty excited for), Pokémon Pearl (I've been a fan since Red/Blue days and spent most of the time leading up to DP's Japanese launch obsessively going over the released tidbits), Devil May Cry 3 (video game series To Be Obsessed Over #3) and Tales of the Tempest (Tales of series is definitely in the top 5 too), it's not looking too good. =D;;

But what to do now..? These transition periods are annoying. My interest usually doesn't just suddenly switch from one thing to another, there's this short (or sometimes not so short) time in between them where I can't really muster up the interest to do much anything...
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4/30/08 02:07 am

I've never liked games like Grand Theft Auto. I've never wanted anything to do with it and its ilk. Yet, today it's managed to annoy me no end. GTA4, specifically. It was released today, and every single gaming site is so full of that shit you wouldn't believe. >.< It isn't even limited to gaming sites. Regular news sites keep spurning out story after story about it. (oh, the tragedy! They can't bring in enough copies of the game to fill even the pre-orders!) Blogs I follow regularly mention it. Every disruptive ad that manages to find its way to me seems to be advertising GTA4. Even my sister, that traitor, managed to first wake me up, then proclaim in a loud voice that she bought one lol, it was the second-to-last copy there, lololol. Is there no end?! >.<

So very tired... even though I slept most of the day. Or maybe because of it. Maybe I'll just go back to sleep. Today's scheduled to be another 'hottest day of the year yet', which is weird. It may be the end of April, but it's still April. I remember years when we've had snow in mid-May. In that light, getting 20 degrees in April is a Although recently, it's been happening pretty much every year.

I wonder if I should celebrate Beltane for once. I mean, it's not like I've forgotten the feastdays for more than three years or so. =D;

3/28/08 02:08 am

Sigma Harmonics looks interesting. I like the look of the main charas. Kurogami Sigma hits many weak points, oh yes he does... *___*
(SE, please..stop churning out games like there's no tomorrow..I don't have time to play them all.. ;___;)

I have a feeling that I've learnt a lot in the past day. About kanji, I mean. I even went ahead and did today's exercises already... (I've gotten quicker. Already went through most common radicals enough times to know how to write them and apply to a new kanji) Hopefully I can now keep my hands off DS美文字トレーニング for the rest of the day and do something else, too.
...there's this section that gets new content every day that you complete at least one daily exercise. It tells about how kanji were originally formed, the pictures they're supposed to represent. I have a feeling I won't be missing a day for some time, that stuff is interesting. =D
There's also a list of what kanji the hiragana came from, and other interesting tidbits having to do with writing.

Read scripts of FF4TA from prologue up to chapter Kain did show up! Although very briefly, for now. And the situation got worse than I expected. Not getting spoilery here, but...something I didn't quite expect happened. Maybe it's just the uncertainty, that's making things look rather bleak.
Heh, there was a Palom/Luca reference. You know, in the ending of FF4? =D Not to worry though, feisty little (now 22 years old, so not so little anymore) Palom isn't settling down anytime soon. I suspect he's too busy having fun in Troia.
Can't wait to get to know what happens in chapter 3. But if past chapters are any indication, the release is still half a month away...and then it'll take some time before it's transcribed.

3/24/08 07:26 pm

A couple things that I've forgotten to mention in the past few days...

Clannad! The anime series. Watched epi 22 (the last actual episode, 23 is an extra and 24 an OVA). It was...sweet. Well, after a certain little incident was over, anyway. Won't say anything more in case you haven't been following the story and don't want to know.
Finally wiki'd the series, and found out that it's a video game, too. Several, in fact. And manga, and novels, and whatever else there was. Besides the anime and the movie, that is. I'm tempted to get the PSP version wiki said is coming out. =D ......err. No, I don't play Clannad's genre of games regularly.

Seems that Final Fantasy IV The After: 月の帰還 chapter 3 will focus on Yang. Who...has a daughter now. Wow. o.O; A martial arts enthusiast if I got my Japanese right, but what'd you expect from Yang's kid. She's called Ursula. She has a pretty dress, that's all I'm willing to say... (it occurred to me...since Yang's full name is Yang Fang Leiden, that'd make his daughter Ursula Leiden, right? I keep wanting full names for people and they just give me first names..or no names at all, like 'Yang's wife'. Wtf, can't they at least call her Mrs Leiden or something? Do they change last names at marriage in Fabul? What about Baron? D: Can't they release a guide for these names or something..)
Oh, and did I mention Luca from chapter 2? It's really weird that you can now see her face. Yellow eyes, nice. xD
I keep wondering when Kain will show up.. no mention of him yet besides that he's not been seen since the end of FF4. Not as far as I know, anyway, and they'd update his profile at the official site when he shows up, right? Really need to find a fan site that reports FF4TA progress. I wonder if such a site exists. Should, right? Just need to find such a thing.

My Life as a King: FF Crystal Chronicles might just be set for May in Europe, along with the WiiWare service. =D We haven't gotten an announcement or anything (unlike US..and unlike Japan, who gets to play the game tomorrow) but the latest Wii update mentioned that it's in preparation for WiiWare, which is coming in May. As good as an announcement, right? Right? =D;

Still sick...I've sure eaten my share of painkillers these past few days. Still, they can't prevent you from feeling drained and uncomfortable.

3/22/08 09:34 am

Still sick. Stuffed myself full of painkillers so it's tolerable right now, though.

Played Folklore! It's weird though...I thought I played it pretty much the whole day yesterday. But the in-game clock has four or five hours on the counter, and 1+ of those was there to begin with. What the heck? What did I do all day? No, I didn't die or anything, so no game overs to shorten the time on the clock.

The story's turning out rather interesting. If you're not familiar with the's about this girl, Ellen, who gets a letter from her mother who she thought dead. It calls her to this small village called Doolin, where strange things are known to happen. At the same time, a reporter called Keats gets a phone call - there's something about to happen in Doolin. Well...the two make their way to the village. And arrive just in time to witness a woman falling off a cliff. (you can see the opening movie here. It covers the story up 'till that point. That's the Japanese version, but nothing was changed except the name of the village, and the subtitles were changed into English.. Folklore's one of those games where the voice acting was done just in English, like Devil May Cry =D)
The next night, Ellen wakes up to find the local pub inhabited by Folk. You know, non-humans. =D She meets a scarecrow who takes her to the local henge, from where she travels to the Netherworld, in search of her mother. Keats? Follows her. All sorts of things happen. The village has a dark past it seems, and something's wrong with the Netherworld, too...

The story's divided into chapters, and you can go over each chapter from the perspective of both Ellen and Keats. It means a bit of repetition in areas if you play through each chapter with both charas before moving on to the next one. However, you can also just go through one and neglect the other half of the story. The events of both halves of each chapter are not the same, although they're related. Also the Folk that inhabit the Netherworld realms are different for the two, so there's a lot of variety to fighting.

Currently, I've played through Prologue and chapter 1 on both Ellen and Keats, and started on Ellen's chapter 2. Things are slowly getting clearer and I'm honestly quite curious about the village's past. =D The fighting's pretty interesting, too. You gather Folks and fight with them. To make your caught Folk stronger in fights you need to fill specific requirements. Also, not all Folk are easy to damage. Some take careful strategy to even get close, although unfortunately most of the time the strategy is limited to either elemental weaknesses or only a certain Folk being able to damage a Folk of some kind. (in short, it's a perfect game to play when sick and not up to thinking much)
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3/19/08 01:39 pm

I finally remembered I bought Folklore, too. =D So to get everything out of it on one playthrough, I went and bought the rest of the expansion packs for it, cost me almost 10€ in total. Yes, micro transactions are indeed the bane of this new gen.. D: I don't mind having to download the free ones, but those are the ones with not much content. And it feels a bit weird complaining about expansion packs that cost 1,95 for one, but they do add up in time. I dread to think of what'll happen to FF13 and Versus 13.

...after all that downloading (five expansion packs + one free one) I was too lazy to actually boot up the game. And started reading Le Serment des Étoiles, instead. I did finish reading Le Chant de la Tempête yesterday, so...
Well, at least I finally remembered to buy and install the expansion packs. Been meaning to do that for a long time now. Now all that remains is actually playing the damn game.

There's something else that I've been meaning to do for a while now, but I can never remember what it is...

2/21/08 03:36 pm

If you remember a while ago, I had trouble with ordering a game from Was browsing a message board today...turns out another has had the same problem. A Visa from the same bank as mine wouldn't work with the site anymore. She couldn't reach the customer service either. Although she did have the patience to fiddle around with the card details and found out you actually have to write your address deliberately wrong now to have recognize it... Nice. Well, doesn't do me much good. They've terminated my account by now, and quite probably banned my email address (and credit card? Probably? What exactly do they ban in cases like this?) from signing up again, due to 'wrong' credit card details.
What makes it all the more oppressive is how big a video game store is, at least in Europe. You want cheap games, delivered fast and order from Most European video game home sites link to when they offer options to buy the game from, alongside an Amazon link.

At another message board, there was a conversation about hair. Got a really strong flash of how relieving it felt to cut my hair short. I felt freed. I'd almost forgotten I felt that, and I think it's something that shouldn't be forgotten.

Google seems to be financing Wine development to make Photoshop work on Linux. o.o That's awesome! I would love nothing more than to have Photoshop back again! (well..Final Fantasy XI shares the first place, and there are no other items on that particular wish list, but..)

I feel like playing again. It's been too long. =D

1/28/08 05:55 pm

Got my Folklore today! =D The story so far is interesting enough, and the battles are actually interesting, too. So many Folks to capture...I'm only on chapter one and I can't decide what to use anymore. It's obvious for the Folks that I get picture book entries for, but I'm having trouble deciding on a 'normal use' party. I keep wanting to try out the new ones... and then there's the matter of powering them up. Which can require gathering many Folks of the same kind or defeating some certain kind of Folk with them. And since there are so many to power up...I think I'm gonna be spending quite some time with this game. This is the obsessive completionist talking here.
Not that I mind, at least for now. Ellen can be really rather pretty, and Keats isn't too bad to look at, either. =D
Also bought an additional quest (and downloaded two other random packages that were free, I don't know what one of them did but the other added Christmas costumes) since I conveniently had the money already added to my account after purchasing Go!Sudoku. (..what? I suddenly really wanted to play more sudoku on that thing) I think I might buy more of them soon. They're not too expensive, I think.

...that's pretty much all for today. So tired. Need more sleep. x___X

1/26/08 04:33 am

How the heck did I end up waking up at 4 AM? @__@

Mom visited yesterday and kept me up. She wanted to print something, and as my printer is the only one working (out of mine, my sister's and my mother's printer) she came over. Turns out that the program handling .pdf files doesn't know how to send forward print jobs or something... Well, not a big loss.
While she and my brother were trying to solve that, I solved sudoku. On my PS3. It's amusing, that's pretty much the only game I've played on it for now, since my Folklore order got delayed. It's in the same package as FFXI: Wings of the Goddess, and they didn't have that in stock. Ah's sent now. Took them long enough.

Talking about's totally weird. You see, you're supposed to beat a set time in the normal mode. I have no trouble with beating the time given in Normal difficulty and up, but if I try the Mild difficulty..I just can't do it. xD

Food now. So hungry.

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1/18/08 10:32 pm

They sent my Ring of Fates today. =D
In all honesty I'm a little worried that they'll come up with an International version later on, since there's those additional quests in the English version. But I hold on to Revenant Wings not having an International ( least yet) which would make it very unlikely for Ring of Fates to have one. But ah well. Extra challenge is welcome, but...often they don't really contribute to the story, yes? I can always look them up online.
I'm more worried about Crisis Core. I really don't want to get the English version. As in, I really don't want to get it. Unless they give me the option of Japanese voices. And it's already been confirmed as having new stuff in it. I'm not too certain what to do...

I really need to finish a game or two or three soon. Soon as in within the next week. They just keep releasing new ones... Even Devil May Cry 4 is coming out in February. Argh, I'll never have the time to play these all!

Thinking of working on waff tonight. There's some parts I've been meaning to add for ages now.
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1/17/08 12:33 am

Got my manga yesterday, the ones I mentioned ordering.
W Juliet...I still count it as a favorite series of mine. I found it at just the right time for the theme of that manga series to touch me more than normally. If I had found that some other time, would I have liked it as much? ...anyway. I was quite disappointed to note that in the last volume, Makoto cut his hair. It didn't seem like him anymore (I wouldn't cut my hair that short, after all. And more than anything, I've always identified with him). That's...pretty much the only gripe I have about the ending. I guess it was good enough. I just need to get over his short hair. Umm.
Besides the three W Juliet volumes, I got one Pet Shop of Horrors one. Always as entertaining. =D I seriously have no idea why I haven't bought the whole series yet.

Castlevania is haaard. (the first one. Which was for NES, if you didn't know) I got distracted and bought it (Wii Shop Channel ftw). I've been wanting it since I noticed they have Castlevanias for sale there, but I never actually did it until now. Although I really shouldn't have bought it. Simply too many games to finish already, shouldn't add to that. know. Retro games. It's a weakness I have. They can be insanely hard, but I still want to play them so badly.. And the fact that I've been wanting to try out the Castlevania series for ages didn't help at all. =D;
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