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1/10/10 05:10 am

I think I found the reason I stopped playing FFT the last time. Happened to randomly pick up the game yesterday and decided to take a look. I was a lot farther than I remembered...but there was also a damn hard story battle right next to me. The...the...? Golgollalda? *tries to figure out from the Japanese name* Something like that. Some execution place. Tried it twice before giving up again. Oops. xD;

Perhaps I'll train a bit and try again. My guide recommends level 17-21 for that battle, and my people are 16-17. Not that I think getting a couple levels and doing everything the same way as before would help much, what matters more is if Disable (/other enfeeble stopping actions) sticks to Gaffgarion the first time I try and how long it lasts. I wonder how hard it'd be to break his weapon like the guide suggests.

I swear one day I'll finish that game. One day...

I've also been editing waff lots. Wrote about half of all character profiles for Four Warriors of Light. :P Those, plus some random other ones from other titles. And added some area introductions. Now I keep wanting to edit it more but can't decide on anything to edit. The remaining FWL profiles would require me to actually finish the game first, and I'm up against this really hard boss that I just can't seem to beat. xD;;

12/28/09 05:05 pm

Okay, some time for impressions of the 光の4戦士-ファイナルファンタジー外伝- (Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Sidestory) game. Got it this Christmas, I'm...actually, I don't have a clue how many hours in I am, don't recall it saying anywhere. but pretty damn many hours anyway. Judging by the crowns (jobs) unlocked I'm a bit less than half-way through the game.

If you're not familiar with the title, it was made with the intention of presenting it like an old-school game, complete with music (not actual orchestra playing, the music sounds like it came off a SNES) and game play (overworld, turn-based combat on a battle screen, complicated dungeons/cities/houses that don't even attempt to make it look like they came out of a real world, etc), with graphics replicating the SNES-look in 3D (which mostly just means the charas are SD. The backgrounds looks like they came out of a story book).

This will include some minor spoilers, but no major points.

Down the Memory Lane )

My judgement so far? A good distraction, but falls a bit flat on its face in certain aspects.

10/6/09 02:32 pm

My reaction this morning when doorbell rang: "..buh? @__@" A big package greeted me. Confusion. Checking the sender. ...oh yeah, the kitty sent me a package. Realization.'s THAT big? No wonder she complained about the cost of sending it.
Open package. Stare.


Damn you kitty, now I can't in any conceivable way claim I'm not a total geek. xD (yes yes, I should really get that camera sometimes. Cellphone picture still suffices for this purpose)
Anyway, thank you. I'm branded a geek for life but thank you. Yes, I do like it. And damn, how much did you spend on this, arrgh. xD;
Well, seems that I got my first PlayArts figure quite a bit earlier than I expected. I've looked at them before and contemplated buying (and ways of buying, considering how much it sucks to try to get anything of this kind delivered to Finland) but..yeah.

What else...I'm sure I had something else to write about too. Hmm. Well, I'll write about it later when I can remember what it was.

1/23/09 04:23 pm

Life is awesome. I have the computer table, and I have a real internet connection! =DD I'm on Linux! I can even use wi-fi again! *______*
This day will be spent in marveling at how easy it is to do things, and how pretty everything is, and how much more pleasant to do anything with music on...

Also, got Final Fantasy Unlimited. Might have to rewatch the series now. =D

1/12/09 11:00 pm

The plan to go somewhere today was kind of...forgotten. In the mail arrived my package from kitty, and with it my games. Dissidia! :O

So of course, after getting the game, all I've done is play, play, and play some more. 9+ hours on the clock right now. I didn't even mean to play it yet, or at least much. I just wanted to see the opening vid, maybe try out a battle or two. But then the game sucked me in and I couldn't let it go. ;___; And to be honest, the only reason I stopped now is due to a blister on my thumb (no worries, the other is merely sore). Now that hasn't happened in a while. A clear sign that I haven't been playing enough lately. *amused*

Dissidia (no spoilers) )

I meant to do it by the end of December, but didn't get around to finishing a good enough portion of the guide until now...finally added a section for articles and stuff at waff. The only thing up for now is a half-complete guide to playing FFs in Japanese. I have one other thing half-written and a couple others planned, I just never remember to work on them.
And I should really update other stuff too. I can remember at least several subjects I was in the middle of editing but have never gotten around to finishing. And some choice few sections have nothing up... And come to think of it, I haven't even made pages for the upcoming FF11 expansion packages. @__@

7/17/08 04:23 pm

It seems that complaining about this month's book order and the Versailles album yesterday was a bit too early. Just hours after writing that entry, I had my hands on FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2 (that'd be Scenario. Summaries and tidbits of all the numbered FF stories) and an email telling me they'd sent the album. =D;
..I forgot that they'd only sent the Ultimania earlier, my order for FFTA2 Official Complete Guide didn't get sent with it. They apparently didn't have it in stock like they promised. *sigh* Ah well, they should be sending it early next week, if all goes well.

The Ultimania is fun, as always. And just as with the last one, I think the section for either FF9 or FF11 is the biggest. Did FF9 really have that much content? I'm not surprised with the FF11 stuff, though, the story's had time to grow and grow and grow, with all the even includes some stuff from the beginning of the latest expansion. I can tell you, I was quite surprised to see screenies of FF11!Cait Sith when quickly looking through the book to see what's there... =D; I've only had time to read the introductory parts of the book, though, comparing the bad guys, magic systems, and concepts behind each game.

I'm addicted to this song. (Yume Oboro) It's the opening theme for Touka Gettan. That one, by the way, turned out to be surprisingly good. Very confusing to start with, but good.

6/5/08 02:49 pm

Yes, yes, yes!! Play-Asia finally got their hands on a copy of FFCC World Ultimania for me, so they sent my order! =DD ....this would be the order from a month ago. It took them unexpectedly long this time, my own fault for ordering old stuff like that... *sweatdrop*
And CDJapan sent my copy of The Reaper Behind Me, BLOOD's latest. It came out in May, but I couldn't afford it then. I also put Noble (first Versailles album, coming out in July) on pre-order, but they obviously didn't send that yet. :P

I've forgotten to mention it, but Jasdebi (D.Gray-Man) really is hot. The anime version was even more so than the manga version, the episodes with the Jasdebi battle were really great..

I now have 212 missions cleared in FF Tactics Advance. Wasn't there 300 numbered missions..? If so, I'm pretty close to total completion, in addition to just story completion. In the story, I last cleared the mission To Ambervale.
...I like it how they later in FF12 made Ambervale a resort for the Rozarria imperial family. =D
Anyway, trying very hard to complete FFTA now, to prepare for the FFTA2 release. Although I have this strange urge to get Crisis Core instead of that this started with noticing the European official site is now live, and that the game is coming out here shortly. I wouldn't miss out on all the launches for it, that way. I haven't been this late in buying a new FF since I got back into the series again with FF4 Advance. .___.

[edit later]
Hee~ They're releasing a My Life as a King Official Complete Guide tomorrow! A must get! =D

4/22/08 01:06 am

Well would you look at that. Palom has found a pretty girl for himself in Troia. She's called Leonora. I wonder if she was the girl mentioned with Palom before... And she can apparently use both white and black magic! Hmm.
Just by the way, May's FF4 The After chapter is Palom's.

It's bothering me. The Japanese blog that I usually get my Final Fantasy updates from longer there. I went to a connected site and it said there's some renovation going on and to be patient..but why erase the blog completely while at it? Its URL only brings up an error message now. .___.
...of course, the most annoying thing about this is that I actually have to visit the official sites myself to get the updates. And that I can no longer angst over all the cellphone content (art, tunes, videos, etc) only people in Japan get, since I don't get frequent updates on them. =D;
Also, an English FF news blog that I follow seems to have largely stopped updating, too. What's with these people? All at the same time? *sweatdrop*

Updated some FF11 novel series content at waff. Wrote that summary for 星の誓い and rewrote all character pages but one that I already had up. Will need to do that last one and write more of them when I'm not so fed up with writing summaries...

4/20/08 05:06 am

Weeell now. Haven't ended up playing an FF yet, but did some other stuff. Not that I've had too much time for other stuff, as the lack of caffeine in my blood made me unbelievably tired and I fell asleep..again. Nice.

Did some background stuff to prepare writing more pages for waff, and added a couple simple ones. And changed some words into the English version ones. I never learn to make those changes right when I hear of them, do I. It's a bit tedious going through every recent FF game to see if I've changed some specific word(s) into their English equivalents.
And it occurred to me that My Life as a King should be coming out in May. But I have so much other stuff to buy in May (like train tickets to Tampere..) that I probably can't get it then. Boo. .___.

I should really back up my stuff again. I don't even remember anymore when it was, but my sister needed my external hard drive temporarily to back up her own stuff (had to take her computer somewhere to get it fixed or something) and I haven't yet gotten around to hooking it up again after that. My FF folders especially have seen some heavy changes recently...I'm pretty sure the versions on the external even have the old folder structure, let alone the tons of new stuff I've saved in them recently. (the old folder structure got too unwieldy due to too much content so I rearranged pretty much everything to make finding stuff easier again. That was a looong time ago)

3/30/08 06:18 pm

The day has disappeared again. o.o;

I did get something done yesterday. I wrote...err...a prologue summary? =D; For FF4TA. I meant to do more but I got distracted. Nothing much happens in the prologue, and I'd gotten bored of it by the point I finished writing that. Most of the dialogue in it is just Biggs and Wedge teaching Ceodore the basics of the fighting system, and the Mithril villagers telling Ceodore the basics of the Blue Planet history. Those are not something to include in a story summary, so it turned out short. The first chapter is where things start to get interesting.

Today, I've just angsted over the endless amounts of information out there about FF7. Every time I try to start looking into it, I get overwhelmed. Not only did the first game offer a wealth of information that's been pored over again and again by rabid fanboys/girls in the ten years since it came out, but damn SE keeps adding more and more stuff to it...I was never all that familiar with the FF7 world to begin with, and it's never been an FF favorite of mine. It seems that waff is doomed to not have FF7 info for some time yet.
I'm in a rather similar situation with FF10, and although there's not quite as much info out there about that one as there's about FF7, it's still plenty enough that I can't easily absorb it in a couple days. Which is about my limit of intense concentration, after that it evens out, the amount of stuff I can stuff into my head gets exponentially smaller, and in a couple more days leads into a complete annihilation of interest in the subject for a long time. *sweatdrop* Although usually I manage to distract myself until the last step happens, and can renew my interest in the subject earlier than I would if I went to the end of it...

Maybe the amount of info already out there for Crisis Core is why I'm not in a hurry to get it. Plus there's the fact that I keep wondering if they'll release an International version in Japan. I want the Japanese voices (they'd keep the Japanese voices in an International version of FF7CC, right? o.o) but I also want the extra content, you see... For some time yet, I'm content with waiting. There's plenty of other new FFs to keep me occupied - and who knows, by the time I actually decide to get that game, my interest will have turned to FF7 instead of more obscure FFs.

I'm trying to decide which FFs to take with me to the train tomorrow. The train trip to Helsinki (where the Versailles gig is..) takes five-ish hours. Plenty of time to play. =D; Maybe I'll just take all my portable ones and decide along the way.
(but that presents the problem that I have detailed notes of my intended character growths for FFT and FFTA, and I'd need to remember to take those notes, as well as a pen, otherwise I can't bring myself to play the damn games. I always forget the notes, so...that's partially why I haven't yet finished either of those games)

Note to self: remember to charge the DS and the PSP and the cellphone and the mp3 player. @__@

3/24/08 07:26 pm

A couple things that I've forgotten to mention in the past few days...

Clannad! The anime series. Watched epi 22 (the last actual episode, 23 is an extra and 24 an OVA). It was...sweet. Well, after a certain little incident was over, anyway. Won't say anything more in case you haven't been following the story and don't want to know.
Finally wiki'd the series, and found out that it's a video game, too. Several, in fact. And manga, and novels, and whatever else there was. Besides the anime and the movie, that is. I'm tempted to get the PSP version wiki said is coming out. =D ......err. No, I don't play Clannad's genre of games regularly.

Seems that Final Fantasy IV The After: 月の帰還 chapter 3 will focus on Yang. Who...has a daughter now. Wow. o.O; A martial arts enthusiast if I got my Japanese right, but what'd you expect from Yang's kid. She's called Ursula. She has a pretty dress, that's all I'm willing to say... (it occurred to me...since Yang's full name is Yang Fang Leiden, that'd make his daughter Ursula Leiden, right? I keep wanting full names for people and they just give me first names..or no names at all, like 'Yang's wife'. Wtf, can't they at least call her Mrs Leiden or something? Do they change last names at marriage in Fabul? What about Baron? D: Can't they release a guide for these names or something..)
Oh, and did I mention Luca from chapter 2? It's really weird that you can now see her face. Yellow eyes, nice. xD
I keep wondering when Kain will show up.. no mention of him yet besides that he's not been seen since the end of FF4. Not as far as I know, anyway, and they'd update his profile at the official site when he shows up, right? Really need to find a fan site that reports FF4TA progress. I wonder if such a site exists. Should, right? Just need to find such a thing.

My Life as a King: FF Crystal Chronicles might just be set for May in Europe, along with the WiiWare service. =D We haven't gotten an announcement or anything (unlike US..and unlike Japan, who gets to play the game tomorrow) but the latest Wii update mentioned that it's in preparation for WiiWare, which is coming in May. As good as an announcement, right? Right? =D;

Still sick...I've sure eaten my share of painkillers these past few days. Still, they can't prevent you from feeling drained and uncomfortable.

3/3/08 09:49 pm

Spent the whole day reading manga. =D But now I have something else to occupy my time with for a little while. I couldn't restrain myself from leafing through them before, but I hardly read any of them in the process. My FF4 Official Complete Guide and FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 1 finally arrived today! I was already expecting them on Friday, but they didn't make it by then... should know better than order stuff on a Sunday or early Monday. Makes the wait longer.

As has been mentioned before at many places, there's a picture of Kain's face in FF4 OCG, without his ever-present helmet. =DD Does any place have it scanned yet? I would rather not do it myself if I can avoid it. But I will, if it's not yet available. ( has a couple words scribbled next to it. Roughly it goes "He's the pretty type. Because it's an FF" xD) There's also some nice production sketches and pictures, including some of the summons and the emblems of the countries (and Red Wings) from FF4 DS. I was hoping they'd include those, they were so prominent in the game...

Oh, and there's also this really clear drawing of Rosa's jewelry (parts of it are naturally obscured by her hair usually) and the design of the sleeves. Awesome. =D

And then there's the 20th Anniversary Character Ultimania. It's almost as thick as the FF9 Ultimania. xD; Lots of picture material, most of the characters have Amano art, a CG shot (if available) and in-game screenshots. And basic info of course. All in a compact book for easy reading. The index is huge. xDD
Naturally, not all characters that all that detailed a part for them. Those I described above are for main characters, and take up two pages (unless it's Luneth, Arc, Refia or Ingus, in which case there is only one page of each. The original Light Warriors of FF3 get two pages, though). Characters with smaller parts but that still matter to the story have about half a page each, and bit-part (named and some more important unnamed) characters have a couple lines, and only one picture. FF7 has two pages of those. FF8 has three. FF9 has 16. =D And what's the biggest section, in total? Well, that's gotta be either FF9 or FF11. Both are a bit longer than the other PS-era FFs, and much longer than the earlier ones.

Besides the character introductions, there are short features sprinkled between each game's section. An evolution of chocobos and moogles, lists of what character(s) in FFs fulfill a certain stereotype (guys that constantly try to pick up girls: 8 entries, cool people who don't talk much: 9 entries...) Those lists naturally mostly include main charas, but have some bit-part charas mixed in.
At the end, there's an interview with Yoshitaka Amano. Haven't read that yet, but it should be interesting.

One disappointment, though, is that Crystal Chronicles and Tactics games don't get proper sections. They get only briefly mentioned with the FF7 Compilation, Kingdom Hearts, and other games with FF characters. Such a shame...they even gave FF10-2 a proper section, but none of the Compilation, CC or Tactics games.

I'm not sure if I'm going to get File 2: Scenario. It's simply impossible to cram too much detail of all the main-series FF stories into just one book. Will have to see. Maybe just for completion's sake, if for nothing else...

2/29/08 12:38 am

Undertook a monumental task today. Re-organizing my Final Fantasy folders. Whole sections were becoming too unwieldy due to too much content. =D; It's done now, and hopefully I'll remember in the future how the folder structure works so I won't have to look for anything for too long...
And while I was at it, I noticed how woefully few pictures I had of some things. So I went and grabbed a few..dozen..or so... Still on the lookout for more, high-quality watermarkless screenshots (especially of the CG movies) were regretfully few at the sites I had bookmarked. Should look up more sites, I can remember more than a few I have visited that had pics that fulfill the description but I apparently didn't bookmark them when I had the chance. Stupid me.

....those two things took me the whole day. So no, I haven't played FF4. Argh.

2/27/08 09:34 pm

I think I'd just reached the moon when I last wrote anything about FF4...
Now, I've beaten the Giant of Babel and cleared Bahamut's Cave. And naturally taken care of every sidequest I could think of that I could complete with little to no difficulty (that obviously doesn't include the Rainbow Pudding or the Onion gear)
I'm actually rather surprised I managed to deal with Bahamut. I'd run out of MP two Behemoths ago, and had to resort to Ethers to get through the last one. Not that MP would've done me much good at the Bahamut battle, he had Reflect up and had a Reflect-counter to magic attacks. Including Dispel. Managed to kill both Cecil and Rydia with my own attacks before I discovered those nice little facts. >.> (how? Well, Rydia went first and activated the first Reflect (didn't notice it was on counter). After which Rosa's queued spells were cast, and killed Cecil. Next time, I figured I'd just Dispel it first...proceeded to do just that, Dispel activated the counter-Reflect, and Rydia's second Flare was reflected back at herself. Nice) And even though I Hasted right at the start of the battle, he got down to 1 in the countdown before I managed to take him down. That one got rather close...
Not sure what I'm going to do next, maybe train at Bahamut's Cave a bit more (level 64-70). Or head forward in the story and train on the way. It's not likely my MP would last until a save point the first time I venture deep into the moon, anyway.
(I can sense my end-of-game reluctance to play creeping up on me. Boo. Must conquer this)

Didn't do any playing yesterday, since I remembered that I had one ebook queued up to read, so I did just that. It was Old Man's War by John Scalzi. You know, the current free ebook by Tor. Just letting you know of the offer, in case you're interested and didn't know about it, I think I forgot to advertise it when I signed up myself. The first free one was Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. This whole thing is a limited time offer (I think to advertise their ebook service?), so sign up quickly.
Come to think of it, the next ebook should be sent on the 29th...

It must be because I'm nearing the end in FF4, but I keep wanting to continue FFT finally. Might not be such a bad idea, but I should put more weight in beating the five games (FF1 PSP, FF4 DS, FF8, FF12RW, FFTA) where I'm at the final dungeon/mission or very close to it... how long has it been since I've touched FF8, one and a half years or thereabouts? Already? D:

2/19/08 12:40 pm

Got my copy of Lyrical Sympathy just now. =D It's totally awesome. Will learn the lyrics to all the songs before the gig. Will not take long, I think, I already know half of them..

Also got my FF3 Official Complete Guide. It's making me want to re-play FF3.. but that would be a spectacularly bad idea. First finish Ring of Fates. And FF4 DS. And preferably FFT and FFCC and FFTA and FF6 and Folklore, too. *sweatdrop* (Oh, and I just remembered I never finished Tales of the Tempest, either! I have a really bad problem with finishing games, it's probably really obvious, too...)
Anyway, now I have even more stuff to work on for waff. I haven't even finished adding the data of the previous games I got guidebooks for, and I keep getting more of them... hopefully there'll be a time soon when I'll just wander to the site and feel disgusted about how incomplete it is. It seems that's the only way to get me going, even though I really like working on it if I just manage to start... =D;'s aggravating. They still haven't sent my copy of FF4 DS Official Complete Guide. It's a new book, dammit, can't they get it already?! I ordered it at the same time as the FF3 one, and they didn't have that in stock to begin with, either. D:
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