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12/15/07 02:37 pm

Thought I'd found a good fanfic earlier, but it's not a good sign when you start skipping sections wondering when something will actually happen. Finally gave up on the seventh chapter, having spent 10+ hours on reading it. Yes, it was a long one. The worst thing is that nothing happened in those seven chapters I read. You keep waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come to a point, but...nothing. And now I'm so sick of the whole HP fandom again that I don't want to try searching for another one worth reading for more than a couple words. *sigh*
Ended up watching Dead Fantasy I again, even. That and Haloid are still pretty much the only fanvids I've found worth watching. Feel free to try and prove me wrong, though.

The Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers from CLOUD are available now, if you didn't know yet. The FFXIII one finally shows us Cocoon...and I gotta admit, the rest of the scenes aren't too bad either. Great to finally see it in motion, not just in pictures. know, even if it isn't the latest trailer that has been available in the closed mega theaters.
FFvXIII? Awesome. Pure awesome. And I know it's been mentioned before, but...blood! There's blood in a Final Fantasy! o.o; Even having heard it before, it's still a shock to see.

I still have no idea which I'm more eager to see - FFXIII or Versus XIII.
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12/13/07 04:18 pm

The time I'm awake each day keeps getting weirder and weirder. It's shifted by hours every day for the last couple days. On the 10th, I was ready to go to sleep by 10 AM. Now it's 4.20 PM and I'm pretty sure I won't be tired enough for at least a couple hours yet..
I wonder if I finally got back to what I consider to be 'normal' for me, that exceeds the 24 hours in a normal day. I haven't been able to follow it lately, and I've been feeling a bit odd.
It's not like I mind, you know. Quite the contrary, I love this. Much more natural than a forced 24-hour cycle. The only thing is that it brings difficulties in getting food some days. After all, if you're not awake when places are open...

Found a good fic that I spent today reading. Childhood's End, it's called. A Harry Potter fic, with a young Minerva McGonagall as the main chara. Written quite well, it's a joy to read. Was a bit skeptical at first as to how it'd turn out, but the author has captured a good mood, I think. Much due to the word usage, this is not your average drivel you get to see in fanfics. No, this actually uses appropriate words for the setting, and uses them right. Much recommended.
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