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1/10/10 05:10 am

I think I found the reason I stopped playing FFT the last time. Happened to randomly pick up the game yesterday and decided to take a look. I was a lot farther than I remembered...but there was also a damn hard story battle right next to me. The...the...? Golgollalda? *tries to figure out from the Japanese name* Something like that. Some execution place. Tried it twice before giving up again. Oops. xD;

Perhaps I'll train a bit and try again. My guide recommends level 17-21 for that battle, and my people are 16-17. Not that I think getting a couple levels and doing everything the same way as before would help much, what matters more is if Disable (/other enfeeble stopping actions) sticks to Gaffgarion the first time I try and how long it lasts. I wonder how hard it'd be to break his weapon like the guide suggests.

I swear one day I'll finish that game. One day...

I've also been editing waff lots. Wrote about half of all character profiles for Four Warriors of Light. :P Those, plus some random other ones from other titles. And added some area introductions. Now I keep wanting to edit it more but can't decide on anything to edit. The remaining FWL profiles would require me to actually finish the game first, and I'm up against this really hard boss that I just can't seem to beat. xD;;

3/16/09 06:44 pm

FF11, Tactics, Dissidia )

Heh, they shipped my copy of Crisis Core Ultimania today. While I'm itching to play it again and go for completion this time, I'm somehow doubting it'll happen anytime soon. Too distracted with other games. *points up*

Synapsi sure has some effective PR people. It's this EBM/industrial/gothic/etc event, some guy contacted me through and told me they're having a Synapsi soon again. With a personalized message and all, and it was apparent from his profile that he'd been advertising it to other people too. Nice. In this case, they hit the nail on the head with the marketing. If all the marketing was like that, ads wouldn't have such a bad aura around them. Personalized, exact, and in person, and by that last bit I mean an actual person at the other end that answered my response to the message within an hour. A huge plus to them.
I've actually been thinking of going to April's Synapsi for about a month now, a bit longer. Will have to see, although it'd sure be interesting. And convenient, if everything'd stop going wrong I'd be in Helsinki on the 8th anyway, and it's on the 9th. Although everything does appear to insist on going wrong, so I don't know...
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9/10/08 11:50 pm

Looked through the first incarnation of waff (the offline one) with the intention of adding some stuff to its current form that I still haven't gotten around to adding. Ended up mostly just checking it out and marveling how far it's come from those days. =D Well, I did end up adding the beginnings of a few character profiles, but that's it. I would've added more, I think, but suddenly got uncertain if I'd changed the spellings of the names to reflect the new translation or not - the characters were all from Tactics. And as we all know, the first Tactics translation was pure crap...
Should get around to continuing that game sometimes, I've left it alone for way too long.

Finally picked up Crisis Core too, I think I'm in 10th chapter? Or did I get to 11th yet? Sometime after Nibelheim anyway. I suddenly have hopes of finishing it soon, although the number of uncleared missions worries me a bit.
What the heck is up with the 'defeat 1,000 Shinra troops' mission? That's just...overkill. Pure overkill. I don't want to even try that anytime soon, having just cleared the 50, 100 and 200 troops versions.
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