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3/16/09 06:44 pm

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Heh, they shipped my copy of Crisis Core Ultimania today. While I'm itching to play it again and go for completion this time, I'm somehow doubting it'll happen anytime soon. Too distracted with other games. *points up*

Synapsi sure has some effective PR people. It's this EBM/industrial/gothic/etc event, some guy contacted me through and told me they're having a Synapsi soon again. With a personalized message and all, and it was apparent from his profile that he'd been advertising it to other people too. Nice. In this case, they hit the nail on the head with the marketing. If all the marketing was like that, ads wouldn't have such a bad aura around them. Personalized, exact, and in person, and by that last bit I mean an actual person at the other end that answered my response to the message within an hour. A huge plus to them.
I've actually been thinking of going to April's Synapsi for about a month now, a bit longer. Will have to see, although it'd sure be interesting. And convenient, if everything'd stop going wrong I'd be in Helsinki on the 8th anyway, and it's on the 9th. Although everything does appear to insist on going wrong, so I don't know...
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1/26/09 01:23 am

The last couple days have gone by in a flash. Lots of good music and lots to do now that I can actually do it.

Mostly, I've just edited waff. Got bored of my old complicated system of listing equips, and fixed it. I have no idea why I hadn't yet, I'd already moved all attacks and other items away from the old system, only the equips were left. Maybe I'd just forgotten to complete the move... anyway, that took me two days. Yay. And yesterday, I started adding the missing FF4 equips. Added all of them. With the completion of the FF4 item section, all the FF4 stuff I'm missing are good pages for the characters, pages for the individual places, some encyclopedia pages, and game mechanics and timelines pages. Figures. Just the ones that require the most work are left, the ones that merely require mechanical copying down of stats are done...
So not having anything else to do, I started working. Managed to write a page for Baron, that took me several hours. And it's not even finished yet, need to add details on the locations within Baron and then a list of all the monsters in the area. And when I just think of how I need to repeat this process for every other nation in FF4, and then every location in every other's kind of overwhelming. Little by little it gets done, but it's sure taking long.

But at least I like that page. It needs to be polished a bit yet (and the aforementioned info added), but it's looking good so far. I'm surprised how much is actually known about Baron, I didn't expect that.

Still working on Shade Impulse Chapter 1 in Dissidia. Discovered that there's additional cutscenes if you go defeat bosses (all villains) with their corresponding heroes. I guess I really do have to go through it on every character. =D; Not that I haven't beaten it on four characters already.
Looked up some info on the game just out of curiosity, and it appears that the highest level opponents in actual story mode are in the sixties. Should be done with it soon (well, 'soon'. Depending on how much of a completionist I decide to be before completing story mode the first time), and then get to unlocking Shantotto and Gabranth.
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1/15/09 09:19 pm

Dissidia is so awesome. *___* In addition to Warrior of Light and Cecil I've now tried my hand at playing Cloud, Tidus, Firion and Squall. I decided to go through every character according to the difficulty listed in Destiny Odyssey in story mode.
It also makes sense because while the stories for the characters weave in and out of the stories of other characters, the timeline, I've found, goes roughly according to the difficulty from easiest to hardest. When I completed the Warrior's part of Destiny Odyssey I was surprised to find out that every other good guy had obtained their crystal before him. It was the first part of the story I completed. So yeah, it was a bit confusing.

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Dissidia consumes my life, yes? Almost 30 hours on the clock.

1/12/09 11:00 pm

The plan to go somewhere today was kind of...forgotten. In the mail arrived my package from kitty, and with it my games. Dissidia! :O

So of course, after getting the game, all I've done is play, play, and play some more. 9+ hours on the clock right now. I didn't even mean to play it yet, or at least much. I just wanted to see the opening vid, maybe try out a battle or two. But then the game sucked me in and I couldn't let it go. ;___; And to be honest, the only reason I stopped now is due to a blister on my thumb (no worries, the other is merely sore). Now that hasn't happened in a while. A clear sign that I haven't been playing enough lately. *amused*

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I meant to do it by the end of December, but didn't get around to finishing a good enough portion of the guide until now...finally added a section for articles and stuff at waff. The only thing up for now is a half-complete guide to playing FFs in Japanese. I have one other thing half-written and a couple others planned, I just never remember to work on them.
And I should really update other stuff too. I can remember at least several subjects I was in the middle of editing but have never gotten around to finishing. And some choice few sections have nothing up... And come to think of it, I haven't even made pages for the upcoming FF11 expansion packages. @__@
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