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3/14/10 01:06 pm

Being bored is detrimental to my munnies. When FF13 still hadn't arrived by Friday (what's keeping it? Getting kinda worried :/), I went on ahead and bought Crystal Bearers. Been playing it pretty much non-stop, with the vague intention of beating it once before concentrating on FF13. My hand is protesting this plan seriously. Grabbing anything heavier than an empty glass is painful. This is why I don't like Wii games, they're no good for hardcore playing. xD;;

As for the game itself, I was seriously, seriously surprised when I started it up. It's so much fun!. I never tire of meeting new (or old) enemies and trying to find all the reactions for them. Never thought tossing things around could be so addictive. O.o;
The story, too. I'm 20 hours in (most of which has been spent on various minigames. Maybe it'd be more accurate to say I just reached Rivelgauge), and it's proven quite surprisingly good. When I head what type of a game it was slated out to be, it lowered my expectations for it quite severely. Turns out I shouldn't have been so worried at all. The game's stellar in its own category (although as usual, I'm not so hot on the voice acting). My only gripe with it is the time required for miasma streams to appear. When you just want to do some minigames, it's way too soon. When you just want to fight some monsters, it takes ages. They really should've tried to think of another solution for that. Other than that and the voices, the only thing even vaguely bothering me is the camera controls, which can be a little clumsy.
It's such a shame how abysmal the game's sales have been. That pretty much guarantees that an innovative and fun game like this won't see its strong points carried on. And when for once there's been some real innovation in the series. :/ Well, it's not like I can seriously blame others for their perception of the game, I did that too before I picked it up.'s a real shame.

11/19/09 02:37 am

Time just flies. It flies even more when you're not writing. I reached a bit tougher part in my outline, and haven't touched my Nano for this year since. That was some 10 days ago. *sweadrop*

I've been quite thoroughly distracted, first with playing a bit more Echoes of Time, and then trying to finish NG+ on Ring of Fates. I think I still like Ring of Fates the most out of the Crystal Chronicles games, mostly because of the story. It lacks wi-fi multiplayer, but I can deal with that.
I'm getting to the very end of my NG+ now. Next up is character re-union thing right before the final boss. Started some four days ago from the aftermath of Abyssus Forest, so I consider this a really fast playthrough. I've even managed to squeeze in some farming, so it hasn't been all story mode dungeons exclusively.
My people just reached level 80, which makes me wonder how difficult NG++ would be. After all, the level cap is 99, and I started NG+ with my people level 42-43. Some of my stats already occasionally reach the cap of 999 too, so I don't know...would probably just need some amazing dodging skills to survive all the battles. o.o; What makes it a bit difficult is that I like playing Gnash, and his defense really sucks. I guess it won't matter if I get some super-armor that raises all his stats to 999, as at that point the 5-way shot ability should be really godly...

I've also come to the result that no matter the title, you need ungodly amounts of Mu Fur in a Crystal Chronicles game. To my horror I discovered that there's two pieces of armor that both require 15 Mu Fur, and I'd just emptied the shop of them and made silk/leather/fine silk/fine leather with them. Would need more farming, definitely...

7/28/09 06:38 pm

Arrgh, have played entirely too much the past couple days. So much, in fact, that earlier today my whole left hand started hurting a bit. It faded with an hour-long break, but when I started playing again my left thumb (on the DS, I'd usually be pressing the joint down on the center of the arrow keys and use it like that) went all funky. It's tingling - or more specifically, the joint is tingling. And starts hurting if there's any substantial pressure on it. Oops. Methinks it's time to keep a longer break from playing. At least until tomorrow or so. =D;;

Ring of Fates )

Echoes of Time )

It bothers me that to be able to hire one of the mercenaries in Echoes of Time, you need to have a minimum of five people on your friend roster. Anyone have on the flist have the game and access to wifi? >.>'

7/26/09 07:36 am

If there wasn't so much lag in wifi multi-player mode in Echoes of Time, it'd be a lot more pleasant to play... The last couple days, I've been playing that, both single and multi-player. Kitty got the game finally so we've been playing together quite a lot.

Echoes of Time )

This is making me want to pick up Ring of Fates again. I still have quite a lot of the multi-player mode to go through, and I haven't even tried New Game+...

4/3/09 02:50 pm

The Crystal Bearers (the new FF Crystal Chronicles) is confusing me. I've been visiting the site way too much lately, it has this thing where more visits unlock more content...

Thoughts, speculation )

Not sure what else to write about. As usual, haven't been doing much.

8/19/08 09:52 am

Yesterday..wasn't a very good day.

But I made pancakes! That made it somewhat better. =D I don't know how, but all of a sudden they belong to autumn in my mind, instead of the usual summer. That's weird, my associations don't usually shift at all. But it's undeniable, they're very firmly autumn now. Hmm...

Almost half finished with 僕らの世界下 now. In Gnash's chapter, there was this long part of how he's lived before he met Yuri and Cherinka. All through it, I kept that from the development notes, too? *sweatdrop* I can't quite decide if the writing style isn't interesting (there's definitely that to some degree) or whether I'm just so obsessed with canonity that I can't stop thinking about it.

N. is getting rather interesting. You remember, the mini-series based on a short story by Stephen King? Not that it wasn't interesting to begin with, but now it's more so. Following the psychologist's descent to obsession after his patient..there's just something almost hypnotic about it.
Of course, the most 'interesting' thing might be how I've managed to remember to follow the series regularly (or semi-regularly, to be more precise)
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8/16/08 03:31 pm

After several days of having nothing to mention, I can finally at least say that I finished reading 僕らの世界上. While reading the author's notes at the end (..yes. Japanese books have author's notes...) I was somewhat surprised to see that they'd let the author look around the development/scenario notes. Well, this is a novelization version of a game after all, but.. =D Now I'm just wondering which parts of the books are based on background info that never made it into the game. Aleria's sister Merches? Merches being Teteo's mother? (forgive me, forgot Teteo's English name. Kolka's daughter) Hmm... those, at least, sound plausible enough.
Started on the second part already, can't wait for Gnash to show up. He was always my favorite chara in the game, and not just because he's a selkie.

The first scans/photos of the new Famitsu have hit the web. The new info (or pictures. 'Cause you can't actually read the text on all but one of those) on Fabula Nova Crystallis games seems...interesting. Well, I always say that, but it's true. xD Plus it's really great finally seeing some other scenes from the games than just the ones we've been staring at the past two years.
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7/16/08 09:38 am

Finally you're down you stupid little fucker. >D After a total of 10 days of trying, I took down Cactuar from the Desert City of Clavis. My adventurer morale is almost gone and my citizen morale unacceptable by my standards, but I finally did it! I can build the third weapon shop and my adventurers can buy axes! =D
...well, when I've funded axes up to level 50-ish, and they'll finally start buying them. You see, I'm making a list of all the items available in this game (..I know there's probably easier ways to get that info than finding it out yourself, but I don't care >.>), which means I can only fund a single kind of research by one level per day. Otherwise, I won't see what weapons/armor that type of research has on that level. So to get the axes they have for sale up to usable levels, it'll take 10 more days...providing they won't need research materials before level 50. *sigh* Well, getting there. (the two weapon shops and two armor shops I have already boast up to level 70-85 equips, even though even my highest level adventurer can only use up to level 65-ish equips..I'm obsessed with research. The ability research lines are all level 100 unless they need lv 70/80 research materials)

I thought I wouldn't comment on the FF13 thing, but...
What bothers me isn't that it'll be multi-platform. What bothers me immensely is that it looks like they'll delay US&Europe release until they're ready to release the Xbox360 version. And they won't even start porting the game until the PS3 version is ready and launched in Japan. What the fuck is up with that?! How much did MS pay SE that they'd make such a decision? I know already that SE's a money-grubbing bitch (thus multi-plat isn't really a surprise) but this is beyond their usual behavior. >.<

CDJapan hasn't yet sent me my copy (they do send out a notification email when they send stuff, right?). Boo. D: And my books of the month still haven't arrived (they were sent on the 4th). Double-boo. D:

I think I've found a new favorite word. Infotainment. I'm sure I've heard it before, but happened to pay attention this time. It sounds fun. Just my type of entertainment. xD

7/10/08 01:21 am

For some reason, I'm really tired...shouldn't be, not at this time yet.

Rambling about My Life as a King )

Heh, seems like they're recommending a lifetime disbarment for Jack Thompson. It's about time, yes? xD
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7/9/08 12:53 am

Latest news from US: they're now planning ('considering') to make passengers on airplanes carry these wristbands that can send a bolt of electricity through you and make you unable to move. You know, just in case you get unruly.
Every time I hear something like this my decision to never go to that messed up country gets that much stronger, and I'm glad about it. How the mighty fall.

In MLaaK, I've had time to explore a grand total floor. At the Infinity Spire, I mean. And I've taken down two of the legendary foes at that floor, but nothing else. So much to do, so much to do... I did manage to get that third bulletin board, but it's not helping too much, it seems. One's for low-low level behests (information about dungeons, looking for misplaced items, Infinity Spire for now..), one for early to mid 30's (or the only level 20-something dungeon that's left, the Barbair Abyss), and one for higher-level stuff (right now, looking for level 45 ingredients. One more of those left, then I'll move my best team to Isle of Giants. It's a bit (/way too) low-level for them, but they need experience somewhere before taking on a level 40-something dungeon. I think I'm going for the weapon shop then...that should be manageable)
The castle expansion, by the was completely useless. Well, except maybe if you want to have one extra dungeon and a life-bar boss. For a level 39 dungeon! What cheating. I had to pause all operations for two days for what amounted to being..nothing. Well okay, you can rename your adventurers with it. Big deal, not interested. Okay, you can check all family relations from it quite conveniently. Big deal, family relations don't really matter other than if they're at max and you can get medals from that family, but you can't see that particular bit of info from the castle. Okay, so there's a jukebox too. Not useful either (other than for letting me know the titles of those songs) since you can only listen to it at the jukebox menu. *sigh* Wouldn't recommend getting it unless you really want to change the names of your adventurers or are a total completionist like me.

Now that I started playing MLaaK again, this insane urge to write fanfic for it came back. I already caved in before and wrote one short piece, seems that there'll have to be more.

The judge missions in FFTA bother me. Why the heck did I start FFTA2 when I still haven't totally finished FFTA? *sighs and shakes head* Maybe I'll persuade myself to night to finish a couple more of them...

As I mentioned in my last post, L'Épée du Gardien II (part 5 of the FF11 novelization series) was kinda boring. Finished reading it today, and Doug&co really did do almost nothing else but reach Kazham. Well, they went out to the jungle and got attacked. That's it. End of book, to be continued. D: I can't really approve of this dividing one book into three parts. They were released like this originally too, but that doesn't stop the three parts of it being a complete book, and this second part being the boring middle. The same thing happened with the first trilogy in the series...

6/24/08 12:26 pm

Hee, the new My Life as a King downloadable content was released in Japan. =D That means it can't be far off here, either...can it? I mean, even all them together don't really have that much to translate.
Got a little scare there when I intended to finally update my Wii (it's been flashing for..what almost a week now?) and it said it couldn't connect. Went to check my wireless router and turned out it wasn't getting any power. Something wrong with wall plug, after a few desperate moments changed it to a different one and it works again. No idea why it'd suddenly stop working...
Anyway, all's well, it's updating now.

281/300 missions in FFTA. Might get this thing done yet, and I only managed to miss Eldena, and capturing a Goblin and a Thunderdrake (managed to get Dragon Force from Ogma, even though it was such a high level - over 10 levels higher than my Marche. It even had time to use Dragon Force on itself before I could position myself to control it every turn, and afterwards my physical attacks were all doing just 1 dmg. It had over 200 HP left at that point...good thing I had a mage with me). =D; That is, if nothing else I've missed turns out in the next 19 missions.
....I've read up on bugs. There's no bug that'd make the Maiden's Cry mission disappear, is there? 'Cause after I got Ritz and signed up for Left Behind, I didn't want to sign up for it yet, and two days later (the time it took to walk to the next town) it was gone. Hasn't appeared since. .___.
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6/20/08 08:53 pm

Edge chapter )

Tiiiired...Lately, I've been going to sleep around 3 PM. A bit past my bedtime now. Don't want to go to sleep yet though, there's so much I've been meaning to do and it annoys me that I never get around to doing them. Currently trying to decide whether to finish reading/writing summaries of the second volume of Beyond the Boundless Sky, or read one more chapter of Memories Like the Sunshine (a FFCC short story, from the Ultimania. By Benny Matsuyama..did I mention this before when rambling about the FFCC Ultimania?) before this week's Vampire Knight episode finishes downloading.
Heh, so proud of myself now. I wrote (most of) the game mechanics page for My Life as a King for waff today. Felt so good to quash those annoyingly persistent rumors that Pathfinder somehow mysteriously would make Si Khem stop shifting, even if it's only at waff. =D;
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6/16/08 10:08 am

Hmm. Was supposed to go shopping for an external HD, but that got delayed by a couple writing an entry. I keep missing days for some reason...

Been playing FFCC. Yes, the original Crystal Chronicles. =D Went through Moschet Manor, Veo Lu Sluice and Shella as new places, and then repeated Mines of Cathuriges and Tida a couple times..more than a couple times...I have this obsession with keeping at least my four first people up for some fighting. *sweatdrop* It takes some time, but it's fun. I think. Possibly. Maybe.
Well, if it's not exactly 'fun', it's almost as addictive as My Life as a King, IMO.
My village is full, but as I said, I'm mostly only using the four first characters I made, one of each race. Even if they're already somewhat customized in stats (as I naturally haven't picked the same artifacts for them after clearing dungeons), it's great to notice how the difference in their stats and attacks really affects your playing style.
(my main character is a Selkie. After the frailty and relative weakness of a Selkie, playing a Lilty is like turning on god mode, even if my main Lilty doesn't have nearly as many artifacts as my main Selkie...their natural attack is that much higher, then? Or do the weapons have that great a difference?)

I'm on the third year and have played 15+ hours on that save file. I blame the additional people to train. I have an old save file from a multi-player game with my sister, that's on fourth year and has only 14+ hours.

By the way, the external? (or just regular, not quite sure yet) It's for Windows. After installing Windows, I'll of course install Final Fantasy XI on it (why else would I want Windows?). Oh gods, YES! Finally! *____*
..well, can't reactivate my account until July. They don't do half-months in billing other than right after the initial free 30-day trial period (SE, damn you, get to this century) so if I re-activated it right away, I'd have to pay for the entire June. But I can install it and have it ready and waiting, and all the files conveniently there to obsess over in Altana Viewer. I've missed that almost as much as the game itself. =D;
...buying said HD is also the reason why I can get neither FFTA2 nor FF7CC this month. Compared to those two, the opportunity to play FF11 again wins, no question about it.

Can you tell that Kitty gave me a deadline of re-activating my account at the start of July? I mean, how long have I been talking about doing something about my FF11-less state, a year? xD;;
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6/14/08 09:47 pm

So the miasma appeared 2000 years ago..? And the first people moved to Alfitaria a bit after. Although the Alfitaria castle wasn't built until 1300 years ago. Oh, and Tipa and Leuda are the newest settlements in the area, a mere 700 years old. Then there's the matter of Tida, who was the original Clavat settlement of the area, but it was famously destroyed 50 years ago (that means 50 years before miasma's disappearance)
...which just confirms that Epitav and Leo's old kingdom wasn't in Tida. Leo certainly isn't over 50 years old, the poor guy is just 10.
...unless they retconned, but I doubt that, considering that the 50-year span was structured well into the original game's story, as well as anything could be bound to that flimsy a one.

Just thinking here. Got my books yesterday, been reading up on FFCC since. =D Although I did take a look at the FFT and FF4 ones, too. They just don't have as much information on their respective worlds as the FFCC World Ultimania, so they're not quite as interesting to me right now.
Did you know that the adventurers from Tipa in the original game have actual default names? They were used in Japanese marketing, although I haven't seen a trace of them in the English marketing of the game. The Ultimania included all of those, too. A nice touch. =D Some of the names were used for Beyond the Boundless Sky, the only difference is that I now know the official way to romanize them. So Sibeag instead of Shiberg, Lu'ghe instead of Lu Zhe, and so on.
There's a pretty long short story in the Ultimania, too. Long as in a full 30 pages, with the writing pretty small. Ouch. Although I guess the length is understandable, I glanced at the chapter headings and I think they went up to 8th year or so.

There was also this part that had all the names for parents of the Tipa adventurers, and their siblings, too. And how they're determined. Now, if I only had those all in English..I hope they didn't change around the names too much in translation, so I can match up the names and make that information actually useful. =D;

The issue of the name of that damn Lilty town still frustrates me. In the original game's translation, it was called Marr (or rather, Marr's Pass. Let's just ignore that last part for now). In My Life as a King translation it is Maar. But in Japanese, it's actually spelled out Marl, as I found out to my annoyance while reading the Ultimania... I'm severely tempted to just go with the Japanese spelling. That's the original, after all, and they seem to be intent on changing the English one with every game that comes out.
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6/3/08 05:36 pm

Finished Final Fantasy IV DS last night. =D Trained a bit before it, my levels ended up being 83-86 for the Zeromus fight... Even so, my second attempt at beating him would've ended in a failure too, if not for Phoenix. o.o; Did they make it that much harder..? 'Cause in the GBA version, I beat him on my first try, at 60+.
The ending cinematics were amazing, as usual for that game. Oh, and I loved Rosa's dress! =D Too bad the Official Complete Guide didn't have that design, I'd really want a clear picture of it.
Next up New Game+ and the optional super bosses. When I get around to it. Might not be for a while. I might need more than one of the 'break damage limit' Augment, and a couple Hide Augments to beat them...

I'm not even sure how I ended up playing FF4, come to think of it. I was playing FF6, picked up Strago...and then suddenly I was playing FF4. xD

Also refreshed my memory on what I was doing in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Ended up fighting three battles, none of which were missions (..or quests, or whatever they called them in that game). Maybe today I'll actually get around to furthering the story...
It seems that my people are level 21-24 mostly. As I've played the game for pretty damn long, it makes me wonder how long it'd take to get them all to the highest level. The amount of time and effort that must go into that must be insanely high.

Seems that there really will be new medals for My Life as a King in the Infinity Spire (that's the official translation, right?) DLC. A total of...45 of them. Wow. I have trouble getting my hands on all the previous medals, and now they go and add 45 new medals to it. o.o; 23 of them will be ability medals, 18 item medals, and 4 personality medals. The personality medals will probably be the bulletin board medals. One of the examples they gave was 'Frog Medal', which makes the recipient only go to the Frog Board to get behests, and isn't it possible to build up to four bulletin boards?
Then there's 16 new monsters in that pack, too, of which 10 are special monsters. (With 'special', do they mean bosses...?) They give out the examples of Great Malboro, Evil Eye, Shiva and Omega. We'll get to battle Shiva! =D Too bad there's no monster graphics, it would've been interesting to see a Crystal Chronicles Shiva. Would she resemble the FF9 Shiva much..? Since most the monsters in previous FFCC games have been nearly straight copies from FF9.
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