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5/5/10 09:34 pm

Kitty did something awesome yesterday. She drew a fancy new logo for waff. Waff that is now re-named Chrysalis. =D The same URL for now at least, will have to see about that...
There's so much stuff I simply haven't had the time or attention span to actually write up, I have so much notes on FF games it isn't even funny. And then all the rest of the actual data that needs to be added. And all the stuff that isn't even hinted at at the site yet. So much to do... :X

Some Crisis Core music came up in Amarok last night while I was trying to write, and it made me pick up the game again. You might remember that I originally had the English version, but finished it quickly and sent it off to kitty. And then got the Japanese version of the game. Well, I never did get around to playing it again after was back in December 2008 I think.
So yeah. Completely new game save, started last night, I have some 5 hours on the clock now, 6% mission completion, level 15, and story-wise I'm exploring Midgar for the very first time. That'd be after Wutai. I don't know what came over me. xD;
Is it just me or is the Japanese version easier? Or then I just remember the enemy behavior so well that they don't start posing any challenge until Very Hard missions at this point. And even so it's only because of the tons of HP they have that I have to whittle away at slowly. The Tomahawk attack is the only one that poses any threat, it loads way too quickly to react, but this is nothing new. It can't quite one-shot me anyway, so just gotta keep my HP full and it's perfectly fine.
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10/6/09 02:32 pm

My reaction this morning when doorbell rang: "..buh? @__@" A big package greeted me. Confusion. Checking the sender. ...oh yeah, the kitty sent me a package. Realization.'s THAT big? No wonder she complained about the cost of sending it.
Open package. Stare.


Damn you kitty, now I can't in any conceivable way claim I'm not a total geek. xD (yes yes, I should really get that camera sometimes. Cellphone picture still suffices for this purpose)
Anyway, thank you. I'm branded a geek for life but thank you. Yes, I do like it. And damn, how much did you spend on this, arrgh. xD;
Well, seems that I got my first PlayArts figure quite a bit earlier than I expected. I've looked at them before and contemplated buying (and ways of buying, considering how much it sucks to try to get anything of this kind delivered to Finland) but..yeah.

What else...I'm sure I had something else to write about too. Hmm. Well, I'll write about it later when I can remember what it was.

9/13/08 01:48 am

Finished Crisis Core.

...yeah. It's done now, but I don't need to be too happy about it. Not after seeing the ending. .__.
Didn't even explore most of the last dungeon, as I figured that since I'll be getting the game in Japanese, I'll just push my completionist tendencies to that. Was really annoyed when I noticed how much I've missed, but yeah, ignoring that for now...

I'd heard that the compression of videos towards the end of the game really sucks, although I was surprised to see how much it really sucks. It was visible around Gongaga in (at least) one video, but the last ones were so bad I could hardly watch. Talk about getting jarred out of the game. According to the same source, the bad compression is only in the English version of the game, though. I really hope that's right. I have no fondness of a screw-up of that magnitude ruining my gaming experience.

Feeling the need to delve into the details of the FF7 universe now. I seem to know so few details, or at least remember them. I have looked into it a bit before. The task is daunting, I admit (10 years worth of accumulated tidbits and theories plus the new Compilation stuff? Uhh...that's a bit much), but I gotta start some time, yes? >.>

9/10/08 11:50 pm

Looked through the first incarnation of waff (the offline one) with the intention of adding some stuff to its current form that I still haven't gotten around to adding. Ended up mostly just checking it out and marveling how far it's come from those days. =D Well, I did end up adding the beginnings of a few character profiles, but that's it. I would've added more, I think, but suddenly got uncertain if I'd changed the spellings of the names to reflect the new translation or not - the characters were all from Tactics. And as we all know, the first Tactics translation was pure crap...
Should get around to continuing that game sometimes, I've left it alone for way too long.

Finally picked up Crisis Core too, I think I'm in 10th chapter? Or did I get to 11th yet? Sometime after Nibelheim anyway. I suddenly have hopes of finishing it soon, although the number of uncleared missions worries me a bit.
What the heck is up with the 'defeat 1,000 Shinra troops' mission? That's just...overkill. Pure overkill. I don't want to even try that anytime soon, having just cleared the 50, 100 and 200 troops versions.
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8/15/08 12:56 am

Seems that I've...forgotten to update for a couple days. I've felt sort of out of it recently, and the fact that I have so much stuff to read doesn't really help. I start reading and don't remember to stop.. xD;

Haven't even remembered to play more Crisis Core. I'm stuck on that 'sneak around the compound' thing, and by gods do I hope there's no more of those. I hate sequences like that. It doesn't really inspire me to pick up the game again.
And I really should play more of it if I'm intending on finishing it in English. I promised to send it to Kitty, since I'll be getting it in Japanese along with Dissidia. She said I could order those to her address and she'd send them forward, since there's that idiotic thing where online shops refuse to send Japanese PSP/PS3 games to Europe... *sighs and shakes head* I'm sure I could find some smaller place that'd send them here, but I'm not sure I want to trust some shady little online store I've never heard of before.

There was some awesome rain yesterday. Woke up to the sound. =D When I first glanced out of the window, I thought there was fog, but it turned out to be just very heavy rain. It's been long since I've seen rain like that.

Now, I think I'll go add books/manga to my LibraryThing. I've neglected to do that for a while, and the pile of books to be added is growing to alarming heights.. *sweatdrop*
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8/11/08 04:26 am

Damn you, Crisis Core. There's way too many optional missions. Right when I've had most of the old ones done, I advance in the story by half an hour, and am buried in new optional missions again.
I know, I don't have to do them. I could just go on, most opponents in the story die in 1-2 hits anyway. Blame my obsessive completionist tendencies. In the story, I'm in the beginning of...uhh, actually I'm not sure which chapter it is, but the one after meeting Aerith. Level 34, completion percentage I think 27 or 28?
Some of the music in the game make me want to play FF7 again. While I've played it up to the Northern Crater several times, I've never actually finished the game...guess doing that might be nice. =D;;

(I miss Maaya Sakamoto as Aerith's voice, no matter how pretty and clear her English voice is, it just doesn't feel right... ;___;)

8/7/08 11:59 pm

Ugh. Tonberries. I hate Karma. D: Managed to die in a mission evaluated as 'Normal', the second of the Tonberry ones. What was there, five of them in that final battle? I managed to kill one before getting KO'd. Yay for me.
Oh, and this is Crisis Core, naturally.
Maybe I'll try one of the other missions available before taking on that one again. The others are Hard (and one Very Hard), but..even so, they should be easier than the Tonberry one. (I've had this aversion to Tonberries ever since I first played FF8, and tried out the quest for GF Tonberry... now, every time one appears on the screen, even in a game where they are relatively easy, I freak out completely. Go, go, Tonberries)
In the actual storyline, I just got out of Banora. Have been doing optional missions since that. There sure is a lot of them..I'm as usual quite determined to do everything I can, but my enthusiasm is getting kinda dampened. They just keep appearing... (and ever since I got my hands on the optional missions for the first time, I've completed everything I could before moving forward. It makes the actual story..kinda sorta too easy)

Ever heard of Roger Garth? I stumbled on a picture of him last night, and the experience was quite..err... well, take a look. That's a guy.
This is why I love androgyny. :)
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8/6/08 11:38 pm

Finished Final Fantasy II.. my second time. I was in a bit more hurry than I would've liked, though, as my copy of Crisis Core arrived in the mail today, and I was itching to get to play it. So I skipped further playing around with the Arcane Sanctuary, and just beat my way through Jade Passage and thing I don't like about that game is that the Emperor is a total joke for a final boss. Doesn't hit nearly hard enough.

Arcane Sanctuary )

So, since I finished FF2, I started on FF7 Crisis Core, just like I thought to do. For once. xD; What struck me immediately is that I might have made a mistake in getting the English version. The voices really bug me. I love Angeal's Japanese voice, it fits him so well. And infinitely better than the English one, I think. The shock of realizing that the voice in the beginning is his was...not pleasant. And Sephiroth's English voice is, as usual, quite horrid. Not to mention that jarring effect in my head whenever the English!Zack opens his mouth... I'm just way too used to the Japanese!Zack.
Now I'm really hoping for an International version. Even if they don't release one (the odds of that just came up a while ago though, with FF7DC International..), I'll get it in Japanese anyway. I doubt I could take playing through Crisis Core in English more than once. .__.

Other than the voices.. I'm not surprised with all the hype, but the game is really good. Addicting, with all those bite-sized missions. Gives the 'just one more..' effect.
Also considering how I haven't played other PSP games than FF remakes and ports on it (you know, plus Lumines), the graphics were a bit of a shock, no matter how many times I've seen screenshots of it. That thing looks amazing! My hopes for FF Agito XIII just went up a notch. =D
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8/2/08 10:53 pm

Hmm~ Good day. =D Just practiced playing the guitar, mostly (needs moar finger strength and coordination. Practice, practice, practice...). And I've started up practicing kanji daily again (I'd forgotten it for a while..I think after the release of My Life as King? =D;), so that's good too. And I ordered a bunch of stuff I've been wanting for a while, mostly assorted manga and books.
And Crisis Core. In English, because I suddenly got bored of debating it in my head, and I'm impulsive like that (I think I'll be able to finish FF2 by Tuesday when it arrives, so that'll fit in perfectly). The voice actors will not match what's in my head, but there's always online video for the Japanese voice fact, I've had all Crisis Core cutscenes in Japanese downloaded for quite some time. Haven't watched them though, as I don't want to spoil myself for the game.
And I haven't had a Battery for two days now, so all's well. =D; (besides the headache, that is)

Now, sleep. D34d, I am. Mostly due to the headache.

3/30/08 06:18 pm

The day has disappeared again. o.o;

I did get something done yesterday. I wrote...err...a prologue summary? =D; For FF4TA. I meant to do more but I got distracted. Nothing much happens in the prologue, and I'd gotten bored of it by the point I finished writing that. Most of the dialogue in it is just Biggs and Wedge teaching Ceodore the basics of the fighting system, and the Mithril villagers telling Ceodore the basics of the Blue Planet history. Those are not something to include in a story summary, so it turned out short. The first chapter is where things start to get interesting.

Today, I've just angsted over the endless amounts of information out there about FF7. Every time I try to start looking into it, I get overwhelmed. Not only did the first game offer a wealth of information that's been pored over again and again by rabid fanboys/girls in the ten years since it came out, but damn SE keeps adding more and more stuff to it...I was never all that familiar with the FF7 world to begin with, and it's never been an FF favorite of mine. It seems that waff is doomed to not have FF7 info for some time yet.
I'm in a rather similar situation with FF10, and although there's not quite as much info out there about that one as there's about FF7, it's still plenty enough that I can't easily absorb it in a couple days. Which is about my limit of intense concentration, after that it evens out, the amount of stuff I can stuff into my head gets exponentially smaller, and in a couple more days leads into a complete annihilation of interest in the subject for a long time. *sweatdrop* Although usually I manage to distract myself until the last step happens, and can renew my interest in the subject earlier than I would if I went to the end of it...

Maybe the amount of info already out there for Crisis Core is why I'm not in a hurry to get it. Plus there's the fact that I keep wondering if they'll release an International version in Japan. I want the Japanese voices (they'd keep the Japanese voices in an International version of FF7CC, right? o.o) but I also want the extra content, you see... For some time yet, I'm content with waiting. There's plenty of other new FFs to keep me occupied - and who knows, by the time I actually decide to get that game, my interest will have turned to FF7 instead of more obscure FFs.

I'm trying to decide which FFs to take with me to the train tomorrow. The train trip to Helsinki (where the Versailles gig is..) takes five-ish hours. Plenty of time to play. =D; Maybe I'll just take all my portable ones and decide along the way.
(but that presents the problem that I have detailed notes of my intended character growths for FFT and FFTA, and I'd need to remember to take those notes, as well as a pen, otherwise I can't bring myself to play the damn games. I always forget the notes, so...that's partially why I haven't yet finished either of those games)

Note to self: remember to charge the DS and the PSP and the cellphone and the mp3 player. @__@

2/24/08 05:45 pm

Played through Sylph Cave and Cave of the Summons last night in FF4. When I saved outside of the Sealed Cave, my Cecil was level 59. I'm doomed. There's no way to keep him at a reasonable level at this point. *sigh*
Sealed Cave worries me. They have Chimera Brains there, and those managed to pretty much one-shot 4/5 of my party the last time I encountered one. Then again, that was 9 levels ago for Cecil, so...maybe there's nothing to worry about.
Tower of Babel monsters seem to be everywhere. I seem to have filled up most of the missing entries from there, wandering around Sylph Cave and Cave of the Summons, and just the regular underworld area. I don't have them all by any means, but at least there's no huge gaps in the list like there used to be. And then there's the fact that the Cave of Summons island seems to have a frequent encounter rate for Mystery Eggs, and they rather often hatch into dragons. Dragons that drop tails, which give you Onion equipment when brought to the tail-collecting guy in Adamant Grotto. =D I've been trying to fight many of them, but no luck so far, not even by stealing. Ah well...there's still time. For those tails, as well as for the damn Rainbow Pudding I need to bring to Doublebookingway...

Also discovered why I didn't see any new monsters at Mt Hobbs. I was at the wrong mountain. The missing one was at Mt Ordeals. Ooops. =D; Well, I'll look into it when I get out of the underworld again.

The Before Crisis soundtrack sounds awesome! I didn't even imagine it could sound something like that. I want that game, dammit. Port it to another platform, SE. Japan-only cellphone games suck. D:
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1/18/08 10:32 pm

They sent my Ring of Fates today. =D
In all honesty I'm a little worried that they'll come up with an International version later on, since there's those additional quests in the English version. But I hold on to Revenant Wings not having an International ( least yet) which would make it very unlikely for Ring of Fates to have one. But ah well. Extra challenge is welcome, but...often they don't really contribute to the story, yes? I can always look them up online.
I'm more worried about Crisis Core. I really don't want to get the English version. As in, I really don't want to get it. Unless they give me the option of Japanese voices. And it's already been confirmed as having new stuff in it. I'm not too certain what to do...

I really need to finish a game or two or three soon. Soon as in within the next week. They just keep releasing new ones... Even Devil May Cry 4 is coming out in February. Argh, I'll never have the time to play these all!

Thinking of working on waff tonight. There's some parts I've been meaning to add for ages now.
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