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6/10/09 08:48 pm

Argh, headache. Shouldn't play so much. *stretches* All wound up now, not very pleasant. And I'm tired, didn't get enough sleep last night.

Turns out I wasn't right at the end of Ceodore's tale just yet, had to go through Mist Cave first. Forgot that part...anyway, went through the remaining parts of Ceodore's tale and all of Kain's tale today. The story's still as screwed up as ever. =D; Will go through Rydia's tale tomorrow. Don't want to play anymore today.
I'm severely disagreeing with slapping Kain's tale right after Ceodore's. Parts of it make absolutely no sense unless you know what happens in the other tales, the ones that are supposed to come before it...

Got things settled down on the Linux side now. Even transferred all the new files I could remember creating on the storage external to my computer, although I'm not too certain I caught all of them. So inconvenient, this.
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5/26/09 06:10 pm

Wow, can Susan Boyle sing. I know I know, I always get around to this stuff late. But..damn, can she sing. I regret passing over mentions of her name before. It's kind of an automatic reaction. Something new comes along, gets mentioned at most every blog I mention, and I just let it be. xD

I received my Final Fantasy IV novels last week, been reading the first book when I remember. It's really interesting. It doesn't actually make the main point be the story of the game. It follows various people in the sidelines. When Cecil went to Mysidia, there was Kain!angst over Rosa. When Cecil and Kain left to Mist, there was Rosa!angst, and following the events in Baron. After reaching Kaipo, there was Gilbart and Anna's story, and a bit before that there was a bit about Tellah's feelings and thoughts as he struggled alone towards Damcyan. Basically, it expands on the people and bits of stories that the game didn't concentrate on.
Naturally, they've only been published in Japanese. But if you can read it.. author is Tezuka Ichirou, there's two of the novels, and they were published by Square Enix. There's an introduction by Tokita Takashi at the end of the second book, too, talking about FF4 and the sequel.
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1/26/09 01:23 am

The last couple days have gone by in a flash. Lots of good music and lots to do now that I can actually do it.

Mostly, I've just edited waff. Got bored of my old complicated system of listing equips, and fixed it. I have no idea why I hadn't yet, I'd already moved all attacks and other items away from the old system, only the equips were left. Maybe I'd just forgotten to complete the move... anyway, that took me two days. Yay. And yesterday, I started adding the missing FF4 equips. Added all of them. With the completion of the FF4 item section, all the FF4 stuff I'm missing are good pages for the characters, pages for the individual places, some encyclopedia pages, and game mechanics and timelines pages. Figures. Just the ones that require the most work are left, the ones that merely require mechanical copying down of stats are done...
So not having anything else to do, I started working. Managed to write a page for Baron, that took me several hours. And it's not even finished yet, need to add details on the locations within Baron and then a list of all the monsters in the area. And when I just think of how I need to repeat this process for every other nation in FF4, and then every location in every other's kind of overwhelming. Little by little it gets done, but it's sure taking long.

But at least I like that page. It needs to be polished a bit yet (and the aforementioned info added), but it's looking good so far. I'm surprised how much is actually known about Baron, I didn't expect that.

Still working on Shade Impulse Chapter 1 in Dissidia. Discovered that there's additional cutscenes if you go defeat bosses (all villains) with their corresponding heroes. I guess I really do have to go through it on every character. =D; Not that I haven't beaten it on four characters already.
Looked up some info on the game just out of curiosity, and it appears that the highest level opponents in actual story mode are in the sixties. Should be done with it soon (well, 'soon'. Depending on how much of a completionist I decide to be before completing story mode the first time), and then get to unlocking Shantotto and Gabranth.
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7/19/08 10:58 am

Each time I read something new and interesting from the 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2, I'm more and more glad for buying it. I started on the Final Fantasy III section, and when I reached the part of it describing the world, I was quite surprised to find..population counts. For all the cities. =D Then there's also the area measurements in 'C/M' (which is apparently a unit for measuring areas in that world) and main industries (as a result of looking up that particular word, I now know such useful words as 'product' and 'industry' in Japanese xD; 工業 [kougyou] and 産業 [sangyou], respectively)

Saronia is big. Each of the sections of the city is as big as any given town or village in the world by itself. Each also has different industries they concentrate on. =D; SW has 627 people, industry is 'product', I'm guessing it means they concentrate on..well, production. SE is the biggest of the four, has 1,357 people, but no main industry. NW is 242 people, and since it's the section with the library, you can guess the main industry.. and then there's NE, 575 people and commerce. At 2,801 people in the city, it's the biggest place by far in the entire world. (as if the size on the overworld didn't give it away.. xD;) If you consider that that's the biggest city in the entire world and that most towns have only 500-ish people...yeah, small world. Just the same problem as with Gaia from FF4, everything's kinda too small if you trust the official numbers. Baron's said to be the biggest country around, and even that is listed as having only 3,500 people. Not to mention Damcyan with its 700 people, or tiny little Fabul with its 300...

By the way, I skipped ahead (damn my curiosity, I couldn't resist) and checked which games have population counts listed. Turns out it's only FF3, FF4 and FF6. Boo...

As I suspected, I now have this insane urge to start FF3 again. Not good. D: Although I'm considering booting up my last game and completing more of the game, mastering jobs and getting the best spells (that I...missed buying 'cause I went straight for the last dungeon. Oops) and such. =D;
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6/30/08 05:39 pm

Hee, next chapter of FF4 The After is Gilbart's. =D (...and dammit, I am going to learn to call him that, since all the Japanese sources constantly call him that now. Using 'Edward' would be worse. It's completely idiotic that the English version has two Edwards running around in FF4, even if one of them goes by his nickname most (/all) of the time)
...he has a secretary. Called Hal. Who can use Zeninage (/Gil Toss) and was a scholar before being enchanted by his voice. xD; Well, that's one of the last two playable characters revealed, I have to wonder who's the last one. What chapters are there left anyway, Kain's? And those for Cid, Cecil and Rosa, but I'm somehow suspecting at least Cecil and Rosa's chapters won't be available until later, since so much has been made of the mystery of their whereabouts and what happened at Castle Baron after the attack.
..somehow, this Hal character interests me. Looks like a traditional scholar, will she actually have a personality to match? (I would hope she's not just a stereotype..) Her having Zeninage might be an interesting hint about her personality. xD Although I suppose Damcyan can handle it, being a wealthy merchant nation and all.

299/300 in FF Tactics Advance. Was heading to the last numbered mission (at least I'm presuming it's a numbered mission, it's similar to the last numbered missions I've played through) when I saved the last time, got bored of too many roaming clans on the map and had to take a break. Nevertheless, getting very close to total completion in missions. =D
Too bad I couldn't go for 100% completion with that game, due to some early, this close to it, the fact that I missed capturing a Goblin and a Thunderdrake, getting Goblin Punch on my Blue Mage and getting Eldena to join my clan is bothering me. I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything else, although I didn't steal at all in the early game. I've followed a dungeon-placement guide for all missable items from the beginning, and one of the latest missions had a dude I could steal both Genji Armor and Genji Helm from. Those are the only items I'm aware I was missing (other than some Mythril weapons, but those are not missable as far as I know, they're just so rare I haven't gotten all of them yet)

My computer chair broke on me (the back fell off). It's been on the verge of it for some time..but dammit, why now? There's so much other stuff to buy. D:
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6/24/08 09:48 pm

Ugh, I hope this thought gets out of my head and pretty damn quick. Kain/Porom (Return of the Moon era, naturally) isn't too common, I'm suspecting. Which means I'd have to write it myself and ugh, DONOTWANT. x___x

(prettyporomispretty, yes? *points to icon*)

6/23/08 08:50 pm

Hah, I'm so good. FFTA finished~! =D 275/300 numbered missions, too, and got Ritz into my Clan. Being the obsessive completionist that I am, I'm working my way up to 300 and the extra ones while I still don't have FFTA2. it just me or were the final battle/ending themes much better than the other music in the game? Could be just because I've heard all the rest of them so many times, though.

The Porom chapter title picture (this be FF4TA: Return of the Moon of course) looks pretty good.. Porom is totally competing with Rydia in this game. Just look at her! =D;

I rummaged around in boxes of my stuff again and found a blackboard...I got mom to buy it for me a year ago when I moved here, it was still wrapped up and everything. Thought I'd take it to use when I moved out of here, back then, a better idea now. Made it an FF memo for myself and propped it up against some boxes next to the TV. Very useful, that, now I can see what needs doing at a glance. xD

I wonder when the Tales of Symphonia sequel will come out..? My Wii needs more games. (they'd better release it in Europe too!)
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6/20/08 08:53 pm

Edge chapter )

Tiiiired...Lately, I've been going to sleep around 3 PM. A bit past my bedtime now. Don't want to go to sleep yet though, there's so much I've been meaning to do and it annoys me that I never get around to doing them. Currently trying to decide whether to finish reading/writing summaries of the second volume of Beyond the Boundless Sky, or read one more chapter of Memories Like the Sunshine (a FFCC short story, from the Ultimania. By Benny Matsuyama..did I mention this before when rambling about the FFCC Ultimania?) before this week's Vampire Knight episode finishes downloading.
Heh, so proud of myself now. I wrote (most of) the game mechanics page for My Life as a King for waff today. Felt so good to quash those annoyingly persistent rumors that Pathfinder somehow mysteriously would make Si Khem stop shifting, even if it's only at waff. =D;
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6/3/08 05:36 pm

Finished Final Fantasy IV DS last night. =D Trained a bit before it, my levels ended up being 83-86 for the Zeromus fight... Even so, my second attempt at beating him would've ended in a failure too, if not for Phoenix. o.o; Did they make it that much harder..? 'Cause in the GBA version, I beat him on my first try, at 60+.
The ending cinematics were amazing, as usual for that game. Oh, and I loved Rosa's dress! =D Too bad the Official Complete Guide didn't have that design, I'd really want a clear picture of it.
Next up New Game+ and the optional super bosses. When I get around to it. Might not be for a while. I might need more than one of the 'break damage limit' Augment, and a couple Hide Augments to beat them...

I'm not even sure how I ended up playing FF4, come to think of it. I was playing FF6, picked up Strago...and then suddenly I was playing FF4. xD

Also refreshed my memory on what I was doing in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Ended up fighting three battles, none of which were missions (..or quests, or whatever they called them in that game). Maybe today I'll actually get around to furthering the story...
It seems that my people are level 21-24 mostly. As I've played the game for pretty damn long, it makes me wonder how long it'd take to get them all to the highest level. The amount of time and effort that must go into that must be insanely high.

Seems that there really will be new medals for My Life as a King in the Infinity Spire (that's the official translation, right?) DLC. A total of...45 of them. Wow. I have trouble getting my hands on all the previous medals, and now they go and add 45 new medals to it. o.o; 23 of them will be ability medals, 18 item medals, and 4 personality medals. The personality medals will probably be the bulletin board medals. One of the examples they gave was 'Frog Medal', which makes the recipient only go to the Frog Board to get behests, and isn't it possible to build up to four bulletin boards?
Then there's 16 new monsters in that pack, too, of which 10 are special monsters. (With 'special', do they mean bosses...?) They give out the examples of Great Malboro, Evil Eye, Shiva and Omega. We'll get to battle Shiva! =D Too bad there's no monster graphics, it would've been interesting to see a Crystal Chronicles Shiva. Would she resemble the FF9 Shiva much..? Since most the monsters in previous FFCC games have been nearly straight copies from FF9.
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5/19/08 12:34 am

Oops, forgot to update at yesterday's side again. One more day missed...

Didn't really do much anything today either. Wrote short bios for the new people (and several others, like Luca) in FF4TA for waff (and added pics and their abilities), but there's not really much known about most of them than the one or two sentence descriptions at the official site. Nevertheless, added the stuff I could. Will just have to complete them when more info is available.
Noticed that the FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania gives Yang's wife's name as Ursula (no, I haven't read that thing completely yet. I tend to write character profiles for waff as I go, so working on it). Wth, all the references I've found have her name as Sheila in FF4TA. D: They can't have completely forgotten her name as her daughter's name is Ursula in FF4TA,

(This next point is gross. Seriously, stop reading) there's cat and/or dog shit all over the place. Latest development is the shower, and I very much need it clean as I'm actually venturing out tomorrow. And guess what! My sister (who owns all the damn things living in here, and as such is responsible for cleaning after them) won't do a fucking thing about any of it. As usual. I can't even remember the last time she cleaned out the litter box, let alone anything else. I can't wait to get out of this place. Quite beside the fact that I'm allergic and shouldn't come into contact with that stuff (not to mention not living here voluntarily, the animals not being allowed in my room, and me trying to keep this room well aired out so I won't choke. Quite a pain in winter, it was), I'm seriously considering turning her into the appropriate people (animal abuse, hello? Not to mention people abuse D:). I've no doubt that the moment she gets left living on her own she'll drown in shit in no time. Judging her unfit to keep animals is the least society can do for her.
Quite purposely leaving this public in the vain hope that some of her animal-loving friends get a hold of this. She only makes a token effort when her friends (or buyers for her damn puppies) come around, otherwise she won't move a muscle. Hey, appearances are everything, right? Right. Can't wait not having to associate with that person.
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5/5/08 04:11 am

Damn Zeromus. You didn't give me this much trouble in the GBA version. D: I tried to beat FF4 DS to get it over with, but noo... Of course Zeromus wouldn't let me do that. My doom ended up being that strong attack of his (sorry, forgot the name. I was too busy issuing commands to read the messages) followed almost immediately by Meteor. And of course Kain had 0 MP due to Zeromus being overzealous with using Aspir, so even Phoenix didn't kick in.
Lunar Subterrane and Lunar Core ended up being relatively easy. Levels 80-84 when I last checked, and I guess the same levels in my latest save since I hardly fought anything on the way down. Just one Behemoth that surprised me (it ended up being easier to kill it than to escape from it) and one of Zemus Mind and Zemus Breath each, since I didn't yet have those in the bestiary.
The cutscenes? Once again blew my mind away. As well as the Lunar Core. Am I completely off the mark or was that a gigantic crystal? It's hard to believe this is on the 'underpowered' DS. Totally looking forward to the ending, that should be amazing. =D

Wrote a couple FF2 character profiles and the start of their summaries. Need to do more of them.. I guess it would be easier if I'd played it recently, but I'm getting the PSP version this month so don't really feel like starting another playthrough on the GBA version. Plus, you know, enough games to finish already... Anyway, might try writing profiles for Minwu and other temporary party characters today, the 20th Anniversary Ultimania Character File is insanely useful in something like that. It's part of the reason why I got it. :P

Sometime in the past couple days, the trees have gotten leaves.
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5/4/08 11:05 am

Some story and speculation on FF4 The After: Return of the Moon...

Spoilers, in case anyone cares )

...I should really write those proper summaries. Chapters 1-4 are just waiting for me to get around to it. And the situation sure isn't getting any better, with new chapters coming out every month.

4/24/08 09:30 pm

Last night I did some pretty heavy editing at waff...not that it was something very useful, just renamed a bunch of pages so they'd have more natural titles. That ended up almost an all-night job, though, considering that every mention of those pages had to be edited to link to the new page title. I could have just left it to redirects, but that's a clumsy way to go about it, so I changed them. :P So now the page titles at least are a bit prettier.

Quite determined to finish (or at least nearly finish) FF4 DS tonight. I've avoided it long enough. Even going through the final dungeon again doesn't feel so bad anymore. =D; (if you don't remember, I lost a couple hours of playtime and lost my will to play it)
It seems that it's coming out this summer in Europe, too. SE seems to make good of their promise of simultaneous releases in NA/EU. If they'd just add Japan to that bunch, all would be well. =D While I prefer buying the Japanese version if possible, there's still those region-locked consoles, and I prefer not to mod mine. In those cases, it'd be really great not to have to wait a year after Japanese release for a game.....
(not that this new system is all that much better, with half a year or more between Japan and NA/EU release. That's what's happening to FF4 DS and FFTA2)

I think I had something else to write about, but I can't remember what...
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4/22/08 01:06 am

Well would you look at that. Palom has found a pretty girl for himself in Troia. She's called Leonora. I wonder if she was the girl mentioned with Palom before... And she can apparently use both white and black magic! Hmm.
Just by the way, May's FF4 The After chapter is Palom's.

It's bothering me. The Japanese blog that I usually get my Final Fantasy updates from longer there. I went to a connected site and it said there's some renovation going on and to be patient..but why erase the blog completely while at it? Its URL only brings up an error message now. .___.
...of course, the most annoying thing about this is that I actually have to visit the official sites myself to get the updates. And that I can no longer angst over all the cellphone content (art, tunes, videos, etc) only people in Japan get, since I don't get frequent updates on them. =D;
Also, an English FF news blog that I follow seems to have largely stopped updating, too. What's with these people? All at the same time? *sweatdrop*

Updated some FF11 novel series content at waff. Wrote that summary for 星の誓い and rewrote all character pages but one that I already had up. Will need to do that last one and write more of them when I'm not so fed up with writing summaries...

4/12/08 09:41 pm

So late already.. But due to having only a couple hours of sleep before, I slept for around..15 or 16 hours. x___x Today I've just been doing my standard stuff. Reading news, learning to write kanji, and then continued reading 遥かなる翼. I'm on page 100. =D;; Going a bit slow, but it can't be helped I guess. There are times when I try to read faster, but after a bit of that my mind just refuses to accept it anymore, that I could actually read Japanese and be fast about it, and all the kanji and kana become incomprehensible scribbles for a while. *sweatdrop* It'll come with more practice, but for now it's a bit annoying. This same thing happened when I was starting to read books in English, and then the letters at least were familiar...
(plus I have this slight difficulty finding the right line to continue reading from, since the lines are vertical and go right to left. Funny, I never considered that a problem when reading manga..)

Oh, to those people that didn't know it yet, FF4 DS was slated for US release this summer. Can't remember the exact date, but it's there. :P The press release didn't mention any extras for it.. usually they're mentioned in the initial press release if there is any. So maybe there won't be, for this game.
Pochikas are called Whytkin in English. xD; And Decant Abilities became Augment Abilities. Whytkin is nice enough, but Augment Abilities? Bah.

It wasn't in the press release, but I also heard that the Summons will be Eidolons this time around...I wonder if that was just a rumor?
In contrast with English and its many names for them, in Japanese they're always just 召喚獣 (shoukanjuu) or 幻獣 (genjuu). 召喚獣 is the Summon (/'summoned beast') part. 幻獣 is more 'illusionary beast', and that's the word used in FF4 (even though Summoner is still 召喚士 (shoukanshi)). It was also used in Revenant Wings for Yarhi, and it's Dagger's Trance command in FF9 (which is Eidolon in English, in case you didn't know. Personally, I think they chose the word Eidolon because both her Trance and normal command translate into the same word (=summon), so they needed a different word for the actual beings and the act of summoning). Probably others too, but I haven't really paid that much attention/have never seen them referred to in Japanese.
This is just one more example of how different translations over time have needlessly complicated the Final Fantasy multiverse in English. As time passes by, different translators translate the same word in different ways, and thus the general English-speaking audience takes them to be different concepts/spells/monsters/etc. In Japanese, this problem doesn't arise, and the continuity is preserved.
At least they haven't messed up the Summon/Eidolon/Aeon names too badly, after the first couple translated games. The spells are another matter indeed. Those are a complete mess. *sighs and shakes head* Even now, when things were finally looking up for a while and they translated the spells directly, they've started introducing new fancy words as spell names. FF12, I'm looking at you. 'Vox' indeed...that manages to both ignore the original word, and the -na line of spells that cure status effects. Or Syphon! It's really Aspir, and has been all the time in Japanese. That particular one used to be translated as Osmose all the time, and that I didn't really have any trouble with..why change it, after consistently having it the same for so long? Now it's been known with all three words in English. D:
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