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7/19/08 10:58 am

Each time I read something new and interesting from the 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2, I'm more and more glad for buying it. I started on the Final Fantasy III section, and when I reached the part of it describing the world, I was quite surprised to find..population counts. For all the cities. =D Then there's also the area measurements in 'C/M' (which is apparently a unit for measuring areas in that world) and main industries (as a result of looking up that particular word, I now know such useful words as 'product' and 'industry' in Japanese xD; 工業 [kougyou] and 産業 [sangyou], respectively)

Saronia is big. Each of the sections of the city is as big as any given town or village in the world by itself. Each also has different industries they concentrate on. =D; SW has 627 people, industry is 'product', I'm guessing it means they concentrate on..well, production. SE is the biggest of the four, has 1,357 people, but no main industry. NW is 242 people, and since it's the section with the library, you can guess the main industry.. and then there's NE, 575 people and commerce. At 2,801 people in the city, it's the biggest place by far in the entire world. (as if the size on the overworld didn't give it away.. xD;) If you consider that that's the biggest city in the entire world and that most towns have only 500-ish people...yeah, small world. Just the same problem as with Gaia from FF4, everything's kinda too small if you trust the official numbers. Baron's said to be the biggest country around, and even that is listed as having only 3,500 people. Not to mention Damcyan with its 700 people, or tiny little Fabul with its 300...

By the way, I skipped ahead (damn my curiosity, I couldn't resist) and checked which games have population counts listed. Turns out it's only FF3, FF4 and FF6. Boo...

As I suspected, I now have this insane urge to start FF3 again. Not good. D: Although I'm considering booting up my last game and completing more of the game, mastering jobs and getting the best spells (that I...missed buying 'cause I went straight for the last dungeon. Oops) and such. =D;
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2/19/08 12:40 pm

Got my copy of Lyrical Sympathy just now. =D It's totally awesome. Will learn the lyrics to all the songs before the gig. Will not take long, I think, I already know half of them..

Also got my FF3 Official Complete Guide. It's making me want to re-play FF3.. but that would be a spectacularly bad idea. First finish Ring of Fates. And FF4 DS. And preferably FFT and FFCC and FFTA and FF6 and Folklore, too. *sweatdrop* (Oh, and I just remembered I never finished Tales of the Tempest, either! I have a really bad problem with finishing games, it's probably really obvious, too...)
Anyway, now I have even more stuff to work on for waff. I haven't even finished adding the data of the previous games I got guidebooks for, and I keep getting more of them... hopefully there'll be a time soon when I'll just wander to the site and feel disgusted about how incomplete it is. It seems that's the only way to get me going, even though I really like working on it if I just manage to start... =D;'s aggravating. They still haven't sent my copy of FF4 DS Official Complete Guide. It's a new book, dammit, can't they get it already?! I ordered it at the same time as the FF3 one, and they didn't have that in stock to begin with, either. D:

1/21/08 05:03 am

Well that's something I haven't done in a while. I've been working on waff practically the whole night. =D; Added nothing too important, just all the FF4 Decant Abilities... and added the DAs to series-wide lists... and edited in some info on a couple summons... and wrote proper bios for all FF1 characters, as much as I could remember on them... you know, small stuff like that. Did practically nothing to the completion percentage, even though it took so long. I blame those bios. You actually have to come up with the text for those, and even if it's just a couple lines for the bit-part characters, some of the more important ones do take longer. I dread to think of the more modern games, it's going to take ages to write anything passable for them.
Still 17 pages short of 3,000 pages total. I'll probably pass that mark next time I do anything even remotely major.

Also ordered Official Complete Guides for FF3 and FF4. It's going to take some time for them to arrive, though, as they didn't have them in stock.
I want to re-play FF3 now, but that'd undoubtedly be a bad idea. Need to finish games, not start new ones. D:
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