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6/8/09 05:22 pm

Where does all the time disappear?

Final Fantasy blabber )

Been some time since I properly listened to Nightwish, hasn't it... I don't much like the new singer, but the Once album is pretty damn good. =D
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1/29/08 04:34 pm

I have absolutely no self-control.

In other words, started playing Ring of Fates without finishing either FF12RW or FF4 DS. Or Folklore, for that matter. Bah...even though I hate waiting, it could've taken a couple more days to arrive. I only seem to have four optional missions and six story-missions to go in RW.
(...although really, how are you supposed to beat 9-1? I'm a level or two or three above the enemies and I still can't win it. First time I tried, I died before the second part of the battle. Second time, just after reaching it, as I only had only one leader and some Yarhi alive. Maybe I was just unaccustomed to the controls, but I even managed to beat the optional Rikken, Elza and Raz battle on Tswarra where you can't summon Yarhi against them...I'd tried that something like 10+ times before)

I'm not too far into FFCC:RoF yet but it seems good enough. I suspect a part of it is that I keep congratulating myself for managing to avoid the horrid English dub. xD Haven't even had any major difficulty in understanding anything..well, except some of the item names. The recipes (crafting scrolls? That's how they were translated in FFCC) and the items required to make them.

Also got Wings of the Goddess. Re-installing Windows to play FFXI again might have to wait until March, though (I'd meant to do it in the next couple days). If I start playing FFXI again now, I'll never be able to concentrate enough to finish the other games. =D; Although I miss San d'Oria badly...
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1/27/08 11:09 am

I~ hate~ Sundays~! Nothing opens until noon. I want a Battery, dammit, I'm thirsty. .___.

Started re-reading Le Chant de la Tempête now. Iris is as annoying as ever. I really hope she matures out as the series progresses. After all, the majority of the series deals with Al and Iris...

Also finished reading 霧晴れぬ廃都、遠吠えは己まず finally (I swear, I'll come up with a good translation for it soon). There were some...surprises, there in the end. The story turned out to be somewhat sadder than I thought. I think I'm really going to attempt to translate it, if I ever manage to make the time for it.
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1/10/08 08:06 pm

Oops, it seems that I've skipped...a couple days.. =D;; First I was too busy trying to figure out 霧晴れぬ廃都、遠吠えは己まず (that would be the FFXII short story) and then re-reading a favorite manga series of mine and... *sweatdrop*
Anyway, nothing's really happened. Just the usual. I slept too long today (didn't wake up until 7 PM! Now that hasn't happened in a while) and now I have a ton of RSS feed updates to catch up with. Over 400 to be exact. Will probably end up skipping at least around a hundred of them, don't want to waste that much time reading news.
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1/6/08 02:43 am

I'm seriously thinking of translating the FFXII short story by Benny Matsuyama (the guy wrote Maiden Who Travels the Planet for the FFVII Ultimania Omega) Since I remembered I haven't yet taken a good look at the FFXII Ultimania Omega ('cause I hadn't finished the game before) I now read some bits before ending up trying to read the story. It sure has a lot of complicated kanji...but I think I can do it. Given some time. Actually I still haven't finished reading it, still have three chapters to go. All those least this is good for my Japanese skills.
The story's been interesting this far. It's about five survivors of the destruction of Nabudis. Interestingly enough, one of the characters mentions a place from FFTA2...

...given that I've spent most my time reading that thing, I haven't really played FF4. Hmm..well, I'm certain I'll get back to it once I finish reading. I absolutely have to finish a game or two in the next few days, as I most likely will get at least two or three new ones soon.

Did I mention anything of the FF series 20th Anniversary Ultimanias here yet? I'm pretty sure I haven't. Anyway, they look interesting. Will most likely get at least the first part (it's about the characters), although I'm not sure when. While these are bound to get interesting, I think I place higher value on getting the actual Ultimanias and the games I'm still missing from the series.

I've also tried drawing, since I promised Vagrant Story fanart.. nothing more than sketches yet, trying to decide what to do for the actual picture and getting some feel for the characters. It's been too long since I've touched that game. May need to refresh my memories.
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1/3/08 07:18 pm

Finally worked on Waff a bit. ...a bit. As in, added lists of abilities to FF4, not even the details or anything. And edited some random pages for minor corrections. But it's a whole lot more than I've done recently for it, so it'll be enough for now.
Actually, I wanted to add some FF4 DS monster data. But my DS ran out of power and the charger is on the other side of the room. That's where the only free wall sockets are, I really have too many gadgets. >.>

There's more minigames available for me now in FF4! There has been for some time, I just haven't mentioned them.

Pochika minigames )

Playing these is surprisingly addicting. I'm actually looking forward to Edge's minigame..I have no idea what it is, but if the previous ones are indicative of anything, it'll be fun.

I'm still hunting for my missed bestiary entries in the actual game. I found the one in Mist Cave (that damn butterfly, it turns out. Forgot about it, they were so common in the GBA version!), and am hunting down one from Underground Waterway now.

They must have nerfed the drop rate for Rydia's summon items. The first one I got was Cockatrice at Mt Ordeals. I thought it a real stroke of luck...but then I went to Magnetic Cavern and Mindflayer dropped. At that point I started getting suspicious. When I gained control of Enterprise, I figured I might as well try and walked around Baron area hunting Goblins. And....another Cockatrice dropped. *shakes head* Well, I didn't get Goblin yet. Goblins are surprisingly rare in this version. I got bored of the Baron area, so when I noticed there's one monster I've missed in Antlion's Cave and that there's Domovoi in the same area, I figured I might just try and get it to drop from Domovois while hunting for that missing monster.
Were there any other summon items? I can't remember. =D;

...has anyone seen the FFXII short story from FFXII Ultimania Omega translated anywhere? I keep wondering if I should attempt it.
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12/29/07 09:22 pm

It suddenly amuses me to poke around the Square Enix Members site. I created an account there back during the summer and then didn't bother doing anything with it. Now I've picked avatar and even filled out my profile page. Now let's hope no one decides to notice me, as they're most likely to write in Japanese. =D;;
And I may be stupid, but I added a link to waff there...let's really hope that no one looks at that thing. Could get weird otherwise.

I've gotten bored of Revenant Wings now. Mostly because the opponents suddenly jumped in level to 50-60+, while I'm still 41-44. The level 50 ones aren't too hard, but just try the 60+ ones...can be a real pain if you don't manage to stop them ganging up on you. Ouch. So I'm trying to train a bit, and that's boring. Still haven't started on chapter 9 proper, although I've done about half the optional missions.

Which means I'm switching over to FF4. Oops. =D; That's what made me look at the SE Members site again, I wanted to see what would happen if I input a game code in there, since I finally have a Japan-published game from SE. Well, at least I now have a pretty 190 points...too bad I don't have an address in Japan. Somehow I doubt they'd send those extra goodies to Finland. There's even this special promotion now, if you buy FF4 and register it you can get a card-thingie signed by that woman who sings 月の明り (yup, still can't remember her name...), but that's only until the 31st. So take advantage of it, if you can. *sigh*

This whole thing reminds me that I still have to find a site that'll sell Japanese Playstation games to point in having the PS3 and PSP region free if I can't get the damn games. >.>
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12/28/07 09:39 pm

Huh, they're getting new servers again here at IJ? This site sure is expanding quickly. =D

Finally got my copy of FF4 DS and FF12 Revenant Wings Ultimania today! So, instead of playing Revenant Wings..I've spent all day reading the Ultimania. Oops. You know, the book is quite a bit heavier than DS...although thankfully you can just put it down and continue reading instead of having to hold it all the time.
I obviously haven't had the time to read all of it (in fact..only the first part, World & Characters. And I leafed through the rest. Except the Missions part, I don't want to spoil the story), but what I've had time for looks just as good as the rest of the Ultimanias. I've even gotten good enough in Japanese that I can actually read it now instead of look at all the text and wonder what it means. xD I don't get all the details by any means, but enough to understand the topic and some of the details. Still need to learn a couple hundred more kanji to be able to read with any comfort, though. I keep forgetting how to read some of them, even though I know what they mean..and vice versa, although it's a bit more rare that way.

Figured it'd be a bad idea to start playing FF4 before finishing RW, so I haven't even opened the box yet. Need to be able to concentrate on that game so I can understand the Japanese. But anyway, looks like it'll be a couple more days (one, at the very least) before I can take it up - since I spent today reading the Ultimania I obviously haven't had the time to play. I'm only in the beginning of chapter 9, haven't even completed any of the optionals yet. I'll write about the last part of chapter 8 when I have more new stuff to mention.

12/27/07 10:35 pm

Been playing more Revenant Wings... Only up to mission 8-2, haven't really had the time today to play for excessive amounts of time again. :P

Here there be spoilers )

12/27/07 02:12 am

Just watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special 07.. Amazing job, once again. That series never fails to entertain. =D And the idea of spaceship-Titanic was really well pulled off, I think. Can't wait for the next season...

Up to chapter 8 in Revenant Wings now. Not sure of the exact completion percentage I have, but it's pretty high. I've been completing every mission that shows up.
There's only one thing that worries me. I read somewhere that there's an alternate ending if you beat the game with 100% completion. Is that really 'alternate' or is there just a couple additional scenes or something? I don't necessarily want to keep around a second save file with not everything completed so I can compare.

12/26/07 04:29 am

Revenant Wings.. I haven't really had anything else to do, so I've only played that. Oh, and slept a bit. =D Right now I have 50% completion if you can trust the in-game counter. Just got to chapter 6, haven't even really started it as I wanted to check out the optional missions first.

It really is surprisingly entertaining! Maybe it's the controls. They're really good, so playing is a pleasure (well, as long as you don't go as overboard as I do with it. Once again, my hands are hurting...that darn DS needs to be lighter, a measly few hours like this wouldn't affect me at all on a console)
I'm really liking the story this far, even though rather serious things are happening it doesn't drown in the angst. It could just be that most of the people are obviously not very attached to Lemures, so the situation doesn't really matter to them that much. Just a bunch of outsiders wanting to help. While it does give it a good flavor suitable for takes something away, too. Not enough to be noticeable while you play (it's too addicting for that!) but when you think of it afterwards...

This be a cut hiding spoilers and more rambling )

Now, to go to sleep or continue playing... hmmm.....

12/25/07 04:22 am

Damn that DS. It can be so heavy...

...what? No, of course I haven't been playing Revenant Wings for 10 hours straight, what are you talking about? What a ridiculous notion! Heh heh! Heh.. heh... heh..... oops.

My hands hurt. ;___;

12/24/07 01:53 pm

Just finished Final Fantasy XII. ...I feel good, but a bit nostalgic. It might not have taken me this long to finish it if there hadn't been real-life complications in the way, but it did..what did it take, ten months? That's an awfully long time to play a game. Well, it's not like I can't go back to it and finish those sidequests, but it's not the same now that I've finished it already.
The final stage of the final was actually a bit hard. Didn't expect that, having heard you can beat it at around level 50.
And whoa, weren't there a lot of cutscenes. Should've expected that, though. xD

All in all, I'd say it was very good. I'm one of those who could never understand why people complain about the story - the story is there, dammit, and has considerable depth too! It's just not presented in the same way as most other games. A more subtle feel instead of the in-your-face approach. I could say I very much liked it. For the themes, too, it's not like you come across a politics-driven story every day.
Not to mention that the world is simply amazing in all its detail and background. I've literally spent dozens of hours just wandering about, admiring the scenery. That is not an achievement to look down on, to create such a world.

Now, I can start playing FFXII: Revenant Wings tonight with good conscience. =D And pick up FF4 DS when it comes. And continue FF6 (Advance) and FFT: War of the Lions, and finish FFTA some time. Oh, and I still have that save file in FF7 and then there's Dirge of Cerberus, which I'm pretty much stuck on... and FFX-2 and FF8 of course, and my 100% completion challenge in FF9... Oh, and I haven't finished FF1 PSP... =D;;
Of those listed, I've only ever finished FF9 (plus FF1 and FF4, but only the Advance versions). FF8 and FF7 I've gotten to the end, but at that time I never beat the final battles, so...yeah. Can't count them as finished, even though I've gotten up to that battle numerous times and seen the endings. (if you were wondering..the FF games I didn't list I've actually finished. Except, you know FF11 that can't actually be finished)
Ah, slow progress, slow progress.. but at least there is progress.

12/23/07 11:29 pm

Argh. Should be playing FFXII. Gotta give up on the sidequests for now and see the ending, otherwise I'll never make it. @__@
Level 61-62, just activated the remaining hunts and raced Rikken and the others a couple times. Brings into mind some rather uncomfortable memories of hours and hours trying to beat Hippaul in FFIX...At least it isn't quite as hard as beating Hippaul at higher levels yet. ...yet.
I'm thinking I should maybe go after Gilgamesh, too. I really want to take him down before going on to Revenant Wings. *sigh* I wonder if I'll have the time.. I should sleep sometimes, too, and right about the time I wake up normally (around noon or so) we'll be leaving for mom's place for Christmas dinner. And afterwards, Christmas presents.

Yes, we get ours the night of Christmas Eve in Finland. Nyah, and all that. I could never understand why people in other countries wait until the morning of the 25th. When I was a kid, my parents just said that Santa is too busy to go everywhere so early so the others just have to wait. xD

12/22/07 01:35 pm

Looking outside is depressing. There's hardly any snow. It was raining yesterday. .__. Now, I live in Finland, and this is not common here. Okay, maybe somewhere down south it isn't that rare. But I don't remember a single winter where I live when we wouldn't have had piles of snow everywhere long before Christmas. Looking outside and seeing everything bare... *sigh*

Watched the last Treasures of Aht Urhgan (from Final Fantasy XI) cutscenes yesterday. Quite impressive. One more story quite well executed. And I still say Luzaf/Aphmau (trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum, here) Those two are quite sweet together. =D

Really gotta remember to make space for a Windows install in January so I can play FFXI again. I'd rather not do it this way, but...I guess I can deal with a dual-boot to Windows whenever I want to play. Don't really have any other options. :/

Seems that I'll be getting my PS3 and wireless router in January. That's one less thing to worry about! Although now I have to look into wireless routers. It needs to work with Ubuntu, PS3, Wii and DS, and if even a single one of those is incompatible, it might not be worth it.

Now, I'm off to play FFXII. Really need to finish that game.
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