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7/8/09 01:25 pm

Google Chrome OS? Wowza. Should've been expecting that I guess, with all the rumors floating about. But I didn't, not after Android. And here we are, with a Google OS on the horizon. Awesome: :O
It looks like the best option by far for laptops and netbooks. I mean, when would you normally use those things..on the go. And there's really no need for a heavy-duty OS with all the relics of a by-gone era bundled in with it (desktop calendars, document and picture editing, music and video playing software, etc) when all you really need is the web. Chrome OS deals away with the middle-man (the OS interface with all its extra software) and goes straight to the point (the web). Go, go, Google. That's a bold new path they're forging there. =D Combine Chrome OS with Google Wave, and there's some really exciting things coming from Google.

..if you're not familiar with Google Wave (it's not yet released), it's basically this web platform that combines email, different chat softwares, social networking sites, wikis, collaborative documents, video, music, etc. Everything that you can imagine getting some use out of working on it together or enjoying the experience together and then some, it's all in Wave. You can't really describe it well, you have to see it for yourself to see how innovative it actually is. It's truly the next generation of web interaction, and a shining example of what can be done when you break out of the old ways of doing things.

I've been looking around for a good world map of Final Fantasy I, but haven't had any luck with it. So I finally got fed up with it and decided to draw my own. Got the continent boundaries and places of different terrains and the places of dungeons and cities from a conveniently big scanned map that I found, and am well on my way to prettifying it. Got the basic map down, just need to add some details. And wait for Kitty to come up with all map icons since she promised to try. Sorry for putting the hardest part off on you, Kitty. xD;
It looks promising so far. Depending on the result, I might have to repeat the process for most other early FF games at least. It's something I've been planning on doing for a while. Mashups of the in-game graphics (NES, SNES times) in huge size are nice and all, but they're not really much to look at. Especially if you scanned it from a decades-old paper-map you got with the game and the map was all worn out by the time you scanned it, leaving white lines all over it in the places you'd folded it in...
The things I do for waff, really. *shakes head*

7/18/08 06:49 pm

I really can't concentrate, can I. I was reading the Anniversary Ultimania 2 and suddenly I found myself playing Final Fantasy II. =D; I did manage to finish the section on FF2 before starting to play, at least I can say that much.
Well, that's one more game with an unfinished save file floating around. Played from the beginning (if you remember, I got the PSP version but hadn't started it until now) to Kashuan Keep. More than eight hours, I trained way too much. By the way, funnily enough Kashuan Keep is Castle Kashuan in Japanese. Hmph. No wonder it didn't make any sense, not having anything but a random keep from Kashuan accessible. It turns out the 'keep' is actually the royal castle, now overrun by monsters...
(I suddenly feel the lack of FF2 icons. Have an FF1 one instead)

I sure hope I don't get so distracted while reading the FF3 section (if I do, I might just start a new game on that, too). All the time while reading the FF1 and FF2 sections, my mind came up with these magnificent views of what places would look like with better graphics, based on the descriptions. And 'city of dreams', the biggest country in the world? Simply must house Alexander, right? =D And Crescent Lake, the still waters and the sages and all, I get this Siren-ish feeling.. well, all speculation of course, but it's really interesting, in a way.
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