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9/24/08 09:52 am

It's slightly exasperating that even though I have less friends and communities listed at LJ than at IJ, the LJ friends page gets new entries in one night equal to how much the IJ friends page gets in half a week. *sighs in frustration* I can see how people would not want to leave LJ, but how are things ever going to change if there is no action? I'm still horrified over how much those tiny annoying and bothersome changes at LJ have accumulated to the point that they're a real pain. I guess it's not so obvious if you've been following it all the time from within, but.. .___.

Once again I'm up this early. It seems that sometime during the past week, my inner clock twitched a bit again and now I'm waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning and being dead tired by 10 PM. If you only consider what is the accepted norm, this might be a good thing. As for me, it feels very weird and I'm bored for most of the day, since most of my internet activity is at foreign (read: US/Japan) sites, and those are not active during Finland's day.
Maybe that's why I'm so tired come evening. After all day scooped up in here with hardly anything to entertain me...quite understandable, in that regard.

My sister payed back a more considerable sum of what she owes me than she has for quite some time, and I've been feeling like going to buy some necessities (new computer chair....) I've been putting off buying, but I can't get to the appropriate stores or lug back the stuff since I don't have a car (and quite likely couldn't drive one anymore if I had). So easily are my plans thwarted. >.> Trying to entice either mom or my sister to come with me, but no such luck yet.

8/9/08 09:27 pm

Ugh. I hate people.
Went (or attempted to go) to sleep around 6 AM. A perfectly normal time for me. What I didn't expect or enjoy were the numerous people insisting on bothering me within six hours of that. First, a neighbor goes and loses her keys and rings every doorbell in the fricking house at least a dozen times before anyone bothers to get up at half past seven on Saturday morning to call the janitor for her (why yes, it was my brother, who, just by the way, is sick, who finally called for her. Opened the door on her second round of oh-don't-mind-me-just-ringing-every-fucking-doorbell-in-the-place. I wouldn't be so pissed off if that particular person wasn't known for doing the exact same thing every time she wants to call a taxi to go out drinking... >.<) It didn't end there, of course. A couple hours after, my grandmother decides to call, and won't believe that I'm sleeping and really, really tired and hardly understood a word she said. She goes and blabbers on for half an hour before finally letting me try again. And yet, no sleep for me for longer than an hour or two that time, either. Next comes mom, insisting I get up and eat ice-cream cake I have no desire to eat, and besides makes way more noise than necessary when she decided to clean up the place. I'd already gone back to (attempting to) sleep by then...
I've never taken well to interruptions of my sleep. Ended up not waking up on my own until half past eight. At which point, it being Saturday, I couldn't go buy food anymore since everything is closed. Oh, don't mind me, just a little pissed off right now. D:
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7/25/08 11:38 pm

It's wonderful out there. It's dark, dark like only the end of summer and autumn can be around here. And it's raining, hard. There was thunder earlier. It never ceases to amaze me how much energy evenings like this give to me, even if I do something else. It's enough if I just pay attention to it every now and then, and I'll feel much better.

Another mostly boring day. Sister still hasn't paid back what she owes me (which is pretty much). The problem is, she was supposed to pay me back on Monday, and I don't get money otherwise until the 1st...can't say I'd be very happy with her right now. I had to borrow from mom to get food today and for the weekend. Not fun.

Did some editing at waff, been some time since I worked on it. I keep having these ideas that I never carry out, mostly because I can't be bothered to do all the preparatory work that'd go to them. Lately, several of the members have even suggested putting together a blog of some kind for waff. It's not like I haven't thought of that myself before, I can't really just set it up at LJ or IJ or whatever (can I? I'm mostly concerned over the site's image, what little there is of it..setting up a blog that's so obviously hosted at a journaling service looks so unprofessional...). Not sure what to do about that. And then there's the little problem of what to actually write there. A blog with no content is of no use whatsoever.
If I could make myself update major sections at waff more often, I could write about progress, but...heh, as if I could make major updates even semi-regularly =D;

5/30/08 12:25 am

Hmm. Missed updating yesterday by 25 minutes. I just got home and ate something, so this wasn't really by choice. @__@
Sister moved out. No more cats or dogs. REJOICE! =DD

My brother's graduating on Saturday (that's..tomorrow. Wow. I should probably go to sleep, need to wake up early to make it to his school in time). He's the youngest one of us. feels like just yesterday that I graduated. Where does the time go?

Been busy today. In addition to carrying around furniture, I wrote a page on the MLaaK jobs and made a list of abilities and spells in the game. It's not yet complete because I haven't unlocked axes yet (the last weapon shop sells axes, right? Missing that), and I haven't added the info on the abilities and spells themselves, but hey, even at least most of the list is there now. I've been falling behind my already very vague goals about how much info to add semi-regularly, so just tried to do something for waff.

All I had time to play today was one dungeon of Ring of Fates multi-player. Did the first half of Mt Vaal (Varl or Baal or Bal or however they spelled it for the English translation. Still haven't gotten around to checking), the boss was surprisingly easy. Even with only one frail Selkie in the battle. I did have to use up all my SP, and all the Ethers I had, too...but I did take it down in the end. The heavy usage of SP moves was just to be expected, with a boss battle.
Ring of Fates..that reminds me, there's now a novelization of it in Japanese. 僕らの世界 (Bokura no Sekai, or 'Our World') parts 1-2, by Kudo Osamu. I can't remember the exact release date for the first book, but it's pretty soon. Was thinking of ordering them, I really love the Ring of Fates story. =D
This, of course, reminds me of my book order. Turns out it's delayed indefinitely because they unexpectedly can't get a hold of all the books right now. *sigh* Well, good that it was nothing more serious than that, I was already getting worried.

My hair needs to be dyed again. Maybe I really will pick that 'Platinum' (lilac-ish) shade this time.

5/19/08 12:34 am

Oops, forgot to update at yesterday's side again. One more day missed...

Didn't really do much anything today either. Wrote short bios for the new people (and several others, like Luca) in FF4TA for waff (and added pics and their abilities), but there's not really much known about most of them than the one or two sentence descriptions at the official site. Nevertheless, added the stuff I could. Will just have to complete them when more info is available.
Noticed that the FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania gives Yang's wife's name as Ursula (no, I haven't read that thing completely yet. I tend to write character profiles for waff as I go, so working on it). Wth, all the references I've found have her name as Sheila in FF4TA. D: They can't have completely forgotten her name as her daughter's name is Ursula in FF4TA,

(This next point is gross. Seriously, stop reading) there's cat and/or dog shit all over the place. Latest development is the shower, and I very much need it clean as I'm actually venturing out tomorrow. And guess what! My sister (who owns all the damn things living in here, and as such is responsible for cleaning after them) won't do a fucking thing about any of it. As usual. I can't even remember the last time she cleaned out the litter box, let alone anything else. I can't wait to get out of this place. Quite beside the fact that I'm allergic and shouldn't come into contact with that stuff (not to mention not living here voluntarily, the animals not being allowed in my room, and me trying to keep this room well aired out so I won't choke. Quite a pain in winter, it was), I'm seriously considering turning her into the appropriate people (animal abuse, hello? Not to mention people abuse D:). I've no doubt that the moment she gets left living on her own she'll drown in shit in no time. Judging her unfit to keep animals is the least society can do for her.
Quite purposely leaving this public in the vain hope that some of her animal-loving friends get a hold of this. She only makes a token effort when her friends (or buyers for her damn puppies) come around, otherwise she won't move a muscle. Hey, appearances are everything, right? Right. Can't wait not having to associate with that person.
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