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8/17/09 10:22 pm dreams from last night bother me. I don't remember much, just that I saw two with post-apocalypse themes. Or maybe the first one was right during it, or at least during a long fall to chaos. It's been a while since I last saw dreams that linger with me as long as these do.

Played FF11 too long yesterday. Kitty wanted to make a party with my PLD and her BRD, and we ended up making one which mostly broke up after a couple levels, and then a second one that took us to 18/19. The second one would've even continued if we'd wanted to, but the DNC had to go and Kai (our WAR) wanted to try his hand at the summer event since there was a lot of downtime (Kitty had to go eat dinner). Ended up helping him get his yukata (summer event reward), and escorted him first back to Valkurm to get the OP, then through Konschtat to get his Dem crystal to Jeuno. xD; Well, it never hurts helping others, especially in this game. We even tried to make a Qufim party afterwards but it broke up soon with our THF DCing, DNC having to go, and COR deciding to go as well since he was there only to help out the THF. =D; Even so, this whole process took..what, 12 hours? Played way too long.

...I guess I did reasonably well, even though it was my first experience playing in a full party. And in such an important position too! But I did manage to keep the vokes pretty regular (it has a 30-second recast) and judging by how long the second party was willing to stick with us, I can't have done too badly. There were a couple instances when the mob almost got to the mages, but that was generally in the instances I needed a lot of curing and voke came up a second or two too late to keep its attention on me. Although there was this one fight where I was seriously distracted for some reason, didn't manage to keep up my voke cycle, and let the WAR (Kai) drop down to half health. Oops. .___.;;
Not to mention the Qufim party, a real nightmare. I felt bad about it, but I couldn't keep voking the mob regularly in that party. I was a level under the lowest level recommendation, and very squishy. I had to spread hate a bit to keep alive (if I died with the worm at quarter health, that wouldn't be good), but I still felt really bad about it. Especially since the THF kept grabbing hate. :/ Lesson learned, no more Qufim parties on PLD until after a couple more levels. I feel like apologizing to the THF in person, but I guess that'd be just silly. =D;
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3/22/09 05:09 pm

I saw a horrible dream last night. It started with a cat head, torn from the poor thing's body, and then it continued with another (living one) with one leg torn completely off and another leg with 'just' the paw torn off, and then there was this third cat (this one living too) that looked like something had tried to eat through her chest. .____. And nobody was doing anything! They just glanced and shrugged and said "how horrible" and went on their way.
Now, I may complain about cats when they're around me, but that's due to allergy and the constant shedding. I do actually love cats themselves. The dream was..not pleasant.

Moving on to more pleasant things. I don't want to dwell on that dream.

Started playing Final Fantasy XI again last night. Got lots of things done, and...I had the best luck ever in my drop rates. Is it because I finally went out to get stuff by myself? Always when I have Kitty around, the drop rates just plain suck and since the drops go to a treasure pool from which they drop randomly to party members...I have shitty luck with that too. Things always go to Kitty, and I end up with hardly a single crystal to show for a night of playing.
This time though? It was amazing. I went out to get four beetle shells and two black tiger fangs. I killed five tigers and six beetles to get those. Normally, it would have been dozens of each. (trust me, I've fought those particular beetles and tigers before) o.o
Quite emboldened by my success, I went out to hunt for a Carbuncle's Ruby. It's needed to unlock the Summoner job. When Kitty hunted for hers, it took her an entire day or thereabouts. I've read reports of people hunting for one for days before giving up. Me? I went there, fought maybe an hour...and there was the damn ruby. Yesterday was awesome indeed. >D

And now, since I noted that I haven't done a screenshot post lately.. well, not like I've been playing either. Anyway. The last screenshot I posted was number 755, and I have a bit past 1210 now... xD Don't worry, I'll just pick carefully which ones to post this time. Not going into as much detail as usually this time. Partially also because I can't remember exactly what happened in them, what I'd already achieved.

Jugner and Meriphataud and Passhow and others )

Those screenies get me up to...late December, I think to around the time I moved. Yay. I'll post more later, I'm itching to get back to work. Got three levels to gain on RDM to catch up to Kitty. :P

8/29/08 01:15 pm

After some confusion, it was time to head underwater. The whole business with their 13th moon missing was intriguing to say the least.
The way there, of course, did not go smoothly. Got attacked by an unidentified opponent. After several minutes of battling, crashed on a moderately sized island on the subsurface. The attackers were nowhere to be seen, we seemed to have lost them in that last attempt to escape. Not that it did us much good at the moment.
The sky was clouded at first, and I counted 9 moons. The natives were busy making sure that their chief's accessories were all in place. Silly people, that obsessed over details like that in a situation like this. Then the clouds cleared. There were no longer 9 moons. In fact, there were 20, of varying sizes and colors. This was certainly a new development. However, we did not have much time to think on it, as that was the point when our unidentified attackers found us.
(I have to mention, though..the sky was really pretty. All purples and pale reds and pale oranges, and then the white clouds on top of it, and the pastel-colored moons..)

Things got a bit weirder from that point on. I don't know where they got the required technology or the materials, but they started flinging these mini-sized moons (well..'mini'. Averaging about shoulder-high to me) at us, and we ended up running around the little island trying to avoid those things. Somehow managed to capture one of the opponents while at it, I have no idea how that person managed it. There was some talk of a guidance system (for the mini-moons, you see), but I didn't pay that much attention. The person captured was useful, as after a couple of those mini-moons nearly hit her, she yelled at her companions in the spaceship to stop doing it. Which they of course did. xD


Yeah, I just love my dreams. Even though they don't make any sense half the time. xD

5/6/08 10:31 am

I sure spent an exciting night in my dreams last night. I followed the story of a certain L.A.O. (strangely enough, it was pronounced O.L.A. But I 'saw' it written, too, and it was written L.A.O... The 'A' stood for Alis and 'O' for Olsen, although I can't for the life of me remember what her first name was), who was some sort of a secret agent/warrior in training... There was a proper story progression and all, starting from a relatively normal day at the academy, to a sudden field trip that turned into a full-blown chase through the city (some enemy showed up) and an eventual discovery of its reason (an accident during a lab work that had resulted in a new life form - a kind of a being with supernatural powers - developing inside the blood of this L.A.O. person. It got named 'Alis', according to her middle name. The enemies had gotten wind of it first though, and came after her) and an ending with a 'to be continued..' feeling. And yes, all in third person, I was just an observer following this story. Kinda felt like I do when reading books.
I love my dreams, have I mentioned that? xD

Wrote profiles (or at least their beginnings) for all the remaining FF2 characters yesterday.. Although I had to add several to the character list and I'm not too certain if they used the same names in the English version. 'Filip' doesn't sound exactly right..? (Ricard Highwind's friend, father of Kain) Will have to check when I get around to playing FF2 again, for now it'll just have to stay like that.
They sent my copy of The World Ends With You (and FF2 PSP) yesterday. Yay! Shouldn't take long to receive them, they're coming from Canada. Quite unsurprisingly, it was cheaper than buying them from Finland, or even other countries in Europe. Even with the shipping costs.

Now I'm off to watch Vampire Knight epi 5. That day of the week again. =D

2/20/08 12:30 pm

Ordered silver hairdye. =D It should be a light enough silver on my hair to be almost white, when it actually comes time to use it. This should get interesting. Let's hope it actually is that color, I wouldn't mind gray but light, light silver would be more preferable. =D
I struggled for a while over deciding on the silver one and platinum, a lilac-ish silver (come to think of it, kind of like in the icon...). However, there were a few too many reports of getting just lilac with that color so I chose the silver one...not sure yet if I chose right, the platinum really looked pretty good. :/
Although if it comes down to it, I'll have time to order another bottle of it and pick platinum this time. It wasn't even too expensive.
Now I just need to finish bleaching my hair. I'm thinking they need to be bleached twice yet to be passable, before March 31st. Getting a bit of a busy schedule there, as I'd prefer my hair not to fall off...

Saw a strange dream last night. One of those where 'I' don't really exist, I'm just a consciousness playing a game. Although it wasn't a game this time, I was just reading some forum. And when people responded to a thread I'd commented in I got IMs of it. =D That'd be so useful in real life, too!
Although I do admit dreaming of reading a forum is a more than a bit weird even for me. I wonder what brought that about. It was a BDSM forum, of all things. xD

I really need to cut down on the Batteries, though. I drank two last night and even though I'd slept only 5-ish hours the day before, I woke up after six hours today. I'm not even tired, just feel a bit stuffy.
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1/22/08 11:59 pm

An interesting dream, once more. Why do the big beasties in my dreams always have to use fire? x__x
Oh, oh! There was a cult in today's dream! ..I don't know what their purpose was, but towards the end of it I (and the other main chara in the dream) had to face off against their founder. He was hundreds (if not a thousand) years old and was thought dead. Turns out he'd just faked his own death and masqueraded as a new recruit for the cult. =D And we summoned an ice elemental on him but it didn't do any damage..then we went about trying to summon Ifrit (did manage in the end, it apparently required extraordinary courage, or some such thing) that managed to burn him...a bit. The guy just kinda..melted, and burned a bit. And continued attacking, at that point quite irate. o.o; There was also lotsa dodging attacks and a weird old house that served as the set. I have weird old houses in my dreams quite often. You know, when the set isn't a spaceship instead.
Ifrit was cool. All burning and huge and stuffs. And those attacks were quite strong, too. We nearly got caught in them a couple times, since this Ifrit had no care if we were on the way of it and its prey. =D;
Waking up after such a dream is always a pain. Most often, it happens right in some sticky situation, before we've had a chance to defeat the final baddie. How boring.

I've quite surprised myself these past couple days. I actually do something for waff instead of just thinking I should. Maybe I'll deal with one of those most boring sections tonight, like adding the data for one more game's items or attacks or monsters...
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12/21/07 09:33 am

I don't get my mind sometimes. I had this dream that I was running around in White Mage AF gear (from FFXI)... I'm not really a WHM type, you know. I play RDM (Red Mage), for starters, and I've considered Corsair and Paladin..but WHM? No way.
The dream was one of my usual adventure dreams, though. Baddies (actually demons and evil mages mostly) and normal people hopelessly blundering around and getting in my way. Ended up saving at least one this time around, and got chewed out by another who refused to believe anything was wrong. >.> Oh, and then there was this one bad guy who was apparently involved with the normal person I rescued and ended up involuntarily helping me and hunted by his own kind. Nice. =D
(I have to add, though, I wasn't really a White Mage. Just dressing up as one. Joked I'd show up at 'school' in that outfit. Don't ask me what school, I was apparently on my way there the rest of the dream, lugging around some useless books that were a serious hindrance when trying to dodge attacks...)
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