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9/19/08 03:07 pm

I just finished reading 1984. I have to admit, the experience was...weird. I didn't expect to see quite that many parallels to the current-day real world, I guess. It's quite unsettling.

Picked up my new glasses today. Very pleased with how this turned out, they fit my current style infinitely better than my old ones, which I'm still half convinced I picked in some momentary bout of madness. *sweatdrop* (oh yes, and it's quite nice to actually see things again too..)
Combine that with some new clothes, and I'm a happy little camper indeed. Suddenly looking at my wardrobe doesn't result in quite so severe an anxiety. This is marked improvement from before. xD;

I'm really liking Devil May Cry 4 so far. The controls (and the moves themselves) are rather familiar from previous installments already, so I'm playing mostly on memory. It's going much better than my first attempts at DMC3, which I remember were total disasters. I still can't clear that game on any higher difficulty than the easiest... The special edition (with Vergil playable...I still want that, even though I have the normal one) has a much easier difficulty too, and made even easier by the addition of Gold Orbs (revival). I can't shake the feeling that using something like Gold Orbs in DMC3 is total cheating. I've managed to avoid getting that feeling in DMC4 though, since they are available right from the start, providing you have enough Red Orbs to buy one.
Looking forward to getting access to Dante's side of the story. While Nero is a nice enough new acquaintance, Dante's still Dante.

1/18/08 10:32 pm

They sent my Ring of Fates today. =D
In all honesty I'm a little worried that they'll come up with an International version later on, since there's those additional quests in the English version. But I hold on to Revenant Wings not having an International ( least yet) which would make it very unlikely for Ring of Fates to have one. But ah well. Extra challenge is welcome, but...often they don't really contribute to the story, yes? I can always look them up online.
I'm more worried about Crisis Core. I really don't want to get the English version. As in, I really don't want to get it. Unless they give me the option of Japanese voices. And it's already been confirmed as having new stuff in it. I'm not too certain what to do...

I really need to finish a game or two or three soon. Soon as in within the next week. They just keep releasing new ones... Even Devil May Cry 4 is coming out in February. Argh, I'll never have the time to play these all!

Thinking of working on waff tonight. There's some parts I've been meaning to add for ages now.
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