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6/5/08 02:49 pm

Yes, yes, yes!! Play-Asia finally got their hands on a copy of FFCC World Ultimania for me, so they sent my order! =DD ....this would be the order from a month ago. It took them unexpectedly long this time, my own fault for ordering old stuff like that... *sweatdrop*
And CDJapan sent my copy of The Reaper Behind Me, BLOOD's latest. It came out in May, but I couldn't afford it then. I also put Noble (first Versailles album, coming out in July) on pre-order, but they obviously didn't send that yet. :P

I've forgotten to mention it, but Jasdebi (D.Gray-Man) really is hot. The anime version was even more so than the manga version, the episodes with the Jasdebi battle were really great..

I now have 212 missions cleared in FF Tactics Advance. Wasn't there 300 numbered missions..? If so, I'm pretty close to total completion, in addition to just story completion. In the story, I last cleared the mission To Ambervale.
...I like it how they later in FF12 made Ambervale a resort for the Rozarria imperial family. =D
Anyway, trying very hard to complete FFTA now, to prepare for the FFTA2 release. Although I have this strange urge to get Crisis Core instead of that this started with noticing the European official site is now live, and that the game is coming out here shortly. I wouldn't miss out on all the launches for it, that way. I haven't been this late in buying a new FF since I got back into the series again with FF4 Advance. .___.

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Hee~ They're releasing a My Life as a King Official Complete Guide tomorrow! A must get! =D

5/8/08 09:21 pm

O. M. G.
I'd forgotten why I fell in love with D.Gray-Man so quickly.
I'd forgotten it's not all senseless filler and drawn-out fights.
I'd forgotten there's more to it than just waiting for those always-late fansubs.
I fell in love again. *____*

Decided to catch up finally (22 episodes worth of anime right there), and I'm really glad that I did. On episode 70 now (started from 61), and I already had to stop once to draw a piece of fanart (Tyki!! <3) since I got a vision that wouldn't leave me alone, and for a second time to add detail to it. I'll finish it once I've finished squeeing here, watched the rest of the episodes and caught up with the manga.

What's this anyway? All of a sudden I'm bursting with creativity, like I haven't in years and years. All day yesterday I kept fighting off little undeveloped plot bunnies while trying to study and read, and now watching D.Gray-Man is spawning more of them, not to mention the visions I now get that are clearly meant to become fanart. did I ever live with this back then!? There's no time to do it all and it's driving me crazy!

12/19/07 08:01 pm

Finally caught up with D.Gray-man again. I just can't seem to keep up regularly. *sweatdrop* Watched epis 58-60 subbed (although I'd seen 58 and 59 unsubbed before) and 60-63 unsubbed. I have to mention...61 was pure fanservice. I guess I should have expected that, with a Lenalee-centric episode, but it was bordering on ridiculous. (not that I really minded the fanservice. But you know, too much is too much) And then there was this one scene in epi 62 that got disturbing thoughts of Lavi/Krory in my head... very disturbing.
At least finally we're over the drawn-out practically-filler battles and can get to the real story again. Of course, presuming that the anime doesn't add more meaningless drivel in there somewhere.
Then there's the manga...can it really be that only two new chapters have come out since I last caught up with it? Or are the scanlators just being as lazy as the fansubbers seem to be? I could only find up to chapter 140..and not much happened in those anyway.

There's also some new stuff out on Dissidia and FF4 The After, it seems. =D On Dissidia..I wasn't too sure to begin with whether I like Kuja's new look. But there's this CG image of him in that scan and...yeah, I can say I approve. Very much. :P Still not too certain of the voice, though.
As for FF4 The After? If it's just Ceodore and the old gang from FF4 it could turn out really badly. I don't even like some of the art in that scan. Total fail. .__. (and, you know, I'm not that hot on the whole concept of a 37-year-old married Cecil)
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