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6/25/08 09:10 pm

287/300 in FFTA. Slow progress, but at least it's progress. Although my only problem is the damn missions not showing up, I can clear them just fine. (Well, not counting a couple annoying dispatch missions to that, managed to fail them. Wasn't such a big surprise, though, none of my people thought they'd do good at them..had to try anyway)

Might finally get that Windows installed tomorrow. My sister did bring that Windows install disk over (at least she thought so), was just the cover and didn't have the actual CD. *sigh* Well, as long as I have that and FF11 installed by 2nd or so. Can't remember right now when the maintenance (or whatever) ends so you can sign up, but it should be right there within a couple days of the 1st... Wii refuses to update, or connect to any of the online services. It keeps telling me that error, can't remember the number but Nintendo's site said it's due to a problem on their end and it should go away in a bit. The problem is, it doesn't... I guess I wouldn't be so worried yet but I remember seeing threads about a faulty Wii update around the last one, whenever that was. Could it be...? (the wireless works just fine on my PS3 and PSP so it can't be that. Unless the last update I installed screwed up compatibility with my router)

1/14/08 09:58 pm

*gulps down some Battery* So good... and I so very much deserve it, too. Today's been rough, compared to my normal life.
Let's leave aside for a minute the fact that I haven't slept since yesterday. Today also involved two trips to town and lotsa thinking. Too much thinking. >.>

Got my PS3 today. And a wireless router. And some memory for my poor aging Monster so it can handle all the apps I regularly shove at it. Then I had to put in the memory (...heh. Okay, I admit. I stood by and watched as mom put it in) and re-wire my computer since I naturally had to disconnect it from everything to get to its innards. And then play tricks with the wireless router (did you forget yet that I'm on Linux? Yeah, I'm on Linux. Not everything just works right out of the box, and I was simply too tired to care at that point), so it's now connected to the modem instead of my computer. Big difference. I just haven' know...figured out how to configure the settings yet. Ooops. Bad. I know. I'll do it some time when I've actually slept in the last 24 hours.
And then started the hardest part of the damn thing. Plugging in all my consoles. o.o; I've been living practically console-less (read: PS2 and handhelds only) since last May! Yes, I know. What a tragedy. Anyway, I seem to have succeeded plugging them all up, although I haven't yet checked if they all work. The first thing I checked was Wii, and it's working and downloading almost a year worth of updates now. Can't wait to see how much new stuff is in there. =D
...correction: just finished updating. Now to see if the other consoles are all right. Especially my brand new PS3. *___*

...oh. Wii number: 8461 7488 9067 2921. And unless I've managed to screw things up badly, PSN ID irreversibly. Add me? =D

12/22/07 01:35 pm

Looking outside is depressing. There's hardly any snow. It was raining yesterday. .__. Now, I live in Finland, and this is not common here. Okay, maybe somewhere down south it isn't that rare. But I don't remember a single winter where I live when we wouldn't have had piles of snow everywhere long before Christmas. Looking outside and seeing everything bare... *sigh*

Watched the last Treasures of Aht Urhgan (from Final Fantasy XI) cutscenes yesterday. Quite impressive. One more story quite well executed. And I still say Luzaf/Aphmau (trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum, here) Those two are quite sweet together. =D

Really gotta remember to make space for a Windows install in January so I can play FFXI again. I'd rather not do it this way, but...I guess I can deal with a dual-boot to Windows whenever I want to play. Don't really have any other options. :/

Seems that I'll be getting my PS3 and wireless router in January. That's one less thing to worry about! Although now I have to look into wireless routers. It needs to work with Ubuntu, PS3, Wii and DS, and if even a single one of those is incompatible, it might not be worth it.

Now, I'm off to play FFXII. Really need to finish that game.
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