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1/23/09 04:23 pm

Life is awesome. I have the computer table, and I have a real internet connection! =DD I'm on Linux! I can even use wi-fi again! *______*
This day will be spent in marveling at how easy it is to do things, and how pretty everything is, and how much more pleasant to do anything with music on...

Also, got Final Fantasy Unlimited. Might have to rewatch the series now. =D

12/27/08 07:53 pm

Guess I should post something again.

Feeling somewhat better. Not much, but somewhat. Got to play looong last night with kitty, that was good. <3 We ended up going to Jeuno and then walking back to San d'Oria, I' screenies later. And post the previous screenies too. Actually, I think I'll have to divide this into two or three posts, there's so much new stuff. I haven't even posted Davoi screenies yet. =D;
Need to seriously start farming again, though. I'm totally out of gil, on both my characters. This is not good. Ella still needs a Starlight Celebration tree (that's 10,000 gil right there) and Jenare needs all the missing spells (only for sale in Jeuno) that I couldn't afford just yet and I'm gonna need new equips soon again.. @__@

One of my externals has stopped working. .___. It's the one with all my music on it (..minus FF soundtracks). I guess it's good that if one of them had to get difficult, it would be that. The other external has my Final Fantasy files, and some of those are not backed up yet. The back-ups are on the Linux side and I have no reason to switch to Linux right now. Suvi's internet connection refuses to work on it.
I guess I finally need to install the printer on Windows side. Boo. I'm afraid it'll mess up with its connectivity to Linux. I don't want to do that, but I guess it's unavoidable. Unless I want to make things difficult and save every file I need to print from the internet to an external, switch to Linux, and print all the stuff there. =D;

Twisted my knee earlier. Fell. Woollen socks are dangerous on a floor with no carpets. @__@ And my other knee has this huge bruise on it and it's swelling and stuffs. I guess I'm alright, as long as I don't touch the knee with the bruise, or bend the knee that got twisted. *sweatdrop*
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1/26/08 04:33 am

How the heck did I end up waking up at 4 AM? @__@

Mom visited yesterday and kept me up. She wanted to print something, and as my printer is the only one working (out of mine, my sister's and my mother's printer) she came over. Turns out that the program handling .pdf files doesn't know how to send forward print jobs or something... Well, not a big loss.
While she and my brother were trying to solve that, I solved sudoku. On my PS3. It's amusing, that's pretty much the only game I've played on it for now, since my Folklore order got delayed. It's in the same package as FFXI: Wings of the Goddess, and they didn't have that in stock. Ah's sent now. Took them long enough.

Talking about's totally weird. You see, you're supposed to beat a set time in the normal mode. I have no trouble with beating the time given in Normal difficulty and up, but if I try the Mild difficulty..I just can't do it. xD

Food now. So hungry.

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1/21/08 08:42 pm

Sometimes I really have no idea where I get the files hidden away in musty forgotten folders in the depths of my computer. Was poking around and found an unorganized folder - what a surprise! I'd forgotten I had it. Usually I keep everything organized just so, no chaos allowed in my folders. While trying to move the files in it to their proper folders came across a dozen or so zipped manga (chapters? volumes? I have no idea) that I've probably never read - since, you know, they're zipped and all. Also came across some weird music files. Who the heck is this 'Jay Chou' guy? =D; I found a song by him (and the music video of that song!) hidden away there, too. Nothing to it, the song is really rather good, but who is this guy? How did I get that song and video? I have no clue.
Apparently the song was used in some movie soundtrack. Since parts of that video seem to be from a movie of some kind.

In FF4, I got 9,000 points in Rosa's minigame! :O I'm amazed, the most I'd previously gotten was 5,000, and before that some 3,700 or so. I either got really lucky or I have a really good sense of time when I concentrate. One of the three tries when I got that 9,000 points was the exact time required. Talking of the required time, is it just me or do the points earned go down insanely fast when you go off it for more than a tenth of a second either way? @__@ (no, I'm not using any aids in this one. I just count the seconds in my mind. That's why..I'm quite surprised)
The only other minigame I've gotten even close to that much points is Cecil's. 8,300+ points. Although I'm working on Rydia's minigame, some 6,000 points now. You have to calculate insanely fast and be very lucky to get any more than that...

[edit later]

Okaaay... There's yet another new Final Fantasy game coming. Although thankfully Crystal Guardians is for mobile only. I swear, if they don't stop announcing new FF games... x___x

1/15/08 03:07 pm

*purrs* I'm so good.

So. This morning when I woke up, I could no longer connect to the internet. Turns out that even though the wireless router was not connected to my computer directly (the line would be computer->modem->router), it was still bringing in some troubles. Why it didn't last night when the router was first connected, I'll probably never know.
The router also stopped working after that Wii update. I tried for two hours but in the end was too tired to figure anything out. But hey, a good thing. I looked things up when I still had the internet connection working, so I could still remember what most stuff means when I now had to configure the damn router. Manually. The automatic settings were the problem here...

So I mucked about with weird thingies like DHCP servers and static IP addresses and wondered what the heck is a 'DNS error' and while at it, gave that damn router some much needed protection so not just anyone could waltz right in and leech (not really all that bad a thing) or muck about with the settings themselves (that COULD get bad, if I'd managed to forget all about the 'reset' button, which I'm liable to do at some point). But the end result is that I did manage to configure it so that I now have a proper internet connection on both my computer and my consoles. Feeling very accomplished indeed.

Let's hope things don't explode sometime soon. xD

Anyway, PS3 updating now. It's only downloading the update, at big is that thing? It's been at it for over 10 minutes already.

Ah well, this gives me time to look at the printer. I took it out of its package but didn't dare connect it to anything yet since I didn't have a working internet connection and I'm pretty sure I'll need to download something to make it work. Or not. But you know, just in case.

.....I broke a nail, with all this ripping open huge boxes of stuff that don't want to open. One of my longest ones of course, it never does happen to the short ones. Typing is a pain, once again. I keep missing half the keys that finger is supposed to press. It's simply too short now to hit the (correct) key if I try to type like I used to. I know it'll get better soon as I get used to it, but for now it's being quite a bother.
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