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4/5/08 11:52 pm

Another not-really-doing-anything day. Caught up with 彩雲国物語 and 魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ, and finally watched epi 23 of Clannad. I'd..forgotten it exists. =D;
(why do I have this feeling that keeping up with stuff requires more and more of my time? My RSS feeds, half a dozen forums, several manga and anime online, some more manga offline, tons of games..most of the time I don't even try to keep up, but to catch up)

Came across the Angelique series on Crunchyroll. Nice. It's amusing. xD I've played one of the games (was it the first? I can't remember), and it was very...err...amusing. *nods sagely* I even remember trying to find more of the stuff, although not very enthusiastically. It was a nice way to spend some time when bored, though. I think I'm gonna watch what they have up, should be entertaining. =D

3/24/08 07:26 pm

A couple things that I've forgotten to mention in the past few days...

Clannad! The anime series. Watched epi 22 (the last actual episode, 23 is an extra and 24 an OVA). It was...sweet. Well, after a certain little incident was over, anyway. Won't say anything more in case you haven't been following the story and don't want to know.
Finally wiki'd the series, and found out that it's a video game, too. Several, in fact. And manga, and novels, and whatever else there was. Besides the anime and the movie, that is. I'm tempted to get the PSP version wiki said is coming out. =D ......err. No, I don't play Clannad's genre of games regularly.

Seems that Final Fantasy IV The After: 月の帰還 chapter 3 will focus on Yang. Who...has a daughter now. Wow. o.O; A martial arts enthusiast if I got my Japanese right, but what'd you expect from Yang's kid. She's called Ursula. She has a pretty dress, that's all I'm willing to say... (it occurred to me...since Yang's full name is Yang Fang Leiden, that'd make his daughter Ursula Leiden, right? I keep wanting full names for people and they just give me first names..or no names at all, like 'Yang's wife'. Wtf, can't they at least call her Mrs Leiden or something? Do they change last names at marriage in Fabul? What about Baron? D: Can't they release a guide for these names or something..)
Oh, and did I mention Luca from chapter 2? It's really weird that you can now see her face. Yellow eyes, nice. xD
I keep wondering when Kain will show up.. no mention of him yet besides that he's not been seen since the end of FF4. Not as far as I know, anyway, and they'd update his profile at the official site when he shows up, right? Really need to find a fan site that reports FF4TA progress. I wonder if such a site exists. Should, right? Just need to find such a thing.

My Life as a King: FF Crystal Chronicles might just be set for May in Europe, along with the WiiWare service. =D We haven't gotten an announcement or anything (unlike US..and unlike Japan, who gets to play the game tomorrow) but the latest Wii update mentioned that it's in preparation for WiiWare, which is coming in May. As good as an announcement, right? Right? =D;

Still sick...I've sure eaten my share of painkillers these past few days. Still, they can't prevent you from feeling drained and uncomfortable.
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