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5/5/10 09:34 pm

Kitty did something awesome yesterday. She drew a fancy new logo for waff. Waff that is now re-named Chrysalis. =D The same URL for now at least, will have to see about that...
There's so much stuff I simply haven't had the time or attention span to actually write up, I have so much notes on FF games it isn't even funny. And then all the rest of the actual data that needs to be added. And all the stuff that isn't even hinted at at the site yet. So much to do... :X

Some Crisis Core music came up in Amarok last night while I was trying to write, and it made me pick up the game again. You might remember that I originally had the English version, but finished it quickly and sent it off to kitty. And then got the Japanese version of the game. Well, I never did get around to playing it again after was back in December 2008 I think.
So yeah. Completely new game save, started last night, I have some 5 hours on the clock now, 6% mission completion, level 15, and story-wise I'm exploring Midgar for the very first time. That'd be after Wutai. I don't know what came over me. xD;
Is it just me or is the Japanese version easier? Or then I just remember the enemy behavior so well that they don't start posing any challenge until Very Hard missions at this point. And even so it's only because of the tons of HP they have that I have to whittle away at slowly. The Tomahawk attack is the only one that poses any threat, it loads way too quickly to react, but this is nothing new. It can't quite one-shot me anyway, so just gotta keep my HP full and it's perfectly fine.
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