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6/10/08 07:26 pm

BLOOD's new sound is quite..enthralling. =D Some very good songs on their latest. Fu-ki's voice fits this perhaps better than the last style.
Although I admit, I don't really care for the look. I hope they change it soon. There is such a thing as 'too much'.

Been reading books these past couple days. Catching up with Tor's free ebook offerings, again. Most of them are quite readable, although I did end up deleting one book having read just a couple dozen pages. That was a real pain to try to read even that much. There's nothing I detest quite as much as the idealized really-I'm-stronger-than-anyone-and-I-know-it heroine who is portrayed as not being able to do nothing wrong, doesn't know or care for the facts, and survives with dumb luck. Or the help of men, even though she is supposedly so very self-sufficient. And of course, let's not forget the stupid ex who dumped her for another (stunningly gorgeous) woman and the over-protective male figure in their lives who not one good word is said of, not to mention the simpering female friend.
It annoys me no end that such things get published under the guise of proper books. Let's just leave them to the trashy romance novels where they belong...
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6/5/08 02:49 pm

Yes, yes, yes!! Play-Asia finally got their hands on a copy of FFCC World Ultimania for me, so they sent my order! =DD ....this would be the order from a month ago. It took them unexpectedly long this time, my own fault for ordering old stuff like that... *sweatdrop*
And CDJapan sent my copy of The Reaper Behind Me, BLOOD's latest. It came out in May, but I couldn't afford it then. I also put Noble (first Versailles album, coming out in July) on pre-order, but they obviously didn't send that yet. :P

I've forgotten to mention it, but Jasdebi (D.Gray-Man) really is hot. The anime version was even more so than the manga version, the episodes with the Jasdebi battle were really great..

I now have 212 missions cleared in FF Tactics Advance. Wasn't there 300 numbered missions..? If so, I'm pretty close to total completion, in addition to just story completion. In the story, I last cleared the mission To Ambervale.
...I like it how they later in FF12 made Ambervale a resort for the Rozarria imperial family. =D
Anyway, trying very hard to complete FFTA now, to prepare for the FFTA2 release. Although I have this strange urge to get Crisis Core instead of that this started with noticing the European official site is now live, and that the game is coming out here shortly. I wouldn't miss out on all the launches for it, that way. I haven't been this late in buying a new FF since I got back into the series again with FF4 Advance. .___.

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Hee~ They're releasing a My Life as a King Official Complete Guide tomorrow! A must get! =D
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