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8/2/08 10:53 pm

Hmm~ Good day. =D Just practiced playing the guitar, mostly (needs moar finger strength and coordination. Practice, practice, practice...). And I've started up practicing kanji daily again (I'd forgotten it for a while..I think after the release of My Life as King? =D;), so that's good too. And I ordered a bunch of stuff I've been wanting for a while, mostly assorted manga and books.
And Crisis Core. In English, because I suddenly got bored of debating it in my head, and I'm impulsive like that (I think I'll be able to finish FF2 by Tuesday when it arrives, so that'll fit in perfectly). The voice actors will not match what's in my head, but there's always online video for the Japanese voice fact, I've had all Crisis Core cutscenes in Japanese downloaded for quite some time. Haven't watched them though, as I don't want to spoil myself for the game.
And I haven't had a Battery for two days now, so all's well. =D; (besides the headache, that is)

Now, sleep. D34d, I am. Mostly due to the headache.

5/3/08 01:30 pm

Heh. Was awake almost 24 hours yesterday. As a result, I woke up quite properly a bit before noon today. =D;

I've noticed that deviantArt is actually dangerously addictive. I keep going back there to look around. Not very good, I have quite enough to do otherwise, too. Like still sporadically working on that picture I started a couple days ago...I think I worked on it a bit too long the first time, since I seem to have lost interest in finishing it. It'll come back eventually, but it's annoying as I was planning on getting that up rather soon. For now, it's about 80% finished.

It's still quite warm in here. Another annoying thing about it being warm is that I drink rather slowly. I can take two or three hours to down one single can of Battery. That's more than enough time for it to get warm enough to be undrinkable. Warm Battery...does not taste very good.

I ordered The World Ends With You. =D Kitty's been talking of it a lot recently, and in the end I couldn't resist anymore. Should be interesting. (hopefully Sigma Harmonics will turn out as well as TWEWY. People are praising TWEWY something amazing, and I'm personally more attached to the storyline and characters of Sigma. ..And talking of Sigma, its official Japanese site opened properly yesterday. Still looking really good!)

5/1/08 06:25 am

Happy Beltane? =D

Was surprised to notice that the book meme (I did it a couple days ago too) ended up being featured in the LibraryThing blog. That's the good thing about these small-ish sites, they keep up with how and where they're mentioned. =D
(as you may know, I'm at LT. Amazing site, I can never remember what books/manga I already have so the mobile interface especially is very useful when out buying stuff. Plus there's something about browsing your library electronically and obsessing over all the details...)

I ended up drawing yesterday. As a result, was awake for way too long and now my sleeping is all over the place again. Woke up around 5 AM... Ah well. Anyway, drew and inked the picture yesterday, working on coloring it now. It's looking rather passable, especially compared to my recent sketches. It makes a whole world of difference to take the drawing seriously instead of with the attitude 'I'll just draw something'.

Lately, I've really tried to keep my Battery consumption down. I suspect that's at least part of the reason why my sleeping has been sporadic at best this past week. I've managed to keep it down to roughly one every other day now, as compared to drinking one every day as I did previously. And every single day I have this terrible desire to have's not very pleasant, and I can't really concentrate like this.

3/7/08 04:03 am

Urgh. Need a Battery. Neeeeed one. ;___;
Had to wake up early yesterday to get my hair bleached finally. They're now a pretty shade of blond mostly..not exactly what I was aiming for, thankfully I won't have to deal with it for long. Was even thinking earlier that using that silver hairdye already might be a good idea... =D;
Anyway, was so tired after that that I went straight to sleep. And didn't wake up until after 10 PM. So yeah, no Battery. My poor head is going explodey from the lack of caffeine. Only three more hours, only three more hours....

Watching Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro to pass the time, since I couldn't do anything requiring much concentration anyway. I just picked the anime at random and started watching, it's not even very good. =D; (the theme song annoys me. I've never liked Nightmare that much. I mean, they have one or two good songs, but that's it. The rest are pretty much crap)
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