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7/17/08 04:23 pm

It seems that complaining about this month's book order and the Versailles album yesterday was a bit too early. Just hours after writing that entry, I had my hands on FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2 (that'd be Scenario. Summaries and tidbits of all the numbered FF stories) and an email telling me they'd sent the album. =D;
..I forgot that they'd only sent the Ultimania earlier, my order for FFTA2 Official Complete Guide didn't get sent with it. They apparently didn't have it in stock like they promised. *sigh* Ah well, they should be sending it early next week, if all goes well.

The Ultimania is fun, as always. And just as with the last one, I think the section for either FF9 or FF11 is the biggest. Did FF9 really have that much content? I'm not surprised with the FF11 stuff, though, the story's had time to grow and grow and grow, with all the even includes some stuff from the beginning of the latest expansion. I can tell you, I was quite surprised to see screenies of FF11!Cait Sith when quickly looking through the book to see what's there... =D; I've only had time to read the introductory parts of the book, though, comparing the bad guys, magic systems, and concepts behind each game.

I'm addicted to this song. (Yume Oboro) It's the opening theme for Touka Gettan. That one, by the way, turned out to be surprisingly good. Very confusing to start with, but good.

7/14/08 03:18 am

No clouds at the very horizon, just clear sky. Otherwise, a blanket of dark blue clouds, hanging rather low, looking soft and fluffy. The sun, rising just beyond my sight, lighting up the clouds from below. Closer to the horizon, a bright, fiery orange, and a rosy red softly falling on the lower parts of the clouds, leaving the upper parts blue. More than anything, it looks like a roof now, those clouds, one of the rare instances you can see their position, and how far away the horizon actually is.
Pretty enough, I guess.

After watching Doctor Who fourth season, I ended up watching various anime. Caught up with Saiunkoku Monogatari (hadn't watched it since April..) and after that, have been watching various other..stuff. Some better, some worse, some I didn't bother with after a couple minutes.

In the process of watching Touka Gettan now. Really pretty, kind of confusing. If you watch it, you should definitely start from the 26th episode (it's the last one), like how they aired it. I don't think it'd make any sense otherwise. I haven't finished watching the entire series yet (only at the 23rd, so a lot to go yet), but call it a good hunch. It was confusing enough starting from the last episode, chronologically the first, or so it seems. =D;

4/13/08 09:38 pm

Me wants my Vampire Knight epi 2. .___. It's already almost morning in Japan anyway, and TV Tokyo shows VK at..what was it, 1 AM? On Monday, obviously.
In the meantime, I'm about to watch 魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ epi 24, the second-to-last episode. Boo. Want more Neuro. I used to have hair a bit like his, just with the colors switched. And, you know, the dark parts weren't really dark brown but black. And my hair was much longer than his. (..where's the resemblance again?)

Almost finished reading 遥かなる翼! Only 50-ish pages left, and I thought to leave them for tomorrow. If you think of reading as practice, it's a lot more useful to spread it out on different days than read it all on one go. Well, it isn't really just practice, but still...with shipping costs like Amazon's, I'm not too eager to order stuff from them often.

I thought of this one interesting thing I could do...I'm just not sure if I have enough information to do it, and not too certain if I can easily find comprehensive guides to the parts I know I don't know. If not, it might take rather long to actually do it.. ah well, it's not like it's urgent, or that I wouldn't have anything else to do. Just an interesting thought.

4/5/08 11:52 pm

Another not-really-doing-anything day. Caught up with 彩雲国物語 and 魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ, and finally watched epi 23 of Clannad. I'd..forgotten it exists. =D;
(why do I have this feeling that keeping up with stuff requires more and more of my time? My RSS feeds, half a dozen forums, several manga and anime online, some more manga offline, tons of games..most of the time I don't even try to keep up, but to catch up)

Came across the Angelique series on Crunchyroll. Nice. It's amusing. xD I've played one of the games (was it the first? I can't remember), and it was very...err...amusing. *nods sagely* I even remember trying to find more of the stuff, although not very enthusiastically. It was a nice way to spend some time when bored, though. I think I'm gonna watch what they have up, should be entertaining. =D

3/10/08 10:09 pm

Weird day. I fell asleep sometime after noon. Even though I'd woken up just five hours earlier. And then didn't wake up until an hour ago. My Battery got frozen, I'd meant to cool it a bit only but it was in the freezer when I fell asleep, so.. =D; Also left an anime on pause, half-way through an episode. I don't get this.
(now I'm really, really thirsty and my Battery's a chunk of flavored ice)

Oh, was re-watching Clannad. The art is simply too beautiful in it...of course, the story itself isn't bad either, the characters are wonderful, and the music amazing. Can't help it. =D

Come to think of it, I have two books lined up to read. And I was in the middle of re-reading American Gods. Hmm... you know, one bad thing about ebooks is that you can't really take them to the kitchen and read while eating. Not unless you buy an expensive gadget for it, anyway.
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3/10/08 12:43 am

So. Anime of the day is Cluster Edge, this time.
It's about a world ravaged with wars, who came to rely on artificial soldiers to fight those wars. And now that it's over, the artificial soldiers don't have a reason to exist, and the humans want them disposed of. It's about individuals who fight for the rights of the artificial soldiers, and some of those soldiers themselves, those who have gained feelings, personalities. It's rather interesting.
And it would be a whole lot better if not for the constant re-cap episodes. I was surprised when the first one showed up at episode 7. I was not so amused when another came up at episode 10. I was pretty much pissed off when yet another started half-way through episode 14. Skip those, and what you're left with is a good shounen anime that really should be more widely known than it is.
Well, it's not like I know how widely known it was back in 2005-2006, when it was released. =D;

Oh, and I think the first opening and ending are really good (although the opening took hearing it a couple times to like it). Rare.
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3/9/08 01:11 am

So bored. Don't feel like doing anything. And I keep falling asleep and waking up in weird times. I'm not sure when I went to sleep this time, but woke up right after midnight.

Watched Clannad, this time. It was...weird. Sweet, and kind of good, but weird. I think I will be following it to the end.
The story? Well, the story... it's... umm... Ugh, just go watch it. It's a high school drama on the surface, with some bits of fantasy mixed in (think Haruhi? Just with less..err..enthusiasm).
One thing that can be said for it is that the jokes can be extremely good. I don't remember when I've last laughed that much. =D New favorite line in anime: "it just falls of sometimes". xD Gotta love the main character.

If I wasn't so bored, I might continue familiarizing myself with Blender. Ah's not like I'm in any hurry.
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3/7/08 04:03 am

Urgh. Need a Battery. Neeeeed one. ;___;
Had to wake up early yesterday to get my hair bleached finally. They're now a pretty shade of blond mostly..not exactly what I was aiming for, thankfully I won't have to deal with it for long. Was even thinking earlier that using that silver hairdye already might be a good idea... =D;
Anyway, was so tired after that that I went straight to sleep. And didn't wake up until after 10 PM. So yeah, no Battery. My poor head is going explodey from the lack of caffeine. Only three more hours, only three more hours....

Watching Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro to pass the time, since I couldn't do anything requiring much concentration anyway. I just picked the anime at random and started watching, it's not even very good. =D; (the theme song annoys me. I've never liked Nightmare that much. I mean, they have one or two good songs, but that's it. The rest are pretty much crap)

3/4/08 11:15 pm

Been watching Saiunkoku Monogatari (彩雲国物語, and I still have yet to look up the kanji that read 'saiun'. It bothers me that I know how to read a word but I have no idea what it consists of) since yesterday, when [info]jyuukoi mentioned it in an entry. Turns it it's really very good. =D
Although I do consider the first eight episodes as better than it has been since that. Up to episode 24 now. Nevertheless, it's entertaining enough. The people are pretty and fascinating, and you can never have too much political intrigue in a story.
It's a bit surprising that years actually go by in it. Usually anime seems to be stuck in en eternal timeless place, or then move in time about at the same pace as it's shown on TV. This one...what has it been since the beginning now, well over one year anyway. It has a tendency to skip whole months between episodes. This is certainly a new experience.
I wonder if I should look up any fanart and/or fanfics. People in this one seem particularly..pair-able. Maybe it's the setting. xD

I tried to write this entry in Japanese at first, but was once again slapped in the face by my inability to actually communicate effectively in that damn language. I need more practice, just understanding it is not enough...

1/12/08 09:30 pm

Can't seem to keep up with the days right now.

Finished reading what I could find of Rosario+Vampire this morning. I suppose it was entertaining enough, for its genre. And vampires never hurt anything. :P Just looked up the anime, too, it seems to be quite new. Could only find two episodes, one subbed. (well, I didn't actually look for the anime, I just stumbled on it. So for all I know, there could be more of it)
The opening theme didn't catch my attention, but the ending theme Dancing in the Velvet Moon did that quite effectively. It's by 水樹奈々 (Mizuki Nana for the more Japanese-challenged ones). Too bad that the single won't come out until February, it's quite good. Looked up the person herself and she seems to be a quite accomplished seiyuu, too. Well, what do you know... it's not like I keep up with this stuff, but it's an interesting detail. I didn't recognize her voice at all, but she's Moka in the anime. (Moka is the vampire referred to in the title)

Ordered some manga. Can't wait to get them, three of them are the last three parts of one of my favorite manga, I've been wanting them for ages now. =D
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