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12/18/07 05:19 pm

Feeling slightly better than yesterday...I even managed to eat an apple. This is progress. Still have a fever, though.

They seem to have sent my FF4 DS a couple hours ago. Great! I still won't get it for Christmas, but at least I know it's on the way. As well as the RW Ultimania, it could arrive any day now. Then again, with Christmas guarantee it'll get here in the usual time.
Now all would be perfect but...SE, dear. Don't slate two Final Fantasies to the same month. I'm having trouble deciding whether to get Crisis Core or Ring of Fates in March.

I wonder if I could get down another apple. The last time I ate properly was the day before yesterday. Feeling a bit...shaky.

12/11/07 11:54 am

Oh, yes. Final Fantasy IV DS, here I come. >D Just got to know that I will be able to afford it. Yes~! I was quite nervous over it, I really want to play it as soon after release as I can. I've only been waiting for it since they first announced they're making it.. =D
(and no, new flisties, not available in English yet. It's only in Japanese for now, coming out on the 20th)

Boring official stuffs now taken care of, though. The person was quite..annoying. Normal people have a way of over-dramatizing my boring life. "Oh noes! You don't even sleep when normal people do? Woe! Drama!" He even wrote up a report of the current state of my life based on the answers I gave him. It's a damn good thing I didn't burst out laughing when he went over it after finishing typing it up. I know my life isn't that 'good' by normal terms (no matter how I might claim otherwise) but I'm pretty sure he's just overreacting. It read like a bad angst fic.
Ah well. At least it ensures that I won't be pestered until the much-more-important meeting (I mentioned it in the last post) coming up in the beginning of January. Hope that person won't be quite so over-dramatic. >.>

Damn, real life concerns are so tiring. Hopefully I can go back to obsessing over FFs now, at least for a while.

I need a Rydia icon...
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12/11/07 04:04 am

I'm starting to think linking and commenting on things is hazardous to my state of mind. Latest in this line of incidents is a person who posts videos of Final Fantasy XI cutscenes, commenting on a post at my GJ. It's great to know that more are coming, but this kind of incidents always catch me off-guard. At least it wasn't someone like a record company founder this time, I've had one of those pester me, too. Oops. xD; (and no, not in a bad way. Just a friends request. I made the mistake of promoting them and my account clearly showed I listened to their bands a lot at that time) It's not like I mind - quite the contrary! It's great to know people notice and appreciate such things - I said. Always catches me by surprise. Somehow it seems that I still manage to cling to old media ways of communication.

Ah well. Moving on.

It's quite a good day for me today. Finally getting to know how much I can afford to spend on Christmas pressies this year, and I finally got a time reserved to discuss something rather important with..well, the appropriate people. Only took a month, too. *shakes head*

Quite contrary to what I warned about, no fandom stuff in this post. How rare. =D;
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