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1/21/08 08:42 pm

Sometimes I really have no idea where I get the files hidden away in musty forgotten folders in the depths of my computer. Was poking around and found an unorganized folder - what a surprise! I'd forgotten I had it. Usually I keep everything organized just so, no chaos allowed in my folders. While trying to move the files in it to their proper folders came across a dozen or so zipped manga (chapters? volumes? I have no idea) that I've probably never read - since, you know, they're zipped and all. Also came across some weird music files. Who the heck is this 'Jay Chou' guy? =D; I found a song by him (and the music video of that song!) hidden away there, too. Nothing to it, the song is really rather good, but who is this guy? How did I get that song and video? I have no clue.
Apparently the song was used in some movie soundtrack. Since parts of that video seem to be from a movie of some kind.

In FF4, I got 9,000 points in Rosa's minigame! :O I'm amazed, the most I'd previously gotten was 5,000, and before that some 3,700 or so. I either got really lucky or I have a really good sense of time when I concentrate. One of the three tries when I got that 9,000 points was the exact time required. Talking of the required time, is it just me or do the points earned go down insanely fast when you go off it for more than a tenth of a second either way? @__@ (no, I'm not using any aids in this one. I just count the seconds in my mind. That's why..I'm quite surprised)
The only other minigame I've gotten even close to that much points is Cecil's. 8,300+ points. Although I'm working on Rydia's minigame, some 6,000 points now. You have to calculate insanely fast and be very lucky to get any more than that...

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Okaaay... There's yet another new Final Fantasy game coming. Although thankfully Crystal Guardians is for mobile only. I swear, if they don't stop announcing new FF games... x___x

12/30/07 05:25 pm

The improved battle system in FF4DS is love.

Not much new story yet, but lots of new gameplay )

Now, back to playing... Want to see what else I can discover. =D

12/24/07 01:53 pm

Just finished Final Fantasy XII. ...I feel good, but a bit nostalgic. It might not have taken me this long to finish it if there hadn't been real-life complications in the way, but it did..what did it take, ten months? That's an awfully long time to play a game. Well, it's not like I can't go back to it and finish those sidequests, but it's not the same now that I've finished it already.
The final stage of the final was actually a bit hard. Didn't expect that, having heard you can beat it at around level 50.
And whoa, weren't there a lot of cutscenes. Should've expected that, though. xD

All in all, I'd say it was very good. I'm one of those who could never understand why people complain about the story - the story is there, dammit, and has considerable depth too! It's just not presented in the same way as most other games. A more subtle feel instead of the in-your-face approach. I could say I very much liked it. For the themes, too, it's not like you come across a politics-driven story every day.
Not to mention that the world is simply amazing in all its detail and background. I've literally spent dozens of hours just wandering about, admiring the scenery. That is not an achievement to look down on, to create such a world.

Now, I can start playing FFXII: Revenant Wings tonight with good conscience. =D And pick up FF4 DS when it comes. And continue FF6 (Advance) and FFT: War of the Lions, and finish FFTA some time. Oh, and I still have that save file in FF7 and then there's Dirge of Cerberus, which I'm pretty much stuck on... and FFX-2 and FF8 of course, and my 100% completion challenge in FF9... Oh, and I haven't finished FF1 PSP... =D;;
Of those listed, I've only ever finished FF9 (plus FF1 and FF4, but only the Advance versions). FF8 and FF7 I've gotten to the end, but at that time I never beat the final battles, so...yeah. Can't count them as finished, even though I've gotten up to that battle numerous times and seen the endings. (if you were wondering..the FF games I didn't list I've actually finished. Except, you know FF11 that can't actually be finished)
Ah, slow progress, slow progress.. but at least there is progress.

12/18/07 05:19 pm

Feeling slightly better than yesterday...I even managed to eat an apple. This is progress. Still have a fever, though.

They seem to have sent my FF4 DS a couple hours ago. Great! I still won't get it for Christmas, but at least I know it's on the way. As well as the RW Ultimania, it could arrive any day now. Then again, with Christmas guarantee it'll get here in the usual time.
Now all would be perfect but...SE, dear. Don't slate two Final Fantasies to the same month. I'm having trouble deciding whether to get Crisis Core or Ring of Fates in March.

I wonder if I could get down another apple. The last time I ate properly was the day before yesterday. Feeling a bit...shaky.
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