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6/2/08 09:38 pm

Hmm. Kind of bored. Tempted to start playing FF2 PSP, but I really shouldn't do that until I finish something...
Played more FF6, now I have Cyan, Gau, Mog and Umaro in addition to the four first ones and Relm. And I hunted down Leviathan. =D The fight wasn't too hard, if only because apparently Relm had something equipped that absorbs water, and has evasionliekwhoa. I ended up just having her blast Leviathan with Thundara the whole fight since the others wouldn't stay alive. Didn't even take long.
Next up...not sure, exactly. Might try hunting down Cactuars, or go after the remaining people. And see if I can find more dragons, I've got three down so far.

I wonder when the new DLC for MLaaK will be released. I mean, it's not like there'd be a lack of things to do in my current save file (far from it...), I think I'd just prefer to have them for my current game instead of starting yet another one to have them see any use. I have plenty enough games to play without a third time through MLaaK. =D;
Then again, with most my adventurers far from the levels required to beat some of the additional dungeons (looking at you, Colossal City of Heparl), I probably don't need to worry. Even my best ones are only 40+.

...what I should be playing is FFTA, dammit. Sequel coming out, it bugs me I still don't have a clear game in that.
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5/30/08 03:59 pm

More tidbits from the official Japanese FFCC News blog. Still too lazy to make the game mechanics page for waff. This time, it's about shifting dungeons that reset exploration to 0.

-Temple of Ko Ruh: if your adventurers do not have Mapper, two parties are needed to make it stop shifting
-Jungle Ruins of Si Khem: if your adventurers do not have Mapper, five parties are needed to make it stop shifting
-The level and job of your adventurers and the number of people in your parties do not affect exploration
-The only thing that affects it is your Thief with Mapper becoming unable to battle
-It doesn't matter if there's one or more Thieves with Mapper, the exploration increase is the same
-The number of battles in a dungeon required to make the shifting stop depends on the dungeon
-In these dungeons, the important thing is not skills, but numbers
-To clear Si Khem, your best chance is to do it before building taverns. If you've already built a tavern when going to Si Khem, simply demolish them until you've cleared it

Sheesh, I tried Si Khem before building taverns, and I never succeeded. >.> Well, off to demolish taverns now...
(if you didn't get why the last part is like's pretty much impossible to send five parties to a dungeon if you have taverns. It becomes straight out impossible if you have built parties yourself. No more than five adventurers ever show up at a bulletin board, and if someone is already in a party, their party counts towards that limit, too, even if they're not physically there. Oh, and judging from my previous experience, I'd say that Mapper counts as one additional party exploring the dungeon. At least I don't think I sent more than my best party to explore Ko Ruh the first time around, and they had Mapper)

5/30/08 12:25 am

Hmm. Missed updating yesterday by 25 minutes. I just got home and ate something, so this wasn't really by choice. @__@
Sister moved out. No more cats or dogs. REJOICE! =DD

My brother's graduating on Saturday (that's..tomorrow. Wow. I should probably go to sleep, need to wake up early to make it to his school in time). He's the youngest one of us. feels like just yesterday that I graduated. Where does the time go?

Been busy today. In addition to carrying around furniture, I wrote a page on the MLaaK jobs and made a list of abilities and spells in the game. It's not yet complete because I haven't unlocked axes yet (the last weapon shop sells axes, right? Missing that), and I haven't added the info on the abilities and spells themselves, but hey, even at least most of the list is there now. I've been falling behind my already very vague goals about how much info to add semi-regularly, so just tried to do something for waff.

All I had time to play today was one dungeon of Ring of Fates multi-player. Did the first half of Mt Vaal (Varl or Baal or Bal or however they spelled it for the English translation. Still haven't gotten around to checking), the boss was surprisingly easy. Even with only one frail Selkie in the battle. I did have to use up all my SP, and all the Ethers I had, too...but I did take it down in the end. The heavy usage of SP moves was just to be expected, with a boss battle.
Ring of Fates..that reminds me, there's now a novelization of it in Japanese. 僕らの世界 (Bokura no Sekai, or 'Our World') parts 1-2, by Kudo Osamu. I can't remember the exact release date for the first book, but it's pretty soon. Was thinking of ordering them, I really love the Ring of Fates story. =D
This, of course, reminds me of my book order. Turns out it's delayed indefinitely because they unexpectedly can't get a hold of all the books right now. *sigh* Well, good that it was nothing more serious than that, I was already getting worried.

My hair needs to be dyed again. Maybe I really will pick that 'Platinum' (lilac-ish) shade this time.

5/28/08 03:03 am

I've been following the Phoenix landing, naturally, the astronomy geek that I am. Recently, HiRISE took this picture of it, after it landed on Mars. How cool is that? =D The distance between the different parts isn't even all that big.
Looking forward to all the info it can gather. This should prove interesting. I remember how a several years ago (four?) in graphic design we were given an assignment to do a couple pages of a newspaper, and since I didn't come up with anything else and didn't want a generic newspaper, I made it a kind of a science one. With a Mars mission special that took up half the pages I made. Was fun looking up Mars news during class. xD

Spoilers and speculating on the MLaaK story )

5/26/08 09:06 pm

Witness my new Chime icon. =D

Day 110 now, exploring Clannit Mirrorlake of the story-dungeons. Have also gone through most additional dungeons of suitable levels. As a result, my first, second and fifth adventurer have started slacking off. The behests I give out are no longer high-level enough to satisfy them, so they just train instead. Gaining more levels, which makes them that much less likely to accept the behests I give out, which makes them train by themselves more, which... not very happy with the three of them right now. (I suppose my third one would be just training too, but I assigned her to a lower-level party. Her own fault for training so much, she was meant to be their warrior from the start, and I couldn't hire the rest of her party until later..)
Still trying to get my second Black Mage Academy. The damn dungeon just won't stop shifting no matter what I do. D: Makes me dread the Shrine of Awakening, since it shifts too. Did the switch from normal to hard difficulty affect it this much or did I just get very lucky by having the Shrine stop shifting on my second visit there in my first game?

My second adventurer, Fay..she's a Black Mage, by the way. Her mother's name is Rydia. xD Was quite surprised when I took down her house and built her a new bigger one, and had her mother show up named like that.
...Her father's called Ferdinand, and they live right across the street from Humphrey's bakery, and their immediate neighbor is Bruce's weapon shop. It's amusing following stuff like this. I can probably name all the family members of all the houses closest to the castle, and of all the older houses in the south-east neighborhood. =D
In my first game, a family in a spacious house had a son and a maid. At first the two of them got along superbly. Then the next time I checked up on them, the son wanted to stay away from the maid, and the maid wanted to burn his clothes. Stuff like this makes you come up with stories for these people. What exactly did he do to make her that mad? xD
One of my adventurers from the first game now became a rich guy's daughter. She has a full family and lives in a spacious house. =D Her father Arand is always on a walk about the town, and makes rather arrogant remarks about everything. Her mother Bridget can only be seen walking about when she visits a bakery, and her sister Emily is never outside and hardly gets along with anyone. With such a dysfunctional family, one has to wonder what they think of their oldest daughter becoming a thief...
Oh, and my first resident Angelina seems rather keen on Berthold (my first adventurer, her son) marrying Chime. Almost every time I see her out and about she makes that speech about Chime being of almost marriageable age. xD;;

5/25/08 01:03 pm

The difficulty level in My Life as a King should really have been hard to begin with. Or at least have that available before beating the game on normal difficulty first. Don't get me wrong, the game was still passable entertainment and very addictive, but it was somewhat lacking and it annoyed me you couldn't build your kingdom full by the end (maybe you could with the 11-dungeon pack activated? Not sure)

On hard, on the other hand, it seems that there'll be no trouble getting it full (quite the contrary, now I'm really getting worried where to fit the library from the upcoming downloadable content, as other stuff manage to fill my city quite easily), it's more fun since there's more challenge (level 40 Behemoth randomly appearing in a dungeon with a single-digit level? Oops, so screwed. My adventurers were only passing through, too! The level 5 Imps in a level 3 dungeon are bad enough, my adventurers can hardly ever kill them by themselves as they cast Protect. I've taken to creating a low-level party myself, instead of a high-level one, so I can assure better odds of survival for those starting out. They need the experience much worse than my higher-level ones), and it's even more addictive. I played way too long yesterday, managing to get myself from the beginning to day 50+.

Not to mention the over-abundance of dungeons. On easy, I fully explored everything and beat every boss before moving on. Now I'm skipping dungeons because they don't give me anything important (like the dungeons where you get the race-specific houses, since I unlocked them on normal already) and leave most of the dungeons I do explore to around 3/4 explored. There's simply too many of them, and my main party is strong enough to beat the bosses even if they have to fight a couple extra battles on the way. And this way, at least the adventurers that start out later get a chance to gain medals. They can do the clean-up job, my first four will do just fine as a main fight unit.

I wonder when my interest in this game will wane so you'll get to read of something else. =D;

5/24/08 12:53 am

I swear, last post for a while, but...

Oh yes! Dark Lord defeated~! >D That took days, in-game time. Mostly because my best party would constantly refuse to fight him. In the end, they took down half his health in two separate visits, even though the actual amount of days I fought him was around 8. Yeah. .__. (bah, my first adventurer missed defeating the Dark Lord himself by 14 HP. Would've been nice)
Now for NG+ and hard mode. And the rest of the downloadable content. =D

5/23/08 09:14 pm

I've just come to the conclusion that my adventurers are stupid.

The Dark Lord and other stuff )

What the heck is wrong with this month's book order? It's been in the 'preparing order' status for almost a week now (it would normally mean they'll send it within a day), and now the reserved money for that order from my account has re-appeared. Wtf? D:

...third post for the day. Quite rare.
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5/23/08 03:16 pm

I'm just gonna post these here as a note because I don't want to go make a page for it at waff yet, and I figured this might be interesting to others too. From the official Japanese Crystal Chronicles blog. That thing gives good insight into the game(s) every now and then. :P

+If you have not assigned an adventurer to a party, they will use the tavern closest to their home
+One party is formed every hour in the tavern (if adventurers are present), a party can naturally consist of only one adventurer too
+Deciding factors in determining the party leader: 1) has accepted a behest and 2) has the highest level. In that order.
+Next adventurer in the party roster is determined by 1) has the same behest as the leader and 2) has the level closest to the leader, in that order
+If an adventurer is in an assigned party, they will use a rotation system for picking the tavern they gather at
+With the Tower of Infinity downloadable dungeon, there might be medals that change the tavern the adventurers gather at

5/23/08 02:09 am

Chapter 4, day...104. Oops. How is this possible? I just reached 60 days. Maybe I should give my citizens another holiday. Most adventurers seem to return in the evening feeling down. Can not having a holiday for too long affect how well they do in battle? Because some have been losing battles they should have been able to win.
(not to mention that have been doing exceedingly stupid decisions on where to train. One does not go to Temple of Ko Ruh alone at level 22 and expect to survive. And what's this about a higher-level party leader leading low-level adventurers into Ko Ruh or Basu Sah Whisperpath, hmm? D:)
My thieves are idiotic. Especially Az'raa and Te'mii, my Selkies. The two of them insist on equipping accessories that lower Toughness. As a result, every single fucking day they go out they return KO'd. Graah. How the heck do those two expect to go to a level 20+ dungeon with less than 10 Toughness and survive? D: First I had a problem with them being too high-level to form balanced parties, now it's becoming a problem that they're kinda lagging behind, not to mention being hardly of any use...

I can't believe it took me this long to notice, but they've changed the way they spell the Selkie names. In the original, my two thieves would've been Az Raa and Te Mii. Hmm. More pointless changes in translation. Fine by me, this time. (does it mean Hana Kohl should now be written as Hana'kohl and Dah Yis as Dah'yis? Those look kinda weird)
I'm starting to suspect this 'skysphere' thing, too. It sure looks like an airship to me... I have to check somewhere what that is in Japanese.

Behold my MLaaK icon! It's the Tower of Infinity, from the next batch of downloadable content. The insanely tall white tower reaching to the skies outside the city, visible beyond the walls.

5/21/08 08:35 pm

Chapter 4, day 64. Yay.

Rambling about My Life as a King again )

Seems that today will be the first day since March that I won't study Japanese. I very much doubt I could concentrate on that. Unless of course the wiimote runs out of batteries again (I somehow managed to lose one of my second pair of rechargeable batteries, so there's only one pair right now..)

MLaaK icon, I needs it.
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5/20/08 05:33 pm

WiiWare was released today in Europe+Australia. =D So I've been playing My Life as a King pretty much the whole day. I'd still be playing if I hadn't gotten the start of a headache and decided I might as well take some painkillers, before studying today's batch of Japanese words (even though I've been studying every single day since I got DS美文字トレーニング I almost forgot it today) and maybe checking out a forum or two before going back to it.

On chapter 2, day 32. I keep not believing my adventurers can't beat the boss of several dungeons, so I send them to those over and over again (with some higher-level dungeon training sprees every now and then), which is very probably a bad idea. But damn, dungeon level 8 and my adventurers level 11-12 can't beat the boss? Guh. >.< The same thing happened earlier with the level 5 dungeon for a Board Park, that I managed to give up on after a couple tries, and only beat it one day ago on a level 11...
Not to mention the sword metal! I mean, I guess I should've known there'd be some strong monsters in there since it's for...what, level 15 swords? Level 20? But I didn't really expect to encounter that much resistance in a level 2 dungeon. D:
What's the catch with this chapter's story bits? Because the people keep talking about a ghost near the crystal at night so I presume it could be related to that (especially with the chapter title). I've been trying to boost family relations so I can stay up longer, but no luck so far..

[edit later, because argharghargh wiimote ran out of batteries and they need to charge]

Thought to mention some things about Ring of Fates. Read a bit about it, which made me finally try out the multi-player part of it last night (although by myself, as I don't know anyone nearby with the game)
Anyway, this isn't entirely about the multi-player side...

Spoilers for the end of single-player story )

An online shop promised to send my order by yesterday, and its status is still 'preparing order'. Bah. That order includes a copy of the FFCC World Ultimania, getting my hands on it right now would be quite interesting. :P

...batteries not done charging so I'll just continue rambling.

My Life as a King )

5/17/08 08:45 pm

Only three more days until WiiWare gets to Europe. =D
Found a nice little flash file that lets you play around with one of the possible maps for your city in My Life as a King. Been quite happily trying to determine how many of different types of houses would be ideal for a city. Heh, can't wait to get my hands on the actual game. I should have known would happen, I've mostly lost interest in The World Ends With You right now, no matter how great Joshua is (the latest development is that I now have him wearing Lapin Angelique clothes. Basically gothic(/lolita) stuff). I can never concentrate for too long on something else than FFs. *rolls eyes* I wonder when I'll actually get around to finishing it...considering that among the un-finished (non-FF) games are Folklore (which I was pretty excited for), Pokémon Pearl (I've been a fan since Red/Blue days and spent most of the time leading up to DP's Japanese launch obsessively going over the released tidbits), Devil May Cry 3 (video game series To Be Obsessed Over #3) and Tales of the Tempest (Tales of series is definitely in the top 5 too), it's not looking too good. =D;;

But what to do now..? These transition periods are annoying. My interest usually doesn't just suddenly switch from one thing to another, there's this short (or sometimes not so short) time in between them where I can't really muster up the interest to do much anything...
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3/24/08 07:26 pm

A couple things that I've forgotten to mention in the past few days...

Clannad! The anime series. Watched epi 22 (the last actual episode, 23 is an extra and 24 an OVA). It was...sweet. Well, after a certain little incident was over, anyway. Won't say anything more in case you haven't been following the story and don't want to know.
Finally wiki'd the series, and found out that it's a video game, too. Several, in fact. And manga, and novels, and whatever else there was. Besides the anime and the movie, that is. I'm tempted to get the PSP version wiki said is coming out. =D ......err. No, I don't play Clannad's genre of games regularly.

Seems that Final Fantasy IV The After: 月の帰還 chapter 3 will focus on Yang. Who...has a daughter now. Wow. o.O; A martial arts enthusiast if I got my Japanese right, but what'd you expect from Yang's kid. She's called Ursula. She has a pretty dress, that's all I'm willing to say... (it occurred to me...since Yang's full name is Yang Fang Leiden, that'd make his daughter Ursula Leiden, right? I keep wanting full names for people and they just give me first names..or no names at all, like 'Yang's wife'. Wtf, can't they at least call her Mrs Leiden or something? Do they change last names at marriage in Fabul? What about Baron? D: Can't they release a guide for these names or something..)
Oh, and did I mention Luca from chapter 2? It's really weird that you can now see her face. Yellow eyes, nice. xD
I keep wondering when Kain will show up.. no mention of him yet besides that he's not been seen since the end of FF4. Not as far as I know, anyway, and they'd update his profile at the official site when he shows up, right? Really need to find a fan site that reports FF4TA progress. I wonder if such a site exists. Should, right? Just need to find such a thing.

My Life as a King: FF Crystal Chronicles might just be set for May in Europe, along with the WiiWare service. =D We haven't gotten an announcement or anything (unlike US..and unlike Japan, who gets to play the game tomorrow) but the latest Wii update mentioned that it's in preparation for WiiWare, which is coming in May. As good as an announcement, right? Right? =D;

Still sick...I've sure eaten my share of painkillers these past few days. Still, they can't prevent you from feeling drained and uncomfortable.

2/21/08 11:42 pm

Finished Ring of Fates, finally! =D It took a bit longer than I thought, since it turned out to not be a straightforward final dungeon to last boss run. Although the dungeon itself was the final dungeon.

Here there be spoilers )

Ring of Fates? Is certainly the saddest game I've played in a while. Maybe ever. It's just one disaster after another. And somehow, the characters manage to remain likeable through it all, people you can relate to. I didn't necessarily need to be reduced to a quivering sobbing ball a quarter of the way through the game, or any of the subsequent times either. Suffice to say, I think the storytelling was quite superb, if at times a bit text-heavy if you wanted to find out everything (ie talk to the townspeople. Damn, do they make long speeches). And since the storytelling was so good and the voice acting fit it really rather well, I fear it might be a completely ridiculous melodrama with atrocious voice acting in the English version. Just warning you people. :D

Looking forward to the additional content in New Game+. Not that I'm intending on starting that anytime soon, too many other games to be finished.
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